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French Connection Plumbing

Fair Oaks


French Connection Plumbing

Fair Oaks


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Jason W.

29 September 2019

Time and time again, I use Frenchy. He came out on a Sunday morning after I called him Saturday evening and helped clear out a clogged sewer line that could have been a tragedy for our family! He always takes care of his customers. I'll never call anyone else. More...


Richard A.

23 September 2019

On a Saturday afternoon my sewer main plugged, back filled, and spilled out into my yard through the sewer cleanout.  I have had problems with this before so I called the two plumbers I have called in the past...no response from either one although both advertised 24 - 7 service.  On Sunday morning I searched Yelp and Nextdoor for plumbing/sewer suggestions.  I came across The French Connection and gave them a call.  "Frenchie" called right back and sent a technician out within 45 minutes.  No other plumber responded for hours and none could send anyone till Monday.  The technician (Mike) tried diligently to fix my problem (clear the sewer) but it proved very problematic due to some sewer line structural problems.  Frenchie did not charge me for this service and told me he would send two guys out first thing Monday morning to continue to work on the problem.  Mike returned with Fred as scheduled and they got to work.  It took three hours of diligence before they persevered.  After clearing my problem they did a great job cleaning up.  They (Mike and Fred) took the time to explain what the problem was, how they solved it, and what I could do in the future to avoid this from happening again.  Mike and Fred were very friendly and professional.  I would highly recommend The French Connection Plumbing! More...


Sam P.

28 July 2019

These guys are great and know how to take care of their customers. Water pressure issue solved. Thanks for the great work! Would recommend.


John E.

24 July 2019

Gerald did a great job fixing our plumbing problem! He was professional, reasonable on price, and easy to talk to. He was prepared, had all supplies on hand, and was able to fix the whole pluming issue in one hour! We highly recommend French Connection Plumbing! More...


Craig Y.

7 April 2019

These guys were awesome. I had a plumbing emergency on a Sunday afternoon and within 45 minutes they were at my door. I had called a dozen other companies looking for someone to come out and take care of my problem, but this was the only company to step up to the plate. Very knowledgeable and professional, they took care of my needs in a couple of hours and charged me a very reasonable rate. I will now call this company first for all of my future plumbing needs. More...


Lisa P.

19 December 2018

French Connection Plumbing was recommended to our family by a realtor friend. He did great work for our son so when we recently upgraded our bathroom we called them.  Frenchie replaced all the copper plumbing, installed the stems, valves and fixtures for our bathtub/shower.  He did an excellent job!  He explained every step he took, gave plumbing tips to my husband, left a clean job site and contacted us the following day to be sure there were no leaks,  In addition, he worked with our tiler to make sure proper clearance was maintained around the valve and spout.  Price was reasonable.  He also recommended someone to restore our metal bathtub and this person was a gem as well.  Both are true craftsmen.  We will call him again whenever a plumbing issue arises. More...


Joseph S.

13 November 2018

They replaced a water heater for us a few weeks ago and were highly recommended by a friend. They quoted a very reasonable price and when they ran into an unexpected issue that required more than an hours worth of extra work, they didn't charge me anymore than the original quoted price. It's nice to know you have a reputable plumber to call on when needed. More...


S E.

30 June 2018

French Connection Plumbing was recommended by my Tom concrete contractor. Within 24 hours came in fix the issue with affordable prices. Was honest, affordable and polite person. Thanks Frenchy More...


Diane S.

25 July 2017

Want a rock solid company? Look no further. French Connection Plumbing did such a good job our head is spinning. 2 days earlier another outfit was talking about tearing out the floor replacing pipes, possibly a new sewer hook up. It seemed very bad. Frenchie's crew were friendly and polite, took some pictures, sent them to him, it seemed a tree root was growing in our john and had been there a while. They finished the job start to finish in less than an hour! We were blown away. Highly recommend this company More...


Laurie A.

10 May 2017

Gerard did a inspection on a home we are buying in Granite Bay. He was very through, explained everything about the house to us! We were both very impressed. This guy knows this business! Try him you will not be sorry.Laurie Andrade More...


Jonathon H.

1 May 2017

Frenchie and his employees are true professionals.  They've performed two fixes to our home, the sink and the gas line for our dryer, and both services have been professional and easy.  Our sink ended up being a bigger mess than anticipated, but it was great knowing we were in good hands with such great experts.  They are honest, straightforward, and no-nonsense.  I highly recommend them and will continue business with them in the future. More...


Gina P.

14 February 2017

Frenchie was the most competitive bid we found to replace our busted water main line at our rental property. His estimate was free, he finished the work quickly, and was professional. Frenchie was recommended by my realtor and it's easy to see why she refers her clients to him. More...


Michael W.

8 January 2017

Gerard knows what he is talking about! His expertise comes across when explaining what happened and what needs to be done. I definitely recommend to anyone in the general area looking for an honest, reliable, friendly, and hard working plumbing team! More...


mike g.

2 January 2017

Been using Frenchy for years.  Called him today for our perpetually clogged toilet and he was out in less than an hour and snaked it and we r back in business.  The line is long and gets clogged 30+ ft and he fixed it!  Thank you for your prompt, superior, and reasonably priced service.  We are glad to have you! More...


Raymond C.

17 November 2016

After a national plumbing firm I called failed completely fixing my clogged drain a friend recommended I call FRENCH Connection. They were tremendous. Saw the problem and knew what to do. Frenchy was very personable and a delight to talk to. He made some suggestions on additional fixes which were all very good and at reasonable cost. In my 48 years of owning homes and dealing with plumbers Frenchy is the best. More...


Ann F.

15 August 2016

Gerard and his team have provided great service to us multiple times now.  We have used them 4 times in the past six months and each time have been really happy with the speed of the response and the quality of the work.  And, bonus - both Gerard and his guys (sorry, forgot their names!) are friendly and funny.They first helped us eke a little more life out of our hot water heater and when it finally kicked the bucket, came back and replaced it and improved the setup and connections in the bargain, without adding on any additional cost.We had a new kitchen faucet installed and they pointed out that the design of the one we had already purchased would mean a less stable installation.  For no additional charge, they went and got a replacement faucet that looked very similar and was around the same price, and came back the next day to install that one instead - it works beautifully.And, last but not least, Gerard did a major rework/repair to fix our very old main water shut off when it stopped working.  The new lever-style shut off he put in place is much more sensible and easier to use. More...


Norma V.

8 August 2016

Frenchy has been our family plumber for many, many years. He's reliable, comes when we need him and does weekend calls.  Frenchy is someone you can trust!  We have referred many friends and family members to Frenchy bc we know how hard it can be to trust someone in this industry.  Plus, we love to support local businesses! More...


Fred D.

8 June 2016

I have known this business for many years and I know they do an excellent job. please don't hesitate to use them


Cherie F.

10 March 2016

Gerard came quickly to deal with our plumbing emergency. His rates were reasonable. He solved the problem and explained how to avoid it in the future. We now have a plumber we feel confident about. More...


Alex M.

31 January 2016

Frenchy is an honest man with a great sense of humor. He is also an excellent plumber. He has helped me with problems twice and done a great job. He's also fairly priced. Don't hesitate to contact the French Connection if you need a plumber! More...


Hilary W.

18 January 2016

I have had the opportunity to work with this company twice in the last 10 years, and I have been quite pleased with the results both times. Frenchy's ability to see what needs to be done is spot on and he is reliable, affordable and professional. Last week, when my pipes burst under my sink and my faucet also had a leak, I decided it was time to call in professional help again. Because he had a work project nearby when I called, he was able to come and visit the problem. I ordered a new faucet online when he left and he prepared me for the costs of changing out a faucet as well as putting in a air gap in for my dishwasher. When the faucet arrived, he had to re-thread the connection, as I ordered a commercial faucet for my residence and had no idea sizes were different. It was not a issue for Frenchy or his crew, they simply went to his immaculate work truck and fixed it. While the install lasted much longer than the time he had prepared me for, he still did not charge extra. He also made a second trip out, because he needed to add one thing that he had to go to Home Depot for and never charged me for that either. It may have only cost a couple of bucks, but his integrity of telling me how much it would be prior was kept intact by not raising the rate. I totally expected a raise in the rate! He made it so easy, that I feel comfortable installing a whole house filter system, because I trust him. He is a big guy, with a loud voice (reminds me of my tough concrete- contractor dad) and a strong personality, with the  heart of a teddy bear. He is kind and a good guy to have as your plumber. More...


Josh L.

1 December 2015

I am a Realtor, have several rentals myself and can always count on Frenchy and his crew! They are quick to respond, customer service oriented, and fair on price. Glad to have this plumbing Pro as part of my team! More...


rachel t.

1 October 2015

Let me set the stage...My tenant calls me at 4:45 pm yesterday afternoon...She says, "the carpet in the bedroom is soaked. There are water spots on the ceiling and walls..."She then sends me photos...I JUST overhauled the ENTIRE house back in March-$13,000.00 worth...In my head I go immediately to worst case scenario... thousands of dollars of damage, triple time for an after hours call...Frenchy sent a crew out to Antelope from Fair Oaks as soon as I called him. Within an hour we had a diagnosis. He sent his crew back this morning at 0730... the issue was completely fixed less than two hours later...$275.00 WITH labor and materials!!! Truth be told I was prepared to pay three times that!Honest. Efficient. Responsive. Compassionate!AWESOME!!!!!!!I AM SO IMMENSELY GRATEFUL TO HAVE DISCOVERED FRENCHY'S PLUMBING!!!!Thank you so very much!!! More...


Don R.

26 September 2015

After days of procrastination and hours of frustration trying to be a plumber and save a buck, I called Frenchy's Plumbing. I'll not hesitate to call him the next time I need a plumber. Frenchy and helper Mike wasted no time to snake my slow drain and re-plumb a laundry tub leak. There was no lack of tools and materials needed to complete the job. Frenchy is a straight shooter, and you will benefit from his 35+ years of experience. His price was very reasonable, and his many good ratings are well deserved. More...


Derek B.

4 May 2015

Fench connection is awesome. The owner is funny and has a great personality. Made the whole process barable. Prices are extreamly reasonable. And i highly recommend  him.


Jason W.

27 March 2015

Frenchy is the best. I've needed work done twice and he came through both times. Each call he came to help the same day. He's a very fair and personable guy who has real talent. He used his own personal materials and if something was done wrong, he let you know, and made it work even better. I would recommend him for any work in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. More...


Rhett W.

17 July 2014

Very  fair. Frenchy is the most honest plumber you will find. I called him because I always see his van driving around my town - I called him so late at night but STILL he came out and fixed my toilet. He is great for all my work and great for emergencies too. I will hand out his business cards to anyone I know. Go with Frenchy! More...


Jonathan M.

19 June 2014

There are some people who you hire to do a job, but they exceed expectations by doing a great job and are so easy to get along with that you wish they were one of your buddies. Frenchy is one of those people. He was recommended by our home owner's insurance to check out a problem. No fuss or muss. He and his apprentice came by for no charge at all on a Sunday morning to tell us whether we had a big problem to deal with or not.  Frenchy has helped with multiple issues since and I know who I'm going to call next time I have any type of plumbing problem, big or small.BTW- Frenchy is soo funny! But he's professional, serious, and matter of fact about his job too.If you want to work with people who are easy to deal with and do quality work for a very fair price, call Frenchy's Plumbing. More...


Sunshine P.

24 May 2014

Frenchy over at Frenchy's Plumming is wonderful! He is not only very friendly and  personable, but he's quick and extremely knowledgeable about what he does. He's fixed our sinks and both of our toilets (in a business setting) and kept the job very professional while clientele was around. He is enthusiastic to help and is willing to do everything he can to fix whatever plumbing problem you might have! Any and every time I need plumbing assistance, I ONLY GO TO FRENCHY"S PLUMBING, and so should you! More...


Emy I.

21 May 2014

Frenchy came with me to check out my house that i just bought for a check up on all the plumbing in the house. He came in no time faster than police at a crime scene.. Very reliable and professional.I will always do business with frenchy from now on.Great service and a great guy.Very knowledgeable More...


Jess D.

1 March 2014

Frenchy is here at my work as we speak, after his business hours and has taken amazing care of our sink. We had a huge backup and after calling him, he made it over within 5 min and fixed our whole issue within 10. We will use his services from here on out. I highly suggest using company to residential or corporations!!!!! More...


Jennifer S.

15 October 2013

All I can say is thank you, Frenchy! We've had a hard time finding reliable, knowledgeable plumbers in the past and luckily found Frenchy for our difficult (old) water heater replacement in our rental. He was prompt (at 8A!!), brought our heater up to code and ready for inspection, and worked efficiently and thoroughly.  Frenchy will make sure the job is done correctly the first time.  You can see right away that Frenchy has years of experience in plumbing.  What I also liked was that he allowed us to keep our costs down by purchasing our own water heater and parts, especially since we were in a rush and it was over a holiday weekend.  I'm very pleased with his service and will definitely use him again and refer him to my family and friends. More...


Nick M.

16 August 2013

Frenchy is awesome!  He came over to my house the day of my problem and worked for 4 hours to fix my issues with my poorly installed plumbing system.  He is outgoing and down right hilarious, a real joy to hang out and help.  Now down to the important stuff, Frenchy was incredibly skilled and hard working he has parts with him that many plumbers don't have access to and the skills to put them in place.  I will be a customer for life!  The best part is that he's honest and won't try to gouge your wallet.  Find me another skilled and licensed plumber that will work hard for 4 hours and charge only $275 and come out right away....don't bother call Frenchy today! More...


Linda A.

26 June 2013

When I was having constant problems with my bath tub not draining and liquid Plummer wasn't working, I had no choice to call a plumber. The Trenchless plumbers came out, snaked the pipe and got the water draining, but only temporarily. Four days later I had to call them back out for the same problem, and for the second time I had to pay full price for a job that should have been fixed the first time. They said the clogging was due to hair build up in the pipes. About a week after the second problem occurred I decided to call Frenchy at French Connection. He came out and and told me the clog was due to a root in the pipe. Well, Frenchy gave me a great deal on cutting out the root, repairing the pipe and clearing the clog. I haven't had any problems since. Thank you Frenchy for being willing to get to the bottom of this plumbing problem   once and for all, and thank you for the fair price!! I would recommend you to my friends and family. More...


Ivan V.

13 June 2013

I have dealt with a lot of plumbing contractors but Frenchy's Plumbing is specialHe is kind and patient and does job right every time.He worked on my home remodeling job and did a perfect job in my bathroom.I can say without hesitation that Frenchy's Plumbing is the best in Sacramento and I am referring him to all my friends.Thank you Frenchy More...