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I'm Conor Middleton, a young graphic designer from Devon. I'm passionate about the work I do, trying to create high quality pieces. I have done work for clients before where I have used many programs, from Cinema 4D to create 3D pieces or using Photoshop / Illustrator to create 2D pieces.



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- The type of design needed.
- Information of the company/product.
- Colour Schemes if requested.

I like to try and make my work different to others, making it more eye catching. This can be done through colour or the meaning behind a concept. I also enjoy being able to work with other people, whether it be clients or a collaboration.

I try to create my piece with the client, showing them each step that I am taking. So that they get a good understanding and make it easy for changes. I also only work with one client at a time, so this will speed up the processes of your needs.