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Frank E. Kaden, D.C. Chiropractic, Inc.

Redondo Beach, CA

Frank E. Kaden, D.C. Chiropractic, Inc. logo

Frank E. Kaden, D.C. Chiropractic, Inc.

Redondo Beach, CA



Frank E. Kaden, D.C. is a Redondo Beach Chiropractor who enjoys treating patients from all walks of life. He provides gentle chiropractic services including Diversified Technique, Brimhall Six Steps to Wellness, Pain Neutralization Technique, Cold Laser, Percussor and Adjustor to improve the lives.

Address: 1921 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278, USA

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Nathan Browne

31 March 2019

Top notch in every way, I highly recommend Dr Frank & his practice.


Richard A. Hill

29 August 2018

I suffered a concussion and Dr. Kaden's zone therapy treatments have helped me tremendously. I am very greatful!


Christina C.

26 June 2018

Dr. Frank Kaden is amazing!!  I've only been 2 times and I've never felt so good!!! I told him I don't like being cracked so he uses other machines to release my pain. He listens to my concerns and we talk and laugh his personality is great. So if you need relief go see Dr Kaden!! More...


DrTheresa Smith

20 April 2018

Dr Kaden practices with the Zone Technique. It’s truly incredible. I highly recommend him. He will fix whatever ails you


Harrison K.

20 February 2018

Dr. Kaden has the healing touch!! When I first came in to see him my spine was incredibly out of line and I was in excruciating pain, with just one session I was a changed man.  The next day I felt ready to return back to work.  I am a nurse and I'm on my feet for 12 hours a day, I have to lift and reposition heavy patients while being able to think critically without being bothered by pain.  I've gone back for additional therapy sessions and his work makes me feel rejuvenated after each session!! If you have chronic back issues and want to feel better I would highly recommend Dr. Kaden.  I give him 3 thumbs up More...


Cesar C.

29 December 2017

Dr. Kaden was able to help me after I had extreme chest pain from costochondritis. I had went to the urgent care and had an acupuncture treatment to no avail. His expertise was able to pinpoint the source of my pain and treat it. Give him a visit! More...


Ashley M.

6 September 2017

Dr. frank is a lifesaver!  I can reach out to him at any time and he responds right away with his soonest availability.  I see him for sporadic flare ups in my neck/back.  I have 2 small kids and they put a toll on my body.  Rather than medicate with pain relievers, I see Dr. Frank and feel like I've had a 2-hour massage after.  I feel stronger, my alignment is all straightened out and I walk out feeling 2 inches taller.  He's so in tune to what your body needs in order to feel great again and, even though I don't go as much as I should for routine maintenance, I always enjoying popping in for a tune up now and then. More...


Enrique Cruz

17 July 2017

Until I saw Dr Kaden over the week end I can't say I've felt good. Today I feel great. I've tried seeing others but none have been as remarkable as he has. I believe I will be back on the mats in no time. My shoulder pain has decrease 75% and my range has improved as well. If you have an issue go see him. He will align you up so good you will grow and inch. (Joke). However you will feel great after his treatment. More...


Mchellbee A.

21 April 2017

I started seeing Dr. Kaden on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 (after I fell down the stairs at my home on Sunday the 9th of April).I went to him in so much pain. I couldn't stand it. He was amazing. It was very painful to lift my left arm. After our first session, the next morning the pain on my left side was considerably less. Each session thereafter I felt great! Dr. Kaden really takes the time to help the whole body by fixing individual parts to work better. I have Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis and I've noticed a change in that pain as well.I just had a session today after having a bad flare up on Tuesday - and I feel great! The fall didn't help my Fibro and RA, but by seeing Dr. Kaden he has helped my body recover from my fall incident.If you are thinking of seeing a Chiropractor or need to get a handle on your pain (such as myself), please see Dr. Kaden. He really is amazing and does wonders! More...


Barbara L.

2 February 2017

Amazing! I had a killer migraine today and almost cancelled my appointment. Dr. Kaden said I should come in because he can help me. And, I'm now back to my normal self again just after 1 visit today. Unlike other chiropractors (and I've been to plenty around the country), he spends 20-30 mins with you one on one. I'm a regular because of my sports injuries coupled with working at a desk for long hours. Not a good combination. I'm able to function because of my regular visits. Thank you, Dr. Kaden! More...


Tim McFadden DC

21 December 2016

I recommend Dr. Frank for anyone seeking to improve their health and wellness.


Russell B.

3 December 2016

I've known Dr. Kaden for several years and is as good as it gets when comes to chiropractors.  He takes a full body approach to health and wellness.  His weight loss system is so complete, that upon asking him about it, we have incorporated it into our practice in NJ.  The results are truly amazing and speak volumes as it addresses the cause of stubborn weight gain. More...


James H.

13 July 2016

Ive been a regular patient of Dr Kaden for over eight years now and had the good fortune of finding him while searching for someone to help treat/cure a bad case of vertigo I'd developed overnight. Life quickly became miserable back then as over the following weeks my condition worsened and I slowly came to terms with the fact that I just might have to live with this terrible affliction for the rest of my life. (Sadly many people do!)  While desperately researching my symptoms and searching for a cure I stumbled upon some information that led me in search of a chiropractor familiar with and experienced in administering the Kaufman Technique. What I didn't realize at the time was that I was actually searching for something quite rare, a very progressive and highly skilled chiropractor on the cutting edge of their field and not afraid of a challenge. After many false leads and fruitless searches I was fortunate to find such a person in Dr Frank Kaden, who btw is also a very patient, kind and compassionate man. Needless to say I got instant relief/results on my first visit to his clinic and actually contacted several friends upon leaving to spread the good word to anyone quietly suffering from the same debilitating condition. As it turns out my case was a little "special" and needed some extra treatment as new symptoms developed while others, like the vertigo, were cured and went away. Some of the strange symptoms which developed and Dr Kaden ultimately cured were intermittent vertigo, a very high sensitivity to EMF's in the form of florescent lighting and computer screens, along with relief from various strange physical sensations that are too difficult to describe here. All I know is only a doctor as highly skilled and progressive as Frank could have known how to treat and cure such unusual symptoms and cure them he did! Today I visit Frank on about a quarterly basis for the occasional "tune up" and to get some back or neck work done whenever anything feels a little out of whack. Needless to say he's great at the more traditional stuff as well and employs a very gentle yet effective technique when making adjustments. He also uses a state of the art examining table and a variety of cutting edge devices whenever necessary to ensure you get the best possible results. Thanks for always being there Frank! More...


Gloria Florinda Palma

28 June 2016

You're weight loss program and continued guidance is a recipe for success!!! Not only do I fit back into my sexy clothes, they are loose. I am no longer craving tortilla chips and that alone is empowering. I'm eating real food and am confident about my food choices when I eat in restaurants. I have had one "Red Light Body Sculpting" session so far and am amazed that the cellulite on my saddlebags has almost completely disappeared.Thank you Dr. Kaden, you are a blessing in my life. Keep changing lives!!! More...


Hope T.

6 September 2014

The Best Chiropractor in Southern California!He has many techniques to heal the body such as Kinesiology, foot detox and much more. I used to go to his office on Westwood and I have no problem driving to Hermosa Beach. Whatever your health issue, come see Frank Kaden for a healing session. More...


Dinesh Varun Anmolsingh

7 March 2014

Dr. Frank! Thankyou for giving me a new life! Your treatment worked miracles! I feel 10 years younger!


Todd Sullivan

4 March 2014

I highly recommend Dr. Frank and his office. He is a great chiropractor and will help you live a pain-free lifestyle.


Brooke Hamilton

27 February 2014

My roommate is from California and on a visit to see her recently, I went for a treatment with Dr. Frank. Great service and awesome guy all around! Felt really good after. Highly recommend to all around the Hermosa Beach / LA area! More...


Elvis F.

7 April 2013

Was in Manhattan Beach for Spring Break with my family and "threw out" my back hauling the girls' luggage.  This is a recurring injury for which I receive regular chiropractic adjustments.  Pain and muscle cramping progressed to the point I could hardly walk, so I had to do something.  Against my better judgement, I searched Yelp for a Chiropractor who could possibly give me some relief.  Tried one who was all about electronic stimulation and massage, which felt great but didn't fix the problem.  That same day, I decided to give Dr. Kaden a call based on the few Yelp reviews that existed at the time, and he agreed to squeeze me in right away.  I got lucky this time.  Dr. K took my history, did a bunch of muscle and joint testing and set to work getting me straightened out.  He clearly knew exactly what to do, and before I left the first appointment, I was much improved.  I decided to return for two more appointments with the hope I could withstand the 6 hour drive home.  My situation improved during and after each appointment, and by my departure, I was standing straight and could bend in all directions at near 100%.  I had no issues on the drive home and am back to normal.Worth noting: Dr. K is easy-going yet professional.   The office is clean and professional with all of the latest technology and equipment.  Dr. K billed my insurance directly.Dr. Kaden relieved my pain and fixed me up.  He is definitely a 5-star chiropractor. More...


Arash H.

15 January 2013

After injuring my hamstring and not being able to stand the pain I decided to pay Dr. Kaden a visit. His office staff was very friendly and professional and made my visit that much more comfortable. Dr. Kaden himself was great. His "bedside manner" was great and he explained every procedure to me in detail. After receiving the treatment I felt so much better and the pain was gone.I highly recommend Dr. Kaden, you won't be disappointed!!!! More...


Tracey N.

11 April 2012

Dr Kaden is the best!  I've been to all sorts of chiropractors over the years for my lower back and neck. When I met Frank 10 years ago I never needed to go anywhere else. He is more than a chiropractor, he has a wealth of  knowledge about  diet, supplements, herbs and other healing practices. He has a very well balanced and insightful approach to healing your body. He doesn't  try to get you to buy an array of supplements like other chiropractors do. He really cares about his patients and takes the  time to make sure you leave his office feeling  good, balanced and educated about your healing process. More...

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