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What fascinates me most about photography is being able to capture a person's individuality, spirit and beauty. I can't help seeing that in everyone I photograph. I enjoy working closely with my clients and making their best hopes come to life.


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Frank Bordonaro

23 July 2018

Dana B. "Frank did an AMAZING photography session with me. Frank is a super kind, creative and professional. He has incredible patience. The session was so enjoyable! After the session, Frank edited the photos very professionally. I highly recommend Frank!" June 4,2016 More...



27 June 2017

I was not willing to spend hours taking photos, nor thousands of dollars for my wedding. What mattered to me was enjoying the party, and making sure we had some professional family photos to put over the mantel. Frank was an excellent choice. Looking over his portfolio, his wedding photography shows real people having a special moment, not photo-shopped gloss.
It poured the day of my wedding but Frank knew what he was doing. He used the light and the backdrops available to take some great photos. We wrapped up the portraits in record time and then enjoyed the second half of the cocktail hour. During the reception Frank roamed the party, catching photos of all our guests enjoying themselves and the dancing (ooh the dancing!) I am looking forward to seeing what moments he caught on film!


Color, composition and proper exposure are at the heart of taking a great photograph. There are two secrets to creating great portraits or capturing great candids; make the people you're working with very comfortable with you as a person, and be open to anything unexpected.

Why are they asking for photos; how do they want to be reflected in the images.

I love being in new situations where I need to find solutions to problems "on the fly", and creating images that people just love.

I like self-reliance, and being my own boss, and I like being personally responsible for the products that I produce.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that people are really happy with their photos.