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Frank & Phoenix is an independent creative studio. We’re committed to making great design accessible to everyone. Especially brave folk at the start of their business journeys, setting up side-hustles and running small businesses.  

We do strategy, branding, graphic design, content and photography, driven by a love of powerful design and inspiring creativity.


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Simon Scott

23 July 2018

Exceptional graphic design and branding - really thoughtful and considered communication. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to someone needing proper design.


Christian Burne

23 July 2018

Amazing team. Fabulous work.


Once we have agreed on the brief, scope of work and delivery schedule with our clients, we work across a simple process of:

1) Discovery: we explore, learn and understand your business and consumer. Great design is triggered by empathy for the consumer, and sharp insights from the market.
2) Ideation & Conceptualise: until we arrive at an approved visual territory that both meets the brief and inspires.
3) Development: Iteration and development of approved concepts across channels and touchpoints. Often includes the development of material for validation and research testing.
4) Delivery: Final execution and design rollout across agreed scope of work

1. Background to the project or business
2. What is the brief and what is the scope of work? (e.h logo, VSG, templates, collateral etc..)
3. Who is the target audience?
4. Who is the competition, and who keeps them you at night?
5. Any visual support or examples of what, or what NOT to do?
6. When is the work needed by?
7. What is the budget?

Working with amazing, visionary and brave people; helping them, bring their ideas, business and projects to life.

Naturally, we love the journey of planning and designing for brands, businesses and projects. We've done it for over 20 years and won awards along the way. But we are as equally inspired by the current movement of people taking their destinies into their own hands, starting amazing businesses, side-hustles and exploring new ideas and venture.

We want to be the go-to agency for these people, giving them access to world-class planning and design support, but at a level of value they deserve and need as they cycle through early development growth.

At Frank & Phoenix, you'll find we are lots of things.

But there are a few very important things, that what we are not (and why our clients love working with us)

1. We're not comfortable with 'good enough'
2. We're not afraid to challenge or be challenged
3. We're not afraid to learn fast and hard
4. We're not difficult to work with
5. We're not narrow-minded
6. We're not into running before we can walk
7. We're not expensive
8. We're not into chasing money
9. We're not over-promisers
10. We're not respectful of can't



We keep it sharp and simple, and give you access to over 20 years worth of strategic planning experience. Always working upwards from clear, inspiring, and audacious goals. Energised by curiosity. Inspired by what's there. Excited by what's not, and illuminated by brilliant and beautiful insights that put a optimal shape on the growth of your business.

It's not just your an identity, it's a lovemark. The visual stamp on your vision. The first impression. The impossibly brief moment of inspiration that catches the attention, turns the head and reveals an entire story in the blink of an eye. It starts with your logo and expands out across all the visual assets and touch points of your business.

We love shooting people and capturing their stories through brilliant photography.