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Saveena Ahmed

16 June 2018

This place is great, it's intamate enough to where you feel like you're getting personal training, but also it's a group setting so you don't feel like you're doing it all alone!! So far I've only had the chance to work with Coach Stephanie and she's great!! Also everyone you'll meet here is super nice, whether it's the coaches, the owners, or other members. Working out like this can seem scary, but they make it fun!! More...


Heather Gigliello

13 June 2018

I love the variety of classes. The times are perfect and allow me to workout before or after work. The instructors do a great job motivating you to push through it. I love how if my form needs improvement, the instructors are wonderful at correcting you in a gentle way! More...


Kim Ganley

18 April 2018

I always feel as if I get a good workout early in the morning before work. Each day is different, so I like that. I can modify if needed with no problem. Trainers are friendly and easy to work with. More...


Brian Lusignan

24 March 2018

Founders has knowledgeable and encouraging coaches, and offers a variety of classes at convenient times. I had never done much strength training, but with the help and encouragement of the Founders coaches I’ve learned so much. They also gave a variety of class packages at reasonable price points. I recommend you try it out! More...


Sita Crounse

13 March 2018

Love the trainers and classes so much!


Micheal S

18 February 2018

I love foundry. The work out is challenging without being intimidating. The trainers make you feel comfortable right from the st
art explaining proper form,but don't hesitate to push you to do your best! More...


Danielle Reynolds

16 February 2018

Founders is more than a gym but a home away from home (where you just happen to also work out). The owners, trainers and members are one big family and really push each other toward personal goals and success. The workouts are well-designed to target full body and push you physically, while not being intimidating. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone, with any level of fitness. More...


Erin Brayton

7 February 2018

Great trainers!!


Joseph Benoit

6 February 2018

great workouts - great people


Susan Koller

31 January 2018

I have been a member for over a year, I find the coaches are excellent and knowledgeable who continuously offer a variety of workouts for different intensity levels on a daily basis.


Lisa Baranik

13 August 2017

This is THE place for high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes in Albany and Delmar. Period.

Classes are broken down into 6 - 12 stations that last 2 – 5 minutes depending on the class. For example, Foundry’s signature class, Flight, consists of 8 stations performed for 2 minutes each and the cycle is repeated twice. The exercises are varied with a focus on major muscle groups (e.g., chest presses, jump squats). New exercises are introduced almost every class; fun stuff, like throwing a giant 14 lb ball against a wall.

The owners at Foundry are incredibly helpful and are sincere in their investment in your success. I love that they do not push extra products or use hard sales tactics. The instructors are phenomenal – talented athletes who keep you motivated with great music, words of encouragement and prodding to lift a little more or do one more rep when you most need it.

Other stuff I love about Foundry:

Classes that start at 6:15. Makes it possible to go before work without waking up absurdly early

Efficient 45 minute classes. No wasted time BSing after class has started.

An intensity level that is hard but does not cause or aggravate injuries. I have injuries in my knee, hip and shoulder from decades of sports, but somehow can do the HIIT classes here, probably because the instructors are excellent at providing alternative exercises on the spot. I tried Crossfit twice and was injured within weeks both times.

My neighbor and I joined at the same time and between the two of us, we have lost over 40 lbs. It’s fun and it works. I’m so glad I joined!


Alexandra Smith

2 February 2016

Great gym! Staff is wonderful and workouts are great.


George Langdon V

5 December 2015

This is a great gym! Between the owners, trainers, and the other people that workout there, it is the perfect end (or beginning) to a day! I strongly recommend this gym to anyone that is looking to get in shape, have personal attention from trainers, and work in a team atmosphere! More...

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