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Bradley Newsom

4 May 2019

Foothills Burger is tasty and great service!


Miranda Clarke

4 May 2019

Amazing specials, fair prices and re best burger in town


Rebecca Freyenberger

4 April 2019

Wow! So simple but soooo good! My husband and I both got the Classic Lil’ Cheeseburger and it was hands down one of the best burgers I’ve had, especially after a day of hiking. Great location right next to the brewery. More...


Tricia Baehr

12 February 2019

Best burgers, best fries, best food! I appreciate everything about Foothills, they not only strive to support local farmers but they deliver! Lots & lots of other local products are used at their Butcher Bars and Food Truck which is impressive! From their catering to their epic Butcher’s Table Dinners to their nostalgic vibe, to their awesome staff - we love this place! More...


Chessie G

8 February 2019

I was pleasantly surprised by the nice ambience of Foothills. I loved the nice outdoor patio. The burger was good, ordered carolina burger but didn't add cheese which I think would have made it better. I didn't like the lack of fries or the no refills on drinks. They do have great specials and different menu items often. More...


Mistie Cogbill

3 February 2019

We've been coming fairly regularly over the last year and finally tried breakfast today, so amazing. I know there's a great breakfast place next door, but the line was long and I'm so glad we tried Foothills. My egg biscuit was amazing with egg, cheese, and slice of sweet potato...my husband got the breakfast poutine and it could have fed two people. I love Foothills bar in the evening, but the breakfast was great, and it was super affordable. My biscuit was huge and it was $4. Thanks!! More...


Pamela Stroud

20 January 2019

Tried it for brunch and will likely drive back to try a burger some day. The server informed us that they do but have gluten free hamburger buns, but sadly the fries are not fried in a dedicated fryer. Food was excellent, some of the best grits I've had in a restaurant, very creamy and fluffy and actually came out seasoned. Yes it is a bit pricey but that's to be expected for locally sourced food. The only thing that can be improved is the wait time for food, we waited 45 minutes between placing the order and the food arriving. More...


Erin Carr

19 January 2019

Never disappoint! Best burger ever! The blue plate special changes regularly but it is always good and always a good deal. Great atmosphere for dining. Good cocktails and local beer selection. The butchery is right next door so you know it's local. More...


c gorman

4 September 2018

The Foothills double patty cheeseburger is THE BEST burger in Asheville. The newspaper will tell you it is a close second to a place downtown, but having had both, and being addicted to cheeseburgers, I can say with some authority the Foothills burger is tops. You can eat inside Highwire brewery, so don't worry about the weather. Pick a Highwire brew or bring your own water or whatever. More...


Jeffrey Grant

4 August 2018

Best burger I've eaten in years! The French fries fried in beef tallow are incredible. Paired with a beer from Highwire Brewing it is the perfect meal after a 13 hour shift at the hospital.


Laura Walton

4 August 2018

I crave the food from this truck, especially the Cuban sandwich (best one I've ever had, and I'm an aficionado)! I love the food and their dedication to providing honest meats from good, local sources. They even catered my wedding and did an AWESOME job - the guests are still raving about the food! Highly recommend. More...


Jessica H.

7 July 2018

Fabulous food truck! Excellent burgers, hot dogs, and poutine! Conveniently located at Hi-Wire Brewery.


Justin Teague

25 May 2018

One of the best food trucks in Asheville! And offers great food at hi wire brewing, good burgers and dogs plus good beer? Count me in!

All their meat comes from local farms from Wilkes county, and believe me you can taste the difference!

Grab a carolina dog and you’ll be in comfort food heaven!


Chris R.

20 February 2018

Best Hamburger (and Hotdog!) in W. Asheville.  Fries are tallow-fried and everything is fresh. If you've never eaten a fresh meat burger, don't miss this place. Huge beer menu as well as great wines too.  We keep going back! More...


Ellen G.

16 February 2018

Best Cubano sandwich in the world. Good job! Will come back for sure. The location is great.


Meg S.

12 February 2018

The meat is incredibly tasty! The classic little cheese burger is my favorite thing on the menu but Cuban is the best around, hands down. Honest meats, and the management is superb, good well rounded people. More...


Joscelyn B.

25 October 2017

We were at Highwire enjoying some drinks and decided to get a snack from the food truck!I ordered the Local-able. It wasn't exactly what I expected but was delicious! It came with Foothills Summer Sausage and Pimento Cheese with crackers and pickled veggies. I would recommend it for a light snack, not a lunch. My husband ordered the hotdog and said it was one of the best he'd ever had. Foothills all beef hotdog with yummy toppings! I recommend stopping by the truck while you enjoy drinks at Highwire! More...


Denise M.

20 October 2017

Awesome place to eat! Not just a burger place. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, good service. The short ribs were to die for. The Denver steak was perfect


Lan S.

1 October 2017

We recently visited the Foothills Food Truck and Hi Wire Big Top in Biltmore, and as so often is the case my expectations were too high.  I might even say my expectations were dashed.The Foothills two-patty cheeseburger with tallow fries ($12) is not a bad burger. Adequate. Good-flavored meat, But the patties were a little dry and the bun was like something you'd get at Ingles or Bi-Lo. Fries pretty good. Not sure if they are fried in all tallow or a blend.But when one has had those famous Atlanta double patties at Bocado and elsewhere, or even at the Bull & Beggar in Asheville, one is thereafter easily disappointed.I think that Foothills is going to have to up its game if they're going to do well with their new "Butcher Bar" locations in West Asheville and Black Mountain. Interesting atmosphere at the "Big Top" location of Hi Wire. It's quite an operation. Huge warehouse. Busy. They had a rehearsal dinner party going on in the Beer Garden in back. We had a couple of beers. The seasonal Lion Tamer IPA was excellent. Most pints are $5, flights $7. More...


Woody F.

19 August 2017

Best burgers in town hands down. The fries are great and if you can tear yourself Say from the burger which I have a hard time doing the Cuban and the Rubin  are also amazing. Don't miss it and being semi attached to hi-wire it's great to get a nice beer with your food. More...


Melanie N.

14 June 2017

Oh my gosh! What flavorful meats! My husband and i enjoyed a variety of meats and cheeses presented at a social we attended. Just delicious! Will be checking out there food truck downtown Asheville tomorrow! More...


GR Alexander

4 June 2017

State-of-the-art food truck behind an amazing wine & beer store, directly in front of Hi-wire Brewing Big Top. Amazing pasture raised beef burgers best in Asheville hand made cured meats, corn dogs, fries and more all super fresh


Edisson Toro

4 June 2017

Everyone in asheville makes the same burger but by far this is the best tasting one "Uber driver"


Jennifer Cloke

4 June 2017

Foothills cheeseburger is now getting me through my second pregnancy. They stack them TALL so be ready with an appetite. Also, hands down, the best fries in Asheville. Great little get together spot with friends to grab some sandwiches at the truck and order a pitcher (when not pregnant) in Hi Wire's airy taproom. More...


Tricia Baehr

4 June 2017

I gave up fast food 8+ years ago because I didn't want to support the industrialized food system. That doesn't mean I still don't crave a tasty cheeseburger and fries every now and then. With Foothills I can support the local food system, get a great burger and fries (I love the online ordering option for a quick pick-up), the best cuban sandwich & rueben in Asheville (their pastrami is swoon worthy), house made hot dogs and more. I also love their meat CSA program which I pick-up in Black Mountain. Did I mention the corn dogs? Get yourself one, oh, and there's poutine too. Get your fast food nostalgia on with local meat at Foothills! More...


Ken Owen

4 June 2017

Love this place. High quality. Everything done with love and attention to detail. Corn dogs, Cuban sandwiches, burgers, and beyond prime cuts. What's not to love?


James Rarick

16 February 2017

The service is great, the food is great. By far the best Cuban in the Asheville area. Plus the Monday night burger deals, is awesome. I go every Monday after work to work on my homework while I eat a great meal. More...


Matt Christie

4 June 2016

Best meat CSA in Asheville! Now at high wire brewery.


Lisa W.

12 August 2015

Ordered the Bahn Mi and was pleased with my sandwich. We were able to enjoy it at Ben's Tune up next door and the guy behind the counter even delivered it to us. I love an interesting mix of ingredients and this sandwich did not disappoint. Boudin, Ham, Bacon, Cucumber, Red Onion, Cilantro, Sriracha, Sprouts (they were out of them), Pickled Carrots, and Jalapeno served on a toasted roll was divine. The Boudin really took it to the next level; a flavor explosion in my mouth. They did serve a small amount of cole slaw with the sandwich that was very average. I would have to concur with Scott S. and say $11 for a sandwich alone is a bit steep but that wouldn't stop me from coming here again.  If you don't mind spending a little extra for a good sandwich then you should check this place out. More...


Phillip Martin

4 June 2015

Awesome products and staff. wish you opened earlier.


Tasha Goldsmith

4 June 2015

My mother and drove to Black Mountain specifically to visit this butchery, and we were FAR from disappointed. The meat selection was fantastic- I don't think I have ever seen Bologna or hot dogs that actually looked like real meat. And the bonus of offering samples was well worth it. These guys are exceptionally knowledgeable about the meat they sell, and all-around nice people. An hour-and-a-half journey well worth it. More...


Manuel M.

19 May 2015

Amazing find!! The menu is simple but wow!! We had the Cuban and was hands down the best more amazingly moist Cubans I've ever had!  I understand the meat is fresh and cured and amazing but the prices are a little stiff. But damn!!! Next time I may have to try the Bologna hat trick.So, as far as the setting, it's small,tight,and going to be sweltering come warmer weather. There are literally 12 stools for sitting so I am assuming this is more of a get it and go type of place. More...


Scott S.

12 March 2015

I have high hopes for this one.  The paper alerted me to its presence just the other day, after they opened last week inside Ben's Penny Mart (sandwiched between Ben's Tune-Up and Hi-Wire Brewing).  This is the same Foothills you may have heard about that makes the news in Black Mountain for doing their Butcher's Table dinners, where only 12 people get to come one evening and get stuffed full of more meat than any human should ever consume.  I will be attending one of these this summer.We walked in to get some sandwiches for lunch.  My wife wanted a barbecue pork sandwich, and I wanted a Cubano.  We found out they were out of pulled pork, so we couldn't get either one of those.  I ended up going with a fried bologna sandwich and she got a deli beef sandwich.Both were pretty delicious, no question.  Meat sliced right off the slab, topped with some good sauce and veggies, and we got them grilled panini-style.  Only drawback is probably the price.  Don't get me wrong, you're paying for top-quality stuff here, but $10 for a sandwich that doesn't come with chips or a drink will make you do a double take.  After a tip, our modest lunch came out to a cool $32.  The service was very friendly, but a little on the slow side.  Again, you're getting good quality here, but if that line gets long, you're going to be waiting a while for your sandwich, and these are close quarters in the little shop.Give it a shot; I don't think you'll be disappointed at all :) More...

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