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FOODprofile by 2H Squared

London, London

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FOODprofile by 2H Squared logo

FOODprofile by 2H Squared

London, London

4 hires on Bark


"Foods behave differently inside different people."

Every human on this planet has a unique set of fingerprints, irises, lip prints, etc. You also have a unique "food print". Our "food prints” dictate how we react and respond to different foods at an enzymatic and cellular level.


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24 September 2019

Deborah was amazing.... after many many years of trying to loose weight through multiple different diets, work outs and routines and failing I decided to hire the Food Profile and Deborah to help me to loose weight.
1 month down the line and with just her bespoke DNA analysis and diet plan I have now lost over 8cm off my hips and my tummy has shrunk!

I previously often thought about getting surgery on my tummy but now with this new diet my life has completely changed as I continue to drop more weight.

Thank you Louisa, I am so pleased for you. I guided you to your foods but you made the changes, did the work and made excellent progress. Well done! Just keep eating "your" foods. Debbie

3 August 2019

Debbie has been extremely helpful so far!

Thank you very much Hannah. Hope you're well:)

18 July 2019

Truly exceptional service. Debra was fantastic throughout and was there to answer questions about different foods that would be beneficial to my weight loss journey.

Hey Mel, Thank you for kind words, you were a pleasure to work with!

12 July 2019

I have lost a considerable amount of weight which I'm very pleased with. Another bonus for me also, is my skin blemishes and spots have cleared :) thank you!

You're so welcome Tanya, keep up the good work, your body thanks you everyday and in so many ways for treating it right.

11 July 2019

Lifesaver.... literally!!! Can’t thank you enough!

You're welcome Sophie!

11 July 2019

Very personalised service. Debra took the time to hear about my concerns and health problems and advised me on how to make better food choices. I can say that not only have I lost weight, but I also have less general aches and pains. My diabetes is gone and I’m feeling better then I have on a very long time! She has not idea just how much she has helped. Thank you! Thank you! More...

Ahh Charles, I'm so glad to have been of help to you. I miss our chats and still laugh at some of your jokes.

17 June 2019

Easy to talk to. Quick. Thought it would be airy-fairy talking about DNA and stuff but instead she showed me how to lower my blood pressure and my cholesterol using food and I'm still off my tablets. .

Hi Paul, You chose to eat your foods. I just told you what and how to eat. Keep up the great work!

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You probably already realise that diet is critical to health and wellbeing. What you possibly do not realise is that your DNA, and how it responds to the foods you eat, can both cause and resolve your health concerns.
My work, experience and research at FOODprofile starts with your DNA response to food, whether you are trying to lose weight or trying to reverse an ailment you have. By using your basic DNA information, I can very quickly determine the best way for you to regain your health using foods. If you work with me and follow my instructions you will see and feel results in two weeks.

The look of happiness and gratitude on the faces of my clients when everything falls into place.
The knowing that my clients can effectively look after themselves going forwards because I've armed them with the foods and the process for maintaining their health going forwards.
The friendships I've made along the way.

Having become seriously ill about 25 years ago with M.E. and struggled to find answers. The NHS and private consultants all sadly failed to help in any meaningful way, so I decided to start the journey of finding answers for myself. I was lucky to meet many alternative practitioners who taught me much of what I am teaching my clients for significantly less because I know that if you don't have your health, you don't have anything.

Having found the answers and knowing how simple it is to turn a life around I wanted to (and still want to) share that knowledge and joy around.

The reason most diets fail is that they are generic, they don't take account of fundamental genetic differences that we each have. However, as soon as I have your DNA information, I have the keys to unlock the foods that will support you. I focus on the foods that specifically deliver nutrition to you in the form that your body needs it, so you get results quickly whether it is for reversing weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on.