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Food Fetish

Burbank, California


Food Fetish

Burbank, California


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Andrew B.

26 July 2019

I wish that I could give these guys more than 5 Stars. Joel and his team are in a different league than most Caterer's. Michael, Mark, Dylan, Blair and all of their staff are absolute professionals. Unparalleled service and they all put forth more effort than required. They are so accommodating and thoughtful, always making extra efforts to make the meal more enjoyable for the crew.Positive impact on the crew: Everyone was fed and happy to trudge through the work. I received daily compliments on my choice of caterer's.I've used them on Projects with both Huge and Small budgets, and both times Joel was able to accommodate us. Food Fetish is my go-to Caterers. More...


Chris R.

28 June 2019

First , the food is amazing !  They always deliver a very tasty meal , even when coming twice daily to feed your crew or event , they just nail it every time . Clifford and Kenny are here today they couldn't be any better great service,Great attitude knowledgeable about the food just too friendly faces with great food I can't wait till tomorrow More...


Ned J.

9 May 2019

Freddy ran catering on our shoot and man was he legit! Perfectly cooked chicken and that pork I had to go back for seconds even though I'm on diet!


Jacob R.

8 May 2019

Food was Great! Green Harrissa Tri-Tip was mouth waterin' Deliciousness!! Aren was FANTASTIC too!!!


Sara K.

15 April 2019

We hired Food Fetish for the last film production we produced and they were incredible. It was a week long shoot and they came to cater breakfast and lunch for us everyday. From start to finish, they were easy to communicate with and extremely friendly. The amount of options to order from was impressive as well as the variety of options we received from each menu/meal. There was something for everyone from a meat eater to a gluten free vegan! The servers they sent were wonderful and really went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of especially Michael who was just fantastic, warm, and always offered to help box up leftover food for us. My whole crew was happy and fed all week which led to a successful production overall. More...


Andrea A.

2 April 2019

Food Fetish is the most amazing catering in Los Angeles. We used them for the full length of our shows production and everyone loved the food and the service! They are always switching up the menu options and were always so helpful whenever we had any questions or concerns. Joel and Andrew were incredible to work with, I can't wait to use Food Fetish again for Season 2. Highly recommend! Three thumbs up. More...


Jessica H.

22 February 2019

Food Fetish is amazing! They have delicious food and incredible service. Michael is so great to work with! He ensures that everyone is taken care of and goes out of his way to make the dining experience enjoyable. Highly recommended!


Joseph G.

11 February 2019

I can't say loud enough how happy I was to use Joel and his crew at Food Fetish. The crew he sent to my home were kind, friendly and professional. They took care of everything and at the end cleaned up so well you wouldn't know they were there. Of course, the food and selections that Joel recommended was impeccable! I highly recommend this caterer. More...


Jered Y.

29 January 2019

If you're looking for affordable catering with a variety of options and the most professional service, then look no further than Food Fetish. I used FF everyday for two weeks on a feature film, and every single day the main subject of conversation at lunch time was how good the food was.  Thanks to Joel and his team of professionals (shout out to Will, super friendly and personable delivery driver), my crew's morale remained high throughout the entire production. The key word here is "always"; Will and his coworkers always arrived on time or early, the menu was always changing to keep it fresh (and always included vegan options), and they would always adhere to special requests at no extra charge.  If you have a tight budget, just let them know and they will do their best to accommodate you. Food quality - 5 stars, customer service - 5 stars, overall experience - 5 stars. Don't just take my word for it, give them a shot at least once and find out for yourself! More...


Marc Rish

27 November 2018



Nathen Hernandez

28 October 2018



Jesica O.

22 September 2018

I love food fetish! I've been working with Joel for years. He caters all of my office events. He always works with our budget and the food never disappoints. All of his caterers who come to the events are always on time, friendly, helpful and very accommodating.  Today I had an office beach party and Cody and Perry were the best!! They arrived early to make sure it was set up on time and were so fun to work with. They were so nice and happy to help! The food was so good as usual and all of my employees were impressed. Food fetish always makes me look good! More...


Clare T.

25 August 2018

Joel always works with my budgets to bring my team a delicious spread and a range of options. Good catering is the bedrock of a good production day - feed your crews right and used Food Fetish! I've been using them for nearly a decade. Always my first call. More...


Zachery Siegal

26 May 2018

Came for our menu tasting for our upcoming wedding and not only was the food great but the service is excellent. We can't wait for our big day next year and will definitely update once I've actually fully experienced their service.


Jay B.

7 February 2018

FIRST OF ALL -  they are by far the best caters I've ever worked with. Food fetish had it all, they were on time, their prices were more competitive than the three other places I called, and their food was DELICIOUS!! (Not to mention, the guys working there were nice and CUTE, but I digress...) Def ask for the brisket & Mac and cheese. But also their Greek...gah! It's all so good I can't decide! He also gave us all to go boxes which is adorable. If I could give 10 stars I would. More...


Lisa S.

22 December 2017

Food Fetish Caterers are AHHHHH-MAZING! I decided to use their services for our office Christmas party and they are simply put A+ service. Joel and Shelly are so easy to work with. They provided me with a quote quickly and it was a great deal for the head count and menu we had planned. We went with three different food stations (sushi, carving station with salads and side items) and wait for it...a friggin tater tot station! Yes! Oh hell. It was off the charts. This was the second year we have used them and they never disappoint. We also had a desert station and a drink station. It was seriously food on food on food. They also use economically friendly utensils, plates, etc. Which to me is a big deal. I love that they are thinking of their global foot print. Now for the staff most caterers can be snobby, hungover miserable, job hating, people (I used to work in the industry so I'm not just trying to be a jerk) and this was quite the opposite! Miles was the man with a master plan. He showed up looking dashing in his Christmas attire ;-) and he got the lay of the land. He then went and got his crew and conveyed the vision we had. I showed him where he could set his crew up to get the food set up, etc and he had everyone stop and look at the room and proceeded by taking pictures so THEY could put the room back up exactly as it was when they showed up. Never have I seen a company do that. LOVE that! Then his well oiled team came in happy, smiling, dressed and ready to work. NO complaining, no grumpy faces, just happy fun people. ALL of them, let me reiterate that ALL of them were great. Freddie was super nice, Rachel...a TOTAL DOLL and I loved her! She was just ready to help or do anything asked of her and with a cheery disposition. Michael...oh my gosh! I LOVE HIM (thank you Michael!!!!)! He is seriously a great great smiley face you'd want to be at your party or function. He was interactive, he made me want to start with desert (haha) and he was just AWESOME! Miles though....Miles takes the cake. He is so professional, he is easy to work with, he is respected by his team members, he gets the job done and you'd never know just how much is being done behind the scenes because he is just a powerhouse getting it done and he makes it look so effortless. Joel hats off to you all. Miles, thank you and Rachel for having the whole crew (your sushi chef and other chefs/preppers included) early, ready to work and making this one of the very best parties we've had. I've been getting emails and compliments on how much everyone at all 3 of our offices loved the food this year and just the ambiance you all created. We will definitely be using your services again. Merry Christmas and thank you again to your ENTIRE CREW!! More...


Lilia M.

20 December 2017

Food Fetish hosted our company dinner at the office and let me tell you... I almost forgot I was at the office. Very professional set up, friendly staff and delicious food. I highly recommend Fetish Food for your next event. More...


Karenna M.

12 December 2017

I have worked with Joel and team for years and always receive great feedback from the group I am feeding. Joel is great to partner with and willing to work with me on a custom menu and/or budget.His staff is pleasant, the food is delicious and I haven't been disappointed yet.Thank you Joel for all that you do and can't wait for the next catered event! More...


Adrienne L.

7 November 2017

I have worked with Joel and Food Fetish for a few years now and I am never disappointed. From football tailgates to cocktail parties, the food is great, the staff is always friendly, courteous and nice (that means you Miles!!) and I couldn't be happier with their service. I can always count on Joel to make me look good by catering any event and I appreciate being able to call and get what I need. Food Fetish is the BEST!!!! More...


Teryn H.

10 October 2017

I've been using Food Fetish for production catering for years!  Joel is on top of communication, menus, scheduling, etc.  He's always come through for me, even with last minute requests.  Michael has been my server occasionally and is SO great to work with!  Love him!   You can't beat the prices for the quality of food and service that you get.  Especially with tight production budgets, these guys make it work with your catering line. More...


Nancy Q.

6 October 2017

Food Fetish has always delivered at our events! They work with your budget and any dietary restrictions. Even if you have a lower budget, they're able to provide a great menu! I've used them for big and little events and people always leave raving about how amazing the food is! Michael is so amazing to work with! It's great having him there during the event because he's so cheerful, knows everything about the food, and is willing to help and make sure nothing runs out. He's also great at interacting with the guests! Thumbs up for Food Fetish! More...


Andrew b.

6 October 2017

Every time I use this company they seem to find a way to step up their game. I am constantly being surprised with amazing dishes that I couldn't think they could 1 up themselves with, but do. Not only the food, the service is top notch! As anyone who works in TV production you know that there are so many changes that happen on the fly that veer away from the schedule. Food Fetishes staff is very accommodating and is able adjust on the fly. More...


Tier 1.

8 September 2016

We use Food Fetish for our events and couldn't be happier.  Joel is great with catering to your budget and needs, the staff is friendly, fun & professional, and the food is amazing!  Food Fetish exceeds all expectations! More...


Marko C.

21 October 2015

Five Shiny Stars for Food Fetish Catering!  Ooh my gawd - this place has the bombshadiggidy best food EVER!  I name Food Fetish as the Best BBQ in Los Angeles Award!!!!My company had a staff luncheon for about 100 employees and the food was catered by Food Fetish!  I love my food and know my food.  This food swept me off my feet!   They have a great selection to choose from in their menu.  We had the green salad, Greek(ish) salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, potatoes, penne pasta, steamed veggies, and much more.The star of the buffet was the BBQ chicken and the Beef Brisket!  The chicken was nicely cooked and smoked.  It was served with a side of this most amazing BBQ sauce - which was tangy, sweet, and OMGDELICIOUS!  Grade:  A-The Beef Brisket was fall apart in your mouth smoked meat that was cut into nice generous slices.  I added about 2 lbs of that delicious BBQ sauce to my smoked beef brisket.  It was tender, moist,  and fall apart chewy.   Grade:  A+My colleagues were asking for them to return for our next meeting 20 minutes after the event ended.  It was THAT good!  I'll be using them for many of my upcoming department events!  Next time I am trying the Mac & Cheese, which is supposed to be their famous dish.There were three employees who helped with our buffet lunch - Tom (and two others, sorry I didn't get your names).  They were very friendly and even helped to clean up the room!  They acted with the utmost professionalism.  These three guys should get a raise!  Food Grade:  AService Grade:  A+Worth The Money Grade:  AOverall Impression:  A! More...


Meegan J.

21 July 2015

Food Fetish catered my company event and I have to say they were amazing. Initially I spoke with Joel regarding needs and budget. He sent me a reader-friendly, straight to the point proposal that addressed  both menu (including dietary restrictions), bar, and staff. Our event included a bar tender, 2 waiters carrying passed hors d'oeuvres, and an onsite chef making sure that all items were properly warmed and beautifully plated. I was surprised to have that amount of support for our budget.The food was lovely, colorful, and flavorful. We had a couple meat and vegetarian options. The staff was extremely courteous to our guests and hosts. They even went out of their way to ensure occupied hosts were well fed and watered. That attention to detail is rarely seen in events catering and the charm of their staff was much appreciated.If you have an event contact Food Fetish! You will get far more than you expect out of professionals who care about their craft! More...


Jesse R.

13 March 2015

They catered once for us at a business event.  Food Fetish is SO Delicious.  You won't regret eating any of their dishes.  The enchiladas are my favorite.  The servers were so polite too. More...


Erica F.

23 September 2014

Food Fetish is the BEST! The food was incredible, the service was phenomenal, and the entire experience was flawless. Food Fetish catered my engagement party and it was literally one of the best nights of my life. My favorite dish was the spicy shrimp sushi rolls but everything they created was a huge hit. Everyone ate, drank, and enjoyed an evening full of love. Everyone went home so satisfied and almost all of my friends called me the next day to RAVE about the food. Hands down the best catering experience ever. The team was incredibly professional, nice, friendly, and fun. Set up and clean up was fast and a breeze! Food Fetish really took the stress out of the entire day and created a really fun and memorable night. They were also REALLY great at changing the menu a few times due to some dietary restrictions of some of my guests. The entire time they were so helpful and excited to create a menu that worked for my party. It was really the best experience ever and I can't wait to work with them again in the future. :) More...


Robert G.

15 June 2014

Perfection is the simple description.  From the initial proposal that Joel provided to feeding our 50 guests last night, it was all done perfectly.  Our guests were especially impressed with the broad range of finger-food selection and the buffet offerings through the dinner hour.  Our carnivore and vegetarian guests were equally happy with what became their dinner for the evening.  The service staff was perfect and the Brian, the chef, was awesome.  Finally, the kitchen was SPOTLESS when they left.  So happy with Food Fetish. More...


Lauren W.

15 November 2013

Working with Food Fetish was one of the easiest experiences I've had working with a caterer. Joel was responsive and could easily accommodate changes and dietary restrictions to our proposed menu. I hired them to cater lunch and dinner for a large production crew and well known band; we were not disappointed!! The brisket and mac and cheese were amazing. The only bad thing I can say is the chicken was a bit dry. I'll definitely hire them again the next time my team travels to LA. More...


Sari A.

13 September 2013

Food Fetish catered a charity event I attended and I was blown away!  I am a very picky eater (health reasons) and I ran into only one or two things I couldn't eat.  And the things I did eat were outstanding!!  The ingredients were fresh, colorful and balanced!  I am trying to create an event just so that I can hire this company!!! More...


Michelle S.

16 August 2012

Food Fetish is fantastic! They a catered a work event for me today and did such a wonderful job. The food was delicious, healthy, vegetarian friendly, and the staff service was impeccable. I work at a non-profit so this was a special treat for our clients. Much thanks to Food Fetish and the funders who paid for our event! More...


Angela B.

13 April 2012

Our student organization had Food Fetish cater a very important scholarship fundraiser reception last night at USC. We ordered an asian fusion horderve reception for 150 people. I was really busy an was one of the last people to eat. From what was left, the guest really enjoyed their food, and there was more than enough that lots of food was still left over.Food Fetish was incredibly patient, professional, and accommodating of our very limited student hosted event. The 2 staff that was present, was Ben and another handsome guy (sorry). They were great, they were very timely, working very effectively and respectful of the program that was going on. Their setup was great, I loved the modern hotplates for the potstickers and very well organized.  When I host another event, I'd really be open to using them again.  Fight ON!! More...


Bobby C.

11 April 2011

Amazing catering company that gives a great bang for your buck. Have worked on multiple productions with them and not only is the food delicious, but they are always prompt, polite and diligent.Have them cater your bday, bbq, quiceniera, barmitzvah... whatever they'll do it well! More...


judy c.

6 June 2010

Food Fetish catered the GALAA event last nite and it was incredible! The food was fantastic & the wait staff were outstanding. I don't know if they scouted the location, but it was awesome too.  Nothing but superlatives. Thanks Food Fetish More...



2 February 2010

Joel and his team were amazing. We had the most incredible food and Joel has been doing this for 20+ years he has so many ideas and suggestions. He could have been our planner! Seriously though he knows his stuff and our service was absolutely perfect. Highly recommended! More...