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Jérémie Martin

8 April 2019

Je ne comprends pas certains commentaires. Ma femme et moi venons ici depuis très longtemps.Le propriétaire est une vieille âme qui rend chaque visite passionnante.On repart avec plusieurs plantes qui nous durent toujours des années.Le commerce est agréable et nous rappelle ce qu’est le commerce deProximité et le service attentionné.Peut-être que certaines personnes sont un peu trop dans l’instantanéité et devraient respirer un peu quand vient le temps de magasiner une plante ou des fleurs? More...


Cardinal Cardinal

8 January 2019

Très beau. Tout plein de fleurs et accessoires. Service impeccable.


Victoria Scott

29 December 2018

Fabulous!!!!! We went here for our flowers for our wedding and would go back in a heart beat. Michel and Benjamin are a great team. We offered suggestions of what we were wanting, colour, size etc. and they delivered brilliantly. My bouquet was beyond what I could've imagined and the table arrangements were beautiful, classic, elegant and perfect. Thank you both so much for making our wedding even more beautiful. More...


susie paulson

28 May 2018

This is my favorite florist by far. Good quality and care. The owner is a sweetheart, you just have to take the time to know him.


Aaron Seligman

8 June 2017

Great selection of succulents!


Gilles Barjon

8 June 2017

Service sympathique et efficace.J'ai eu les conseils attendus. La boutique est magnifique et il y a un large choix arbustes inclus.La livraison a eu lieu comme convenu.Seul bémol, les produits sont assez onéreux. More...


Olivier Lapierre

8 June 2017

Service très courtois, rapide et efficace. J'aime ça! Je vous les recommande pour une livraison.


Benjamin G.

28 May 2017

The owner Michel is always very helpful and loves to chat. I always get my wife flowers from here on special occasions. I also appreciate the fact that he also knows about offers varieties of plants found on NASA's list of plants proven to depollute the air in homes. Merci Michel!


Patrice Morin

28 May 2017

Only place I know with FRESH flowers everyday (while all other florist keep their flowers in a fridge). Fresh flowers last a week instead of 1-2 days.I know, the owner, at first... But please, after your second visit, this gentleman will open up and you will find such a nice man. Your will never go to another place after! More...


Luc Boudreau

28 May 2016

Marvelous small shop for flowers and indoor plants. Always had a great service. Very knowledgeable. Piece of advice to the negative commenters above; maybe if you took the time to get to know the owner and the staff you would have had a better experience. This is not a fast-food joint for flowers, as they specialize in the rarer stuff. More...


michel lheureux

8 June 2015

tres bon fleuriste c est toujours les welfare case qui donne des mauvais avis.