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Ali Shah

23 May 2019

Worst offshore company I've ever dealt with. Poor development practices, with low standard of code. Focusteck has limited knowledge of industry best practices. Simple tasks which should take a few seconds took almost a minute to load. Every time I told them about bugs, they presented excuses and lies for why it cannot be fixed. I made the mistake of paying them in full. Delivery was less than mediocre, and agreed upon timelines were stretched by 3 weeks. Waste of time and money! I had to hire another company to fix all their mistakes. They have no respect for signed agreements either. Unethical company, with zero accountability. Stay away from Focusteck and save yourself the headache! More...


Fahad Bilal Sheikh

7 August 2018

Awesome. Professionalism at its best. Great innovation


Ahmed Sultan Mirza

7 August 2018

These guys are simply best at their work, passionate yet professional.
I would surely recommend Focusteck.


Ahmad Ayyaz

7 August 2018


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