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Adam Carson

19 November 2018

Amazing people, and an amazing self defense style! Highly reccomended!


Adrian Kliros

19 November 2018

Flow Krav Maga N.Y.C is the best Krav Maga In New York. Yes, you have heard this before from other enthusiastic practitioners from other schools. BUT.... there is a big difference to why my statement is based on reality and rings true.

Paul Varacchi's has been an Instructor for Itay Gil and certified by him in Israel which puts him in a class above all others. If you don't know Mr.Gil, he is the state of the art in Krav Maga today. Responsible for training the security of the Israeli President for 10 years HRT, FBI, SWAT Spetnaz Alhs Group, etc. Mr. Gil's modifications and influence to the system are what you will acquire from Paul who also has his own varied background and experience in other forms and styles. This totals an ability to choose and implement the finest self defense available in Krav Maga and understand why.

There are other reasons that make him stand out from the rest. Paul is a natural born teacher. He has an innate ability to break down and articulate techniques in a manner that you can comprehend. This is a gift and a vital component to making the link to understanding how to execute correct form. It is not enough to be a great practitioner, you also must have teaching in your genes. Paul has both. He is patient and cares that you acquire the system correctly and safely. He is also a great guy.

I have trained at two reputable Krav Maga schools in New York City and can see the difference in the approaches at Flow Krav Maga N.Y.C. Paul sees potential weakness in other incarnations of Krav and adapts more effective methods and emphasizes an understanding of what true Krav Maga is and should be. In the end these improvements can possibly save your life from a deadly encounter and make sure your not the victim but your attacker is. Flow's equipment and Paul's watchful eye for your safety is always reassuring. All Krav is good but, NOT the same. From my own experience and prior training at other schools I can appreciate how he modifies similar methods and vastly improves on them and why. He is down to earth and a pleasure to be around. That and his passion and abilities, makes me look forward every time I am going to his class.

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