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We develop digital strategies, products and services. With over 45 years of combined experience in the online arena, Flewid is one of Canada's top contenders when it comes to online marketing. Whether you need an expertly created marketing plan and execution or a website for your business, our team can deliver what you need - at a rate that won't have you raiding your savings account.

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Kayleen Grantham

7 June 2019

Matt really helped us improve our processes at our warehouse, and throughout our business. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again for any other ventures I start in the future. Bravo!


Mary Mojica

6 June 2019

I can't say enough good things about Flewid. So, how's this. Just use these guys, you won't be disappointed.


James Robey

5 June 2019

I’ve worked with Flewid before. Flewid has worked with some of the largest brands, and knows how to produce great results.


Isabel Condon

5 June 2019

Flewid helped us get our warehouse up to speed. Like Matt always says, his job is to make himself redundant after his automation techniques are implemented and he was right!


Alice Pierson

4 June 2019

Very happy with the results we've obtained.


Graham Vasquez

4 June 2019

These guys are great!


Steven Kratzer

3 June 2019

Trust me when I say use these guys! I can't believe how much they helped us, and how honest they were with us. It was refreshing to hear them tell us 'no' when we asked about features we wanted, that ultimately didn't make sense for our goals, and they explained why too.


Harvey Simon

1 June 2019

Flewid rocks!


Plowman Lesley

31 May 2019

I needed a custom wordpress Site and these guys delivered. From hosting, configuration, to customization these guys can do it all.


William Bader

31 May 2019

Love the results!


Elizabeth Liu

31 May 2019

We needed to get our Shopify site up fast and Yaman and Matt at Flewid delivered it faster than we could have imagined. I'm so happy with my site, and the ongoing support they've been giving us I can't even put it into words!


Lappin Vincent

28 May 2019

Flewid is great at what they do. They helped me get my business online, and selling in record time without breaking the bank. I've recommended them to a number of my friends that also run small businesses. More...


Martinez Julia

28 May 2019

Matt is great. He helped me set up my Shopify site and theme in record time! Highly recommend!


James Robey

17 May 2019

I've worked with Flewid Inc before. My experience is that Flewid has worked with some of the largest brands and has produced incredible results under tight deadlines.

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