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Shaunie Fletcher is a mobile tanning artist based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Trained and qualified as a St.Tropez Pro – the UK's number one tanning brand.


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Megan Smith

6 September 2019

The tan has turned amazing with no patches, shaunie came out to the house and was so lovely and made me feel so comfortable. Had so many compliments on the colour xx More...


Rosie Oswin

16 August 2019

Shaunie made me feel so comfortable and was super professional throughout . I’ve never had so many compliments on my tan and I felt so glam! It lasted ages and wasn’t patchy at all. Would recommend to everyone � More...


Hollie Hood

13 August 2019

Would recommend Fletcher Tanning within a heart beat. A true professional that makes you feel at ease instantly and can guarantee that flawless bronzed glow


Sophie Walker

13 August 2019

Best home spray tan I’ve ever had! Such a good colour and lasted ages without going patchy! Highly recommend. Xx


Keavney Darby

13 August 2019

Amazing service in the comfort of your own home. Even happier with the final result & Shaunie was more than willing to go above and beyond to make sure it was perfect! ❤️


Being a part of a girls weekend, tanning all the girls the night before is so much fun, I love to be involved in the pampering - it's sometimes the best part of the weekend! I also tan young girls before their dance competitions, which I love - they're always so excited and feel amazing and confident once their tan is ready to go.
St.Tropez has always been my tanning brand of choice, so to be a brand ambassador for them is something I'm really proud of. I love the all the products they offer, and being able to tailor them to each individual client.

I've always been obsessed with tan. Some girls have to have their nails painted, or their hair done, for me, I never felt ready without a dark tan. That healthy glow makes me look and feel amazing. Sunbeds are expensive, time-consuming and really bad for your skin and your health. So using St.Tropez sunless tanning products has always been my number one choice. I decided to start my own sunless tanning business to make women and girls feel absolutely gorgeous, with no damage to their health. It's also super handy for me to have my own tent and tan gun, to keep my skin topped up!

Tan in the comfort of your own home. I can come to you, with no mess and no fuss. Appointments only take 20 minutes. No worries of tan lines or streaks - stay naked or get straight into in your comfies! I only use St.Tropez products, they're the best of the best and smell absolutely amazing. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, just let me know :) Shaunie xo


Achieve a naturally golden, healthy and dewy look, with St. Tropez – all in the comfort of your own home.

The most iconic, natural and healthy looking tan from St. Tropez. It's innovative formula means that the mists cater to each skin tone, and have a 4-8 hour development time.

For a beautifully golden party glow, St.Tropez luxe oil bronzing mist is an ultra-hydrating tanning solution that provides the skin with essential moisture. Featuring Aromaguard™ fragrance technology to eliminate self-tan scent and Brazil nut oil for ultimate hydration.

Give the illusion of two weeks in Bora Bora with St.Tropez's extra dark spray. Rinse off after 4 hours for a beautifully dark tan, or after 8 hours for an intense ultra dark finish. Vegan friendly formula & 100% naturally derived DHA.

The Express Mist's rapid-development time is revolutionary. Wait just 1 hour before showering to achieve a light sun-kissed glow, 2 hours for a medium golden tan, or leave on for up to 3 hours for a deep bronze.

Enjoy your big day with a natural, picture perfect glow. Enquire for a consultation that suits you.

As an alternative to spray tanning – gradual tans, 24 hour instant tans, and finishing glosses are also available.