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Flash DJs provide professional mobile DJs across Ireland for a range of events, services and functions including Private parties, Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings, Corporate events and much more.
All bookings come as standard with a full sound system, lighting and custom music options.



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I don't really see it as a 'secret' as such. however the key is to pay attention to the vibe of the room. It is absolutely impossible to play music that everyone will admit to liking. What people enjoy listening to at home and what makes people dance, are often two different things, and many DJs do not understand this. Requests are a huge part of any set and incorporating them where possible can be a very beneficial move, but they should not be relied upon to carry your set through to the end and 'keep a party dancing all night long'. that comes from an ability to tap into the collective vibe of the room.

As mentioned, the style I play, is whatever I think is needed for the particular event. Our style is essentially, 'whetaver the crowd needs'

The Music. It's as simple as that. We love our job because we love the music that we play, and we try our best to communicate that to the people on the dance-floor.

I was inspired by the lack of professionalism among many DJs. Horror stories of people being let down at last minute for their events, and getting calls at last minute as a result made me decide to set up my own business. I think we offer a lot and we are good at what we do.

Well your clients should choose us because we will be honest. If we get asked to do something that will stretch us or isn't something we normally do, we wont take it. We're fortunate enough to not HAVE to take every offer that comes our way, so we never put ourselves under pressure. This means that the bookings we do take, we can actually give all of our attention to. I find that a lot of our competitors are over stretched and NEED the business to survive. We avoid that like the plague and as a result, we deliver a better service, in my opinion.


Professionalmobile DJs for All Occasions including private functions, parties, corporate events and weddings.