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Lincoln Stam

I like the torch ya!!!!


Morena Guerrero

Love this place!


Matt Remm

Tiffany Lough is the best bartender!! :)


Mark E Harris

Worst bartender ever...Jax. more interested in her phone than the waiting customers. No wonder it's dead


Bob Mings

I remember walking in, but I can't remember walking out.


Tracy Smith

Maybe the friendliest entertainment bar in the state.


Steve Woods

Think the dancers are freaking gorgeous, treat strangers like they've known them forever,not stuck up,


Craig Friscopp

Bar tendresses are ten times better than the dancers and dollar beers rule


Hailey Jean

I love all the Dancers! My favorite is Lavender, she always has a big smile on her face and makes you feel welcome!


Harvey Sandy

U can save a lot of valuable time ,kill three birds with one stone. :-)


Shaun William Clayton

This place has very beautiful, sweet ladies. I love the girls here. They're awesome. :-)


Patricia Johnson

Had a amazing time. The dancers were just awesome. I'm a big fan of Pole dancing. So I love a beautiful lady that can work a Pole. The people were very nice. The ladys have a lot of talent. I will definitely be coming back. More...


Kelly Torbert

It was a fun place to work , miss our group of us dancers ( the cackle club) and I miss the customers , it was my home away from home !


Stephanie Elaine

I loved it! I was extremelly impressed with how the girls acted like real people. Yes they danced, but when doing a 'private' dance they really talk to you. The atmosphere was great and drink prices were reasonable. More...


James Felty

Great place to get away from downtown Boise! Great location and the staff treats everyone walking in the door with respect! Feel like part of the family when I went there! Thanks T2 for the fun times and many more to come! More...


Lorin Robbins

Great place to go to lift your spirits and have a good time with friends! The girls are nice and to answer the cute blonde waitress concerned about our long drive home tonight.... we made it, thanks!


Melody Yanskey

Good music. Soft lighting. Fun colors. Energetic girls. And bartenders who make the drinks good and strong. Not a bad place to end your night.


Eric Berg

I am one of the new DJ's here and love it, nice relaxed atmosphere, amazing staff, and some of the hottest high class dancers I have ever seen in a gentlemans club.


Anthony Wittevrongel

Who is the blonde bartender that is all tatted up?


Reza A Brent

My home away from home ;)// best bartenders and drinks and the back patio is perfect for skating

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