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Fitness Retriever, Inc.

Amityville, NY, Nassau and Suffolk Counties

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Fitness Retriever, Inc.

Amityville, NY, Nassau and Suffolk Counties



Hey - I’m Pete! I’m a health, fitness, and nutrition expert who helps people lose weight. We do this by making healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes that are customized to meet each client's specific needs!

With seven different fitness and nutrition certifications, 10 years of coaching others on how to lose weight, and a sustained, personal weight loss of 100 lbs, I’m uniquely qualified to help you succeed on your mission to NEVER look back at where you started!

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Barbara Pessanha

Cool workout! Awesome trainer!!! We workout 4 times a week and I look forward to it!! In losing lots of lbs and getting back in shape! Couldn't be happier! Thank you Peter! More...


Michele Garber Mavrovouniotis

Coach Peter has been very supportive through my months of work with him. I am stronger and have better stamina thanks to his great workout routines. My health improved, too, as a result of diet changes he suggested! More...


Sean Rogers

Great trainer! Always on time for his appointments, I would recommend him 100%


Colin Kerr

Pete is always available to offer tips and encouragement. I look forward to reading his posts daily. My goals are not just weight loss, but strength as well, and he is very knowledgeable across all fitness categories. He puts his time and effort into every one of his clients, and it makes for a great personal touch. 10/10! More...


We begin by doing a quick Fitness Test prior to starting up. This will show me what your strengths and weaknesses on the physical side are. Once I'm aware of these, we'll begin a program specific to you that will build on your weaknesses, and get you to your goals.

Discipline and execution. The blueprint is simple, but carrying it out and overcoming the various obstacles that will emerge on your journey are what's going to determine whether you're successful or not.

Helping other people change their lives for the better.

I personally lost 100 lbs, and struggled for nearly six years to do so. I wanted to help others who are going through similar struggles reach their goals with a clear blueprint, and a little bit of accountability along the way.

I have 10 years of experience, I'm highly-accredited, and most importantly, I've been there and done that. A lot of these Greek gods and goddesses that pose as successful coaches can't say that.