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Copiague Harbor, New York



Copiague Harbor, New York


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Rachel Ramos

15 September 2019

Love this place. Great workout atmosphere.They take care of everything. Great gym, great staff!!!


Tianna H

27 March 2019

Best gym in this area


Britten T

27 March 2019

This is my favorite gym. I instantly felt comfortable thanks to Jaclyn G. At the front desk. She automatically made me feel at ease and helped get acclimated to the gym. She was thoughtful, kind, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. If not for her I would not continue my fitness commitment. She encourages me and makes the experience delightful!!!! More...


rachel hall

27 March 2019

I started Fite fitness around Oct 2018 and it has truly changed my life. I've seen great results since joined. Tom is an awesome trainer and thanks to him I've started to eat more healthier . Definitely a great place to join !!! More...


Kary Torres

25 February 2019

Fite Fitness has truly changed my life!!! I have been going for about a year and a half and today I can say that I’m in the best shape of my life. Tom & his staff truly care about the every client. I never know what to expect when I walk in the door. Everyday is a unique workout experience. Thank you so much for everything you do!! I highly recommend FITE to anyone who is truly serious about taking their training to the next nevel. More...


Patricia Henry

27 December 2018

I started this lifestyle change many times over and each time reverted back. December 2 2017 I signed up with Tom at F.I.T.E Fitness and now I'm doing workouts I never thought my body would be capable of doing. I needed direction and guidance and thats exactly what I recieved with Tom and more, just walking the treadmill or using the elliptical for 45min/1hr at a gym was not working at all. At F.I.T.E Fitness I found a home with no judgement but much encouragement, I am looking forward to a lot more lifetime improvements here at F.I.T.E Fitness. More...


Donna Bowe

29 August 2018

I have been going to Tom on and off for past 4 years. He has always been a great inspiration...encouraging and supportive. I have a problem with my hip...he always finds ways to carefully strengthen the area to make it more comfortable. He keeps it motivating by bringing new exercises into the mix. There isn’t a better feeling than after a great work out to make you feel empowered!!!! He is humble and kind...highly recommend!!! More...


Frank Boyd

30 July 2018

Very Clean, friendly staff, great amount of equipment and the price can't be beat. Love this gym


Wendy Schmitz

30 July 2018

I started at Fite Fitness in April and I am glad I took the leap of faith of starting a new way of living. Tom the owner is the best, he is a genuine person who has been wonderful to me. I started out with three 30 minute sessions a week and recently kicked it up to five times a week. All the trainers Sonja and Vinny have a energy that makes you want to come back. I have 3 sessions a week with Tom and 2 sessions a week with Vinny and I feel great! My goal is to have fitness become part of my everyday life and I feel I am on my way. More...


Amna Bhutta

30 June 2018

I absolutely love this place Tom the owner is so inspirational and welcoming and does everything in his power to help you reach your goals. My trainer Vinny was not just a fitness trainer but a life coach. I would take pics of everything I ate and send it to him and he would monitor my diet and he was accessible 24/7 just a text or phone call away any question I had he was there and is definitely dedicated towards his clients and leads them to success.His workouts pushed me in so many ways and it showed me I can actually do some of the things i never thought I’d be able to do. I strongly recommend F.I.T.E for anyone wanting to reach their goal and getting a healthy lifestyle More...


Marc Manza

27 October 2017

I’ve been going to FITE Fitness and working with Tom as my personal trainer for many years now. When I first came to FITE, I was suffering from rather severe rheumatoid arthritis. My joints were aching and swollen, my energy and strength was low, and my weight had ballooned. I wanted to make a change and was determined to try to overcome the arthritis. I didn’t know if it was even possible but I spoke with Tom and he proceeded to work out a plan to help me get my life back. It has been a lot of hard and challenging work but with Tom always there to keep us progressing on the path, it has been truly transformative. Working with Tom, I’ve lost and kept off a significant amount of weight and increased my strength and energy. My arthritis symptoms have decreased dramatically. Even my own doctors are in shock and amazed ... it’s hard for even them to tell I even have arthritis anymore because the swelling has pretty much disappeared as has the associated pain. They told me I should keep doing what I’m doing and that I have an amazing trainer ... which I knew already!
All through this Tom has made sure my exercise regiment and plan was adjusted to give the right amount of challenge without injury and taking into account my arthritis, growing the plan as I continued to improve. And now I am doing exercises I never thought I would ever be able to do ... whether it’s cardio, weights, etc. I look forward to my sessions because its certainly never boring as we are always changing things up and making sure it’s challenging. I always look forward to pushing my limits. Tom helped me overcome arthritis and have the ability to control it vs it controlling my life ... FITE Fitness truly changed me!


Yaneldy Hernandez

9 February 2017

I've been at FITE for almost a year now & I have nothing but Amazing things to say about this place! In less then a year im over 70 lbs down with the help of my amazing trainers at FITE. Tom is always keeping me motivated and always pushing me to my full potential. He's very knowlagable about what he's doing and follows up frequently to make sure you don't fall off track. The workouts are always challenging & fun you won't get tired of them since they're always changing. If your looking to get in shape or even staying in shape this is the place to be at!! More...


Christine Pesce

25 December 2016

I have been a client of F.I.T.E. Fitness since 2009. This place is amazing! The instructors are all fabulous and the workouts are intense but fun and can be done by anyone regardless of their age or fitness level. Even if you are dealing with an injury or recovering from surgery, the trainers can safely provide alternative exercises. In fact, I had hip replacement surgery in January of 2016 and Tom was able to tailor my workouts which kept me in the gym until the day before my surgery. He made sure I was in such great shape, my recovery was a breeze - I was driving and back at F.I.T.E. 3.5 weeks post surgery! Everyone in the classes are friendly and supportive. I’ve met some fantastic friends here and I’ve learned how to safely use all sorts of equipment. We work with ropes, rings, dumbbells, kettle bells, bars, medicine balls, bosu balls, stability balls, tires, sleds, heavy bags, sand bags, etc. No two workouts are ever the same, yet rest assured you always get a total full body workout including strength training and cardio. Do yourself a favor and check this place out. You will be so glad you did! More...


Kirah C

17 November 2016

Tom has been great! He is really good about working around all my various injuries while still making sure I build strength. He is very knowledgeable I would highly recommend him and FITE. More...


Jillian S

26 May 2016

I have been a member of F.I.T.E. Fitness for 3 years now and I can honestly say this is the best gym I have ever been a member of. The classes are intense and always changing so you will never plateau. This class is great for anyone who is interested in weight loss, improving health, and up for a challenge. It benefits people of all ages and all levels. Tom, the owner, is very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition. You cannot fail if you follow his direction. More...


Todd Ringler

15 January 2015

If you are committed to being fit & in shape, this is the real deal! Tom designs workouts that are challenging and never the same or boring. Whether it is 6:30AM or 8PM the classes the participants are all motivating and moving. If you are in OK shape/ & fittness level, or not, Tom will work within your limitations and body's ability to help you reach your goals. With the new heart rate monitors, the challenge is even better, as you can see how your heart is working during the workouts. If you can't do an exercise, Tom helps you to find a way to substitute or modify - If you live near the facility you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. You won't regret it & I bet you will like it... if you don't mind sweating & working on your health. More...

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