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FitCore Montreal

Verdun, QC, Canada


FitCore Montreal

Verdun, QC, Canada



FitCore provide in home or private studio personal training for fitness and rehabilitative exercises and massage therapy services.

Here are some goals that we’ve helped customers achieve through exercise:

Prevented deep core weakening for prenatal customers.


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Josee Denis

24 June 2019

Super service.Massage très professionnel et conseils très appréciés. Je recommande Fitcore Montréal à tous.


Hala F-o

30 April 2019

I have been training with Christina for almost six months. She is a super encouraging and knowledgable personal trainer. As someone who hasn’t had much experience working out, I really benefitted from her great communication skills and verbal cues and was able to learn a ton of new exercises! She has created a very well-balanced program and gave informative nutrition advice to help with my poor posture. I came to my first session with a hunched back and now looking back at all the progress I’ve made is super rewarding! I also saw Christina for tensions in my back neck. She is extremely professional and knew exactly how to treat the area. I felt completely at ease during my massage and so relaxed! More...


Lien Nguyen

29 April 2019

I am working out with Christina two year ago and this the best gift I give to myself. She is very professional, enthousiasme, hard working and helpful ! Thank you Christina


Amy Holzberg

28 March 2019

I started working out with Christina on a daily basis, unsure of how it would be like, as I had never used the services of a trainer before. Very quickly I started seeing results, and the stronger I got the better I felt. She very quickly understood what I wanted and came up with a very particular program for me, as she understood my needs immediately – mainly upper body work, arms and core essentially. She also managed to work around the injuries I have, reinforcing the muscles so my knees and right ankle wouldn’t be as fragile – thank you, Christina, for taking the time to listen, understand and adjust with great pedagogy and patience. More...


Throughout our conversations I try to gather as much information on your nutritional habits and on how physically active you are in your day to day activities. I offer you advice on how to gear your lifestyle habits towards achieving your goals by changing habits gradually and consistently through time. I constantly check in with you to see how well you're adopting the new habit and problem solve with you by modifying the habit if you're having trouble achieving or maintaining it. Once the new habit is achieved and maintained successfully I propose a new habit by going through the same process and the cycle is repeated until your goals has been achieved. The aim with this approach is to create permanent changes to your lifestyle habits so that your goals can be maintained in the long run.

Besides improving nutrition which makes up the biggest part and by exercising more, it’s important to break up sedentary behavior with periods of movement. Studies have shown that prolonged periods of being sedentary is directly proportional to weight gain. If you have a job that requires sitting all day, by taking short frequent breaks to move around it would help improve weight management control. This can applied your personal lifestyle habits as well. By creating more breaks during screen time to move around or by reducing screen time as much as possible you are creating improvements to weight management.

Whenever I help improve the quality of someone’s life through rehabilitative exercises so that they have no more pain, or by improving their mobility and regaining their functional freedom. The change in attitude and improved self-esteem I observe in some customers because of the effects that exercise has on them psychologically. Keeping clients motivated who feel discouraged because they perceive their goal as very difficult to achieve. I enjoy seeing how happy and grateful they are when they finally do achieve their goals! Knowing that I made a positive impact on my customers because the changes they made have a lasting effect.

The opportunity to extend my expertise to as many people as possible and to gain more independence in my field.

I personally make it my mission to help people acheive their goals because I care alot when I see how much it means to them. Thoughout our conversations I find out what you're going through and what your lifestyle habits are so that I can coach you appropriately. I have a proven track record for helping people get the results they are looking for because I'm persistent and determined to keep everyone motivated and focused on their goal.