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Fit 4u Personal Training offers cutting edge bespoke training plans for all at affordable prices.

We bring the training experience to you either at home or at your local park.

Feel motivated and get the results you want.

We can offer a variety of packages with discounts to suit your needs, we even offer 2 people for the price of one and small group training.


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Tim Sherwood

3 August 2010

Mike has an engaging personality that eases the pain of actually doing some exercise! I like the variety he builds in and the attention to my limited abilities. He is knowledgable on all aspects of fitness including nutrition. Highly recommended. More...


Phil Houston

2 March 2009

I have worked with Michael now for 6 months plus and his training programmes and methods are very effective. <br /><br />Michael is an easy person to get on with and a good relationship with him is one of the reasons I am a repeat customer.


Dave Wray

2 March 2009

Michael at Fit4U is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts I have ever met. He has taken my training to a new level, and taught me that easy, simple, hassle-free routes to excellent fitness really do exist. Don't just train hard, train smart, it makes all the difference. More...

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I encourage clients to focus on the reward of reaching their goals, how will they feel when they get there and the difference it can make to their lives. Personal training is about motivation and guidance and primarily education, a client pays for my expertise and I should impart that expertise to the client.

Wanting it! Anyone who desires the body of their dreams has to commit fully to that dream, eating correctly, training correctly and thinking correctly. 'I will do this', can go a long way.

The feeling of achievement when a client understands what I am prescribing for them to do and why. It's kind of like a eureka moment.

I wanted to reach a wider market that the one I was reaching when working for a company, limited by the people who had decided to choose that company.

I bring a level of expertise and experience which is rarely seen in the fitness industry.