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Daria Mias

19 February 2019

Ella has been amazing.Thanks to her support, encouragement a her careful planning with constant but imperceptible increasing of the workout I have been able to beat gestational diabetes and feel way better than ever at 8 months pregnant.


Gaby Cano

19 February 2019

I've had the pleasure to watch Ella's work and she's fantastic! She assesses each client's individual needs, strengths and weaknesses to help them achieve their goals, working with them at the right pace and most importantly, without injury. I highly recommend her!


Jen Doubleyou Bee

19 February 2019

I have been working out with Ella on a personal training plan for 4 weeks and am feeling amazing! I get to work out when it works best for me at home and all of my hip and shoulder pain from sitting at a desk is gone!! Thanks Ella! You're the best!

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