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My company FIT RxN tailors amazing workouts for personal and group settings. People of all wall and all ages have had the opportunity to experiment anything from TRX training, kettlebells, body weight, cardio conditioning work, HIIT, boxing and more!

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Jen D.

31 May 2018

I initially joined Fit RxN for the group fitness classes, I found them to be well taught, challenging and and they made an positive impact on my fitness level in a short amount of time.  I continue to take group fitness classes but have also been utilizing personal training sessions with Mr. Ray.  The training sessions have been great , I have learned to push myself, do a few more reps, use a heavier weight etc.. I have found Mr. Ray to be a honest and patient professional.  He has great communication skills -he frequently inquires on how my arthritic knee is feeling and makes thoughtful modifications to ensure no pain to my knee, and focuses on overall strengthening.  It is clear to me that Mr. Ray is well educated and trained in fitness, and is passionate and dedicated to teaching.I have met many neighbors in the group fitness classes, and have made some great friends who also enjoy a challenging workout, supporting each other, motivating music, and a few laughs. More...


Diana C.

30 May 2018

I've been a member since 2013. My main draw has been - and continues to be - the instructors. In my eyes, everyone here here has always been welcoming, encouraging and professional.Last year in April I had shoulder surgery and was given 6-8 months to recover. I enlisted the help of Ray to beat those odds and get me back on track quicker. I started by training privately with him. It wasn't easy. We started at 5:30 in the morning before anyone else was there. From day one Ray meant business; the baby steps felt like giant steps. Thankfully, he has a good amount of humor even at the crack of dawn- so that helped.During our one-on-one sessions Ray focused on re-teaching my body to use my once bad shoulder. This meant starting from scratch. However, within 4 months of surgery I was doing push-ups. A year to the day of my surgery I accomplished my very first hand stand. Although I had the initial ambition, I would not have reached my goals so quickly without the engagement of Ray. He combined tough love with humor and always cheered when I hit a milestone. I have felt empowered and supported by him and his team every step of the way- and can happily say early morning sessions are much easier to bear! More...


Anthony DeSimone

26 May 2018

The gym is well kept, clean and located beside many residential buildings. Unfortunately they're closed throughout midday though their site says they are open


Jessica Craig

26 May 2018

I just took my first boxing class with Mr. Ray. Mr. Ray is the definition of tough love. Efter the third set of burpees, I still wanted to make Mr. Ray proud, so I pushed myself and I’m so happy I did. My body, mind and spirit are grateful for the encouragement and the buttkicking. Thanks Mr. Ray and Fit RxN. I will definitely be back. More...


Diana Chiodi

26 May 2018

Intimate gym with amazing instructors who make you feel like family from when you first step in. Classes are challenging and fun always different and constantly keep you burning. My favorite gym in all NYC!


Sarata Toriola

26 May 2018

Today was my first day! It was extremely hard but a really great workout.


Marcos Miranda

26 May 2018

Great class to work your core!


Monica Lu

26 May 2018

Clean boutique gym on UWS with professional instructors. A hidden gem that is not to be missed!


Christine L.

27 January 2018

Great place for a solid workout ! If I lived in the neighborhood it would be a solid 5 stars.Pros:- Instructors are engaging, motivating & personable. They make an effort to address you by name and correct form.- Classes are not too crowded - Receptionist is friendly as well, and the place is well kept - I always see someone wiping things down when I come in. Cons:- Location: bit of a trek from the nearest subway stop at 59st Columbus Circle, part of which is uphill - account for commute time accordingly - No showers, though they do have baby wipes to help freshen up- Class times: somewhat limited in terms of evening class offerings (no ~5pm option) and only daytime options on Fridays & weekendsIf you live in the area I definitely recommend that you check it out - come changed, don't bring too much stuff (they provide lockers w/ keys but they are kind of small), and go home to shower afterwards. More...


Monica L.

2 January 2018

I wish I had found this place earlier! The place is clean and cozy. Staff and instructors are friendly and professional. If you like boutique gyms and want to get HARD workout, look no further!! This is the place to be!!!! I will be recommending my friends to come here. More...


Alex Š.

21 November 2017

I can't say enough good things about this gym! Great, tough, challenging workouts for beginners & athletes alike! All the instructors are the perfect mix of tough, kind, approachable, & provide personalized attention & feedback. Facilities are also very nice(free expresso, towels, boxing gloves/wraps available for rent, body-fat analysis also available) - the only thing missing are showers & a wider variety of class times would also be extremely helpful. More...


Michelle M.

17 October 2017

My son goes to the teen sweat class run by Joe R.  He LOVES this class!  He comes home tired and hungry and has much more confidence.  They work the teens hard, and they love the challenge--Thank you Joe and everyone at RxN! More...


Aaron G.

14 October 2017

I was having some trouble getting back in shape after coming off an injury from when I was doing serious-ish running. I took some classes here from a Groupon deal and it seemed like a good change of pace. I've stayed up with it after the ran out because it was doing such an effective job of shaking me out of my rut. After a few months I feel like I'm back where I was before my injury. A special shout out to Bonnie's classes. She really does a great job changing things up in a well-thought out way. It's always different, but never feels unplanned. More...


Elaine E.

13 June 2017

First, let me be clear. I am not in the best of shape. I was once near 400 lbs.  After losing close to 100 lbs, I started working out again at FiTRxn.  I had to learn how to move again and build strength. I don't think I could go anywhere else. The staff is super supportive, as are the other people in the classes.  Never have I been made to feel awkward or out of place when I have to modify a move, or take a break.  They cheer me on. I take classes with Mr Ray and Bonnie and have gotten hooked.  I am so much stronger and functional now. I recommend this gym to any level of fitness (or non-fitness).  Give it a try! More...


Ali Habib

26 May 2017

Amazing workout! Instructors are great and genuinely support you in reaching your goals. Highly recommend!


Punal B.

13 May 2017

I take Fit Rxn through ClassPass and I am hooked. The studio is very welcoming and inviting, and I know feel like I am part of a Fit Rxn family. My favorite instructors are Bonnie and Shane. Both are different in how they approach classes, but are challenging in their own way. Bonnie often focuses on strength on the TRX bands, and she separates the class into exercises with the TRX bands, and a solid core workout.Shane is a BEAST. His classes are conditioning focused, which I personally find extremely difficult. But, he is there to support, and is constantly encouraging to push his students to their limit. His classes are antithesis of the word "basic." I always leave his class feeling that I had the best work out (in addition to being very sore). I absolutely recommend Shane and Bonnie! More...


Michelle S.

30 March 2017

Just do it!  You will literally never burn more calories in 45 minutes.   This workout is intense, the studio is clean, bright and airy.  Teachers are friendly and welcoming... you will not feel intimidated in these classes, they encourage you to push yourself to YOUR personal best.  And did I mention they play awesome music?  If you're looking to get in shape for summer, Fit RxN is your answer! More...


Michelle S.

30 March 2017

You will literally never burn more calories in 45 minutes.   This workout is insane.  I took Mr Ray's class "The Smoker" and found my new favorite workout!  The class is intense but not intimidating...I feel  encouraged to push myself to MY personal best each time. I've taken classes in Hoboken and NYC, both locations are great and they play awesome music!  If you're looking to get in shape for summer, Fit RxN is your answer! More...


Elaine Enright

21 March 2017

Great workout, great atmosphere!


Yeji Park

17 February 2017

Better than any other gym in NYC, because you won't find the same trainers anywhere else. Classes are small enough that you get enough personal attention to better/perfect your form or push you just a little harder than you would push yourself. Trainers and classes are always full of energy and super fun that it makes consistently working out THAT much easier! If you seriously want to see your body and mental health transform, then stick to FIT RxN and you will definitely be rewarded. More...


Maurine M.

10 February 2017

I took the cardio TRX mash up with Bonnie. It was a great workout! The instructor asked if anyone was new and was happy to help. The facilities are clean but don't offer a locker/changing room (not a big deal as long as you come prepared.) I used a ClassPass for this studio so the price was reasonable and they haven't been bombarding with solicitations. The location is kind of off the beaten track but worth the effort! More...


Angela Z.

1 October 2016

I'd gone to the studio on the UWS, and was so excited when this one opens. I haven't been in a while because I've gotten insanely busy with work, but I'm shocked it doesn't have more reviews! I love the TRX classes - they're a great workout and scale to all workout levels. The kettlebell classes are a fun challenge too! The instructors are all fantastic too. Jeff has helped me get the deepest hip flexor stretch ever and Mr. Ray is the friendliest guy ever. More...


Vic K.

19 September 2016

To say I like FIT RxN would be a lie.  Actually ... I love to hate it bc it kicks my ass EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and that, I L-O-V-E!  During the 20+ years I've lived in NYC I've boxed at gyms, downward dogged at yoga studios, cycled at clubs, trained in CP, biked the river and never have I more thoroughly enjoyed a workout as much as I do with Mr. Ray at FIT RxN!  Have you met this incredible man?  Well, you need to. Unlimited energy.  Endless knowledge of health and fitness. Tough love, Unmatched kindness and warmth.  Somehow he exudes all the caring of a life long best friend while simultaneously mastering THE best workout ever!!  Each and every staff member at FIT RxN is more incredible than the next.  Mr. Ray has rounded up an awesome team of individuals who motivate you to show up week after week and make you feel welcomed into their #fitfamily from the moment you walk through the door.  These classes are no joke, but no matter your fitness level you will be successful and leave wanting more.  My two favorite classes are TRX MASH UP and CoreRxN-TRX, Sandbells, Mat-work.  No matter how hard a workout moment is, Mr. Ray believes in me and that makes me believe more in myself. No matter your size, shape or attitude - bring it!  Mr. Ray and FIT RxN has got you covered! More...


Yanil N.

23 August 2016

At first I was a bit surprised that the instructor didn't start the class asking "who's new?" and this was probably because I was nervous that I wouldn't be great at this. I realized afterwards that it didn't matter who was new or not. I did the TRX class and it was small enough where everyone got individual attention, everyone was expected to do their best and push themselves (beginner or not). I loved this! I'll definitely be back soon. :) More...


Caryn N.

29 June 2016

Amazing workouts and phenomenally talented instructors who take your health and progress seriously.  Yes, FIT RxN delivers a boutique fitness experience like a lot of people enjoy - the classes are small, studio is gorgeous, music is well-selected - but the best part of going to a class at FIT RxN is the knowledge and professionalism of the instructors.  As someone who had surgery for breast cancer years ago, I have been hesitant to go to boutique classes, which are often focused on pushing beyond what is truly safe or effective on an individual level.  I immediately felt comfortable and safe that the instructors at FIT RxN would challenge me in a safe manner at my level.  My husband and I both loved our classes - challenging, unique, awesome.  (If you take a look at the instructor bios, you'll see that Mr. Ray has specialized cancer exercise training - if you're someone who has had surgery and worries about finding an instructor who understands post-surgical changes, look no further - Mr. Ray is your man!)Sadly, we moved away from NYC and this studio is the one that I will miss most.  Don't wait - get to FIT RxN today! More...


Jessica Marshall

27 April 2016

Intense workouts in a laid-back setting - the best!


Kaysee T.

26 April 2016

Let me just say, WOW. Now THAT is a workout. I took my first class yesterday - FIT HIIT with Jeff - and I seriously am still feeling accomplished this morning. It was challenging but kept you moving and switching up workouts enough that the 45 minutes seriously just flew by. It's a pretty no-nonsense class...I definitely wouldn't call it the most "fun" class I've ever taken, but it gets the job done. I also think it would probably get more fun as you get over the learning curve. I definitely struggled with form on some of the exercises, and Jeff was really good at correcting me and making sure I kept utilizing those corrections.I also really appreciated that the class was so small. Only six on a Monday afternoon! Jeff mentioned that his Wednesday FIT HIIT class is usually bigger, so I might stick to Mondays, because even with six I sometimes felt like I was tripping over people when transitioning between workouts - not sure how many more people I could have dealt with! But again, might change as you get used to the space.Overall, expect an incredibly hard class, but one that will make you feel like you really worked afterwards. Jeff is really encouraging and genuinely seems like a nice guy. He also had his dog in the studio, which as a dog person I really enjoyed! But of course, if you're not into dogs, might be something to be aware of before you come. Definitely going to be back! More...


Mona B.

8 April 2016

Awesome boutique gym, super friendly and professional trainers, clean, great equipment, fun music, great group and did I say extremely friendly caring staff!


ClassPasser P.

10 December 2015

WOW. Awesome workout. Was shaking by the end of it.  I love spinning but have only had bad experiences with cages instead of clipping in shoes. The cages and bikes here were awesome. I loved the 30/30 class (combo of half spin and half trx). It was perfect for me. Need to get used to TRX. Only gripe is no showers. They're in a very residential area, but they are still near some dense office areas and showers, would make me a full time customer. More...


Betsy M.

14 October 2015

Amazing class for any skill level. Mr. Ray rocks and makes the class fun while it's super challenging. I would recommend this class to everyone!!! love it


Angela R.

27 September 2015

This place is no joke! I love it here. Trx core with mr Ray is so fun and entertaining.  It's also hard. My triceps still hurt from Friday (it's Sunday) and I work out every day so the muscle soreness is because this workout really challenges the body. It's a great place and I highly recommend it. More...


Raquel C.

25 September 2015

I came here on classpass and I can't say enough good stuff about this place. I took my first class here last Saturday (The Smoker) with Candace. This was my first time braving with TRX and like most people come to believe, it is definitely SO much harder than it looks. Candace was really energetic and just what you need on a Saturday morning. She was incredibly encouraging without being pushy and helped correct your form without making you feel silly. From the woman at the front desk upon arrival to Candace saying goodbye, this place is fully of friendly smiling faces and I will most definitely be back! More...


Stacy M.

6 August 2015

I came to the Mashup class with my class pass. GREAT class! I was nervous going in, but the instructor Kenny was awesome and explained every exercise well. Small group and lots of personal attention.  My legs and arms were shaking when I left.  Mr. Ray so welcoming and friendly at the sign in. The class was the perfect mix of kettle bell, TRX, planks, cardio.  Really great workout.  Can't wait to come back! More...


Conrad N.

16 July 2015

Just finished a trx mesh up class with justin.I am in pain.  I loved it.  My first feq classes so I am very slow at all the different work outs. But he didnt make me feel stupid and kindlh and patiently exolained each move to me.If u have questions he is happy to answer.  This guy is very knowledgeable. He is great.There were 4 of us in the classm. Its like a semi private class.  But seriously.  Justin is awesome! More...


Mike S.

22 June 2015

I've really enjoyed and recommend Fit Rxn. The classes feel different to others I've been to. For a start, they're not too large - usually between 4-9 people for the TRX and kettlebell classes I have gone to. I always feel like I have learned a lot and can transfer that into my regular workout at my usual gym, where I now work a lot harder as a result. Whilst the classes are a reasonable price it's not practical for me to use this place as my only exercise option so it's important to learn enough to apply elsewhere. I've found the classes super challenging but not too aggressive or over-the-top or any of the usual complaints from gym classes. It's more like the best of both worlds between classes and PT. I have particularly enjoyed the Saturday kettlebell classes where I feel like I'm really learning a lot. The place is very clean, modern and the instructors are friendly and try to give it a personal touch. More...


Christine A.

13 March 2015

I wanted to do trx to meet some dudes, since yoga studios are filled with women. Anyways, the class was still filled with women, but the workout was great so I'll be back. If I keep doing this workout, I can eat all I want! Jokes aside, I'm in fairly good shape and this was both challenging and fun. JD had a positive, motivating, but playful attitude. He also provided feedback on my form. I left my ring here and no one stole it (cool honest peeps) and they saved it for me to pick up the next morning. More...


Alex B.

11 March 2015

Came here on classpass.  I have had a few instructors now and have really enjoyed my classes in the TRX mashup class.  TRX uses ropes and bodyweight for all of your workouts.  They are the yellow and black suspension ropes you see in the gym.  I bet you look at those things and think "wow what a whimp.  how is that even a workout?" when you see someone using those things. Well once in a class you will probably start to sweat, then ache, then cry and you will never talk crap again.Even with a large group they will rotate you between trx and floor work.  It is super impressive that the instructors can motivate two different groups doing two different exercises at the same time.  It is truly multitasking at its best.  This keeps everyone constantly moving.  Only this is you are asked to share a sweaty mat and suspension rope with someone else.  Ewwy. Every TRX workout I have done has kicked my ass.  They also have a spin studio here and offer a 30/30 Spin and TRX class in which you spin for 30 and TRX for 30. Maybe it was just the class I took but it wasnt my favorite as I hate spinning without spin shoes (I wasn't prepared) and by the time I was building up my sweat on the spin bike, I already had to switch. TRX Mashup though ... top notch! Do that one.On a final note, they do not have showers but they do provide you with lockers that have their own locks. JD, Ray, and Lauren are great instructors that I have used. More...


Meg B.

5 February 2015

If you haven't tried a class at FIt RxN yet, you're missing out! Get on that as soon as possible. My experience is based solely on Jeff's 7am TRX Mashup on Wednesdays, but if there wasn't a 3 class/month limit on Class Pass I'd be back here way more often than that. Every class I've taken has been different and pushed me to my limits. Jeff is the best trainer I've worked with (and I've taken A LOT of classes). He's not going to accept anything less than your best, but he's also going to make sure you're doing things the right way (this is where the ball gets dropped sometimes in other studios). From what I can tell, he's in good company at FIT RxN where the trainer standards are high. I've heard plenty of other people talk about how great all the classes are so whatever works for your schedule, do it! Also the space is great, clean, and two nice showers! More...


Maurice M.

13 January 2015

Location is not that bad even though it is in ghost town. I am always running late so I usually have to run to here from the train. Fast. It warms me up for whats next. The trx class is no joke. Sometimes I feel like barfing after which means it was workout. Natalia is great she motivates and yells which I like. She plays the best music . This aint for the faint of heart and you feel like your gonna die but its how you get fit fast. This place is a great additon to me weekly workouts More...


Lorraine Hazel T.

7 November 2014

Just took my first class at FitRxn. Did the Pedal class with Mr. Ray and it was amazing. He was very encouraging and challenged everyone with a great workout. The bikes are new and high tech and the studio is very clean.  Will definitely be back! More...


Diane C.

23 October 2014

JD's TRX Class is one of the most challenging and motivating fitness classes I've taken in a long while.  I was hesitant about it going in because I have just fully recovered from a labrum tear after 4 months of intensive physical therapy.  Since I was basically unable to do full body workouts for 4 months, I am also in the worst shape of my life and unsure of my limits.When I met JD, one of the first things he told me was that he would help me modify and keep that shoulder safe and he definitely delivered.  He checked in on me during each exercise and make sure that I wasn't over exerting the shoulder.  Yet, he didn't take it easy on me either.  I felt motivated and challenged, but safe.  I never felt discouraged or embarrassed if I couldn't complete a movement and JD helped me modify to my fitness ability.The class itself is super difficult and definitely left my full body sore for DAYS.  I would definitely recommend classes at FIT RxN and with JD.  Certainly will be back for more as I continue to heal and want to challenge myself. More...


Julie M.

11 October 2014

Pros: -Friendly staff, motivating instructors-Small group classes, lots of attention-Clean facility with a variety of equipmentCon: -Location location location!I've only been to TRX Mash Up classes but I will definitely be back for spin! More...


J J.

24 September 2014

I've been going to FIT since it opened in May and it is the perfect addition to any person's fitness routine!  All of the instructors- Mr. Ray, JD, Lauren, Jeff, Jack, Kara, and Erin will all push you and when you don't think you can do anything more, they will get you there.  I always leave feeling like  I have reached a new level, hit a new goal, mastered a new TRX move I couldn't do before.  When I think I've finally hit my peak, they can read my mind and find a new challenge for me.  Every class is different so you will never get bored, plus the combo 30/30 spin/TRX classes give you the ultimate sweat workout!  I had never taken a TRX class before and I'm addicted to them now. One other amazing bonus is that  2 months ago I started training for the NYC marathon, and taking FIT has been great for cross training.  I've never felt more motivated for the marathon and I'm already clocking over a minute off my race pace from the prior marathon I ran.  I give FIT and its instructors full credit for that!! I love my FIT Fam! If you want to try something new, run to this team. They will welcome you with opens arms and then put you to work! More...


Nikki H.

14 July 2014

Just took their TRX Mashup class and I am exhausted.The class: was crazy as hell! First off the room was a bit warm so the slightest movement caused me to sweat. Now imagine going full force with side planks, kettle bell swings, 1 leg squats, mountain climbers, burpees, sit ups, etc. I was sweating like a beast!!!!!! The instructor was great. He was encouraging and cute ;-) The facility: there are 2 rooms (1 for spin class and 1 for TRX), 2 restrooms within the spin room (no showers), and a small locker area (they provide you with a lock).The location: 61st and West End Ave. because I'm a brooklynite this location is no good for me. It's cool for an afterwork situation but that's all. It's not exactly on WEA either. It's around the corner. I had to call them for further directions which was no good. There should be a wind master sign on the sidewalk and clarification on their website.The workout was great and I will definitely be back. More...


Nick K.

13 June 2014

I'm a bit of a fitness junkie and take classes all over the city so have a lot of experience with most forms of workouts (from spin, yoga and pilates to boxing, martial arts and hiit). JD's TRX class was one of the best I've taken throughout the city. He kept the energy levels up and helped you push yourself hard enough that your body was screaming at you.... yet you were still having fun.Definitely somewhere to check out! More...


Liz P.

5 June 2014

Great spin class! My instructor was awesome and pushed us all to the max in a fun, comfortable way! He was also very helpful in making sure we were all properly set up on the bikes before class began. Free lockers, clean studio space, good music and nice bike equipment. Come early if you need to change clothes because the changing space is limited. Going back for sure! More...


Billy Sitter

27 May 2014

Cycling classes are more fun at Pedal NYC! This was was awesome. Great people and atmosphere!


Justin Broad

27 May 2014

All I can say is wow! love the classes here. Enthusiastic instructors paired with a great facility make this an awesome experience.


Diana S.

17 March 2014

My whole body is still sore and it's been like 3 days since I went to class. I've done the 30/30 Spin/TRX class and a full 60min of TRX/Sandbell and these classes are no joke!! The instructors motivate you and push you without being pushy and you are guaranteed a legit workout by the end of your 60mins. This place is pretty out of the way for me (I'm in the 80s on the East side) but I love a workout here so much that I'm willing to take the bus or $12 cab ride to come here.I'm not a huge fan of spin classes and in this case I didn't feel too differently but the combo of cardio (spin) and strength (TRX) left me feeling refreshed. I've only used TRX in limited capacities but the instructors show you how to do each different exercise and will also help you if you can't get your foot in properly. The 60min TRX class was a lot of core exercises, which was a little difficult for me, but I was still able to do modify movements and get a lot out of class. The sandbells are a little funky to work with because it is a little hard to grab on to, but throwing them on the ground gives you some sort of stress relief!They have lockers (free locks), towels, and a free water bottle for each workout! More...


Amanda S.

22 January 2014

I did the 30/30 Spinning/TRX class with Mr. Ray on a Saturday.I like to say - sometimes - that I enjoy working out.  I'm an avid runner and try my best to find classes where I see sweat dripping from my nose.  It's a cathartic experience haha.  Anyways, this class did it for me.  I was efficiently sore for three days and as you all know it's two days after the workout where it hurts the most.  I was so humbled by the experience that I can't wait to go again!You're encouraged to try your best and it's hard to actually wimp out.  There is great camaraderie within the small class size and Mr. Ray is attentive to everyone.  I felt safe even though every part of me was like WAIT YOU WANT THREE MORE !!  I learned so many new exercises (and how to do them properly) that I intermix a lot of them into my usual workout routines.  Unfortunately it's not the same doing it alone - because I definitely don't do the three more :(.Although the location is a little tough to find and the bathrooms are oddly placed in the other classroom, if you're into the HIIT workouts, pls give this place a shot! More...


Masumi T.

27 November 2013

The TRX classes are fun and challenging and all the equipment is in excellent condition.  If I could afford it, I would go all the time.  My only wish is for them to have earlier TRX classes - 7am. More...


Michael H.

29 August 2013

I was fortunate enough to spend some time in NYC between June and July. Knowing that there were so many amazing food and beverage options around, I'd have to find a gym to at least somewhat offset my gluttonous activities.First of all, the staff at Pedal NYC are awesome. I was initially greeted by Mr Ray who was incredibly friendly and helpful. Walking into Pedal each day you're always met with a friendly and welcoming environment. The staff are well aware of the pain you're about to experience, so I guess they're trying to ease the blow.The facilities at Pedal are great, the bikes look pretty new, and every one I used worked perfectly as advertised (although, occasionally the difficulty seemed to randomly increase when Mr Ray passed by). The whole gym is really clean and generally a nice place to be.The classes available provide pretty good variety, and even if you take the "same" class a number of times the trainers seem to mix it up enough to keep it fresh. I'd always been a little wary of spin classes (as it's super easy to cheat), however the trainers do an excellent job at providing a tough (but achievable) session if you're willing to put the work in. The TRX classes are excellent as well; both the strength and stretch classes will put you out of your comfort zone.Most of the classes I did at Pedal were with either Mr Ray or McCool, they're both excellent trainers in their own way. Mr Ray's energy kind of forces you to work hard. And, whilst McCool may seem pretty chilled out, being in a reasonable amount of pain the day after a McCool TRX session highlights a more sinister side. Both trainers were excellent at scaling the workouts for when you felt amazing and could take on the world, or alternately, make things a little easier for when you're feeling a little fragile.The other trainers I had were also great, so I'll assume they're all good I would highly recommend Pedal NYC to anyone who's so inclined. Hopefully I'll get to train there again when I'm next in NYC. More...


Missy C.

22 August 2013

With a hashtag like #NoJoke written on the wall, you better believe Mr. Ray is no joke. I took his TRX class in May and it took me three months to grow a pair and go back.  It's hard. Not impossible. But hard.  The good news is that Mr. Ray is really motivating, plays great music, knows his shit... AND (bonus) the other people who take class are friendly, noncompetitive and really cool.  We are truly united in our pain and hatred of Mr. Ray.  (Declan is also a sadist... we did three sets of "suicides" running drills at the end of an already hellish TRX/Kettlebell class. Yes. He. Did.)But... Do not be intimidated! It's a friendly setting and you'll get a great workout. The only reason I took a star off was for the spin class.  I prefer the bikes at FlyWheel with the clip-in shoes and the torq/rpm meter. I also think the music gets too loud, but that's my complaint at all spin classes full of whippersnappers and their new fangled music. Gah! More...


Evelyn S.

31 July 2013

I usually do the TRX and Kettle bell classes. All the instructors are great and give you a thorough working out.TRX was definitely not easy but I see the minor and major differences my body is undergoing and it serves as excellent motivation. Ditto the instructors who push you but aren't mean about it.I took the 30/30 TRX class once with Mr. Ray and it was crazy hard. Haven't done it again since but I'd recommend to anyone who really wants to challenge themselves.So glad I joined this gym. More...


Dulce Q.

18 July 2013

I did a Grupon Deal  and I must say It was worth it.!! I love the 30/30 PedalTRX class and Mr Ray is a great Instructor. The place is extra clean and very comfortable


Lo S.

10 July 2013

I've been wanting to try Pedal for a while as I love TRX and Kettlebells and they've got classes in both. When a Gilt deal came around, I jumped on board. I've been to four different classes with four different instructors and I'm quite impressed. They're physically challenging (seriously, whatever shape you think you're in, TRX+ and CoreRxN/Kettlebell will test it) and fun.  All of the staff, from reception to instructors, is great. They are friendly, remember your name, and make newbies feel welcome. The only reason I didn't give the 5th star is because of (as others have mentioned) price. It's expensive. Once my Gilt deal runs out, I will probably go once a week to supplement my other workouts (gym, yoga etc.). I'd probably go more often if it were more affordable. The lack of shower thing doesn't bother me as I never shower at the gym anyway. More...


Lauren H.

28 April 2013

I came here on a Classtivity passport, and had an outstanding experience! I consider myself to be in pretty good shape (workout 4-5 days a week, recently completed a Tough Mudder), and regularly attend spin classes. After doing a little research online, I decided the 30/30 TRX class with the oft praised Mr. Ray (founder of Pedal) was the best bet. I wasn't disappointed.From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed. From the moment I sat on my spin bike, I felt motivated. And from the moment I walked out of class, I felt exhausted. Perfect. Mr. Ray is the absolute best instructor I've had in a fitness class. I'm pretty sure I'm still on an endorphin high. Unreal amounts of wonderful. Bought a pack of classes, and a bunch of other first timers in my class did too. I can't wait to get back to Pedal!Side note: If you need to go somewhere after class, make sure you have time to get home to take a shower. They don't have any showers here, and just little cubbies to keep your things safe while you ride. It wasn't an issue for me, but I'm glad I didn't sign up on a weekday morning - I would have been a sweaty mess in the office! More...


Lauren G.

12 April 2013

I am not one to write reviews, nor am I one to attend group exercise classes. But I have had such a fantastic experience at Pedal that I had to share. I grew up running XC and Track and while I love being part of a team and the accomplishment of finishing a work out- I have never liked exercising with a group of "strangers." That said, several months ago I was convinced to try a spin class and became obsessed.  Due to the creative marketing efforts of Pedal, I first heard of them because of a Rue La La deal, as the location is out of my way as I don't live or work nearby.The above may lead you to believe that I would use my Rue La La coupon and never return but I can tell you that Pedal NYC sucks you in (and I don't just mean by toning your muscles). Mr. Ray and the entire staff at Pedal work hard to ensure that you get a great work out AND  great customer service every time you walk in the door. After three classes:- I was hooked- Mr. Ray and the staff at the front desk knew my name- I had had some of the best workouts since my team running days (try their 30/30 class!)Mr. Ray (the owner and one of the instructors) and Declan (the only other instructor I have taken a class with thus far) make a point in each class to say hello to every individual in class, help adjust the equipment, and throughout the class get off of their own bike to encourage, engage with, and advise/ coach/ train each person in the class. I have watched them customize programs for women who are pregnant, people who had had surgery or bad backs, you name it and they are willing to tailor the program the rest of the class is doing to accommodate your needs without disrupting the rest of the class.In summary: You are paying for a group class but you are getting personal training quality advice and time from your instructor- where else can you say that? "Try it! You'll Like it!" More...


Christina C.

9 April 2013

I came back for a spinning class with Declan. The spin room is really great, with lots of natural lighting from the large windows & the mirrors are great so you can see if your form is lacking. Declan was motivating & intense. Within 30 mins of the class, I was nearly dying & drenched in sweat. But I kept moving because Declan was watching me & making sure everyone did not slack off. It was a great sweat session & Declan is super nice. All the PedalNYC people have always been super friendly. I would love to come back again because I'm a glutton for punishment (in a good way). ;-D More...


Lauren O.

14 March 2013

Pedal NYC is wonderful. The instructors are great and they really motivate you to get the most out of your workouts. McCool's class on Saturday morning is great CORE workout. She also remembers you from week to week and comments on how you are improving. The fact that this is a boutique gym really give the classes a great feel. Instructors have a personal connection with you and you get more attention. Make sure to get your raffle ticket when you go so you could be entered to win various prizes. Classes are a little expensive, but if you can swing it (or find a groupon) I'd recommend checking them out! More...


Shannon D.

28 February 2013

great instructors - particularly alie who is a pro biker and very motivational, nice clean facilities, good music. im a fan!


Grace A.

30 November 2012

I've only been here once so far, but my impression is so overwhelmingly positive!EVERYBODY is super friendly, from the guy at the front desk not giving me grief about making a class "reservation" only ten minutes in advance to the cycling instructor Heidi who was just SO encouraging and patient. Everything is very clean (obviously a must for a gym) and aesthetically colorful and  inviting. It's the little  things that count. The spin class itself was intense and definitely made me feel less guilty about all that pumpkin pie. I can't wait to go back again! More...


L H.

28 October 2012

Pedal is legit!  The best part about their classes is that all levels are welcome, and all levels get an incredible workout every single class!  Their classes are hard for everyone but that's what makes it so great -- the workouts are always changing and they will push you harder and harder each time.  Whether it's pedal, TRX or 30/30, it will always be fun, challenging and have good tunes.  What I love the most about Pedal NYC is the staff.  I've never been to a gym or fitness class where the instructor asks for your name before your first class and will never forget your name, asks about any injuries or issues and actually shows modifications for your specific injuries, PLUS wants to know all about your goals, personally motivates you and keeps track of your progress, not to mention gives you personal attention during each class.  The classes feel like personal training sessions -- especially with Mr. Ray.  He's the most brilliant motivator ever...and it's genuine!  How many times have you heard a generic fitness instructor saying phrases like "get your knees higher, bikini season it coming!"  We have all heard that, but Mr. Ray (and other Pedal NYC instructors) will actually get to know you, motivate you and want to help you to your goals.  They truly do care about their clients.  If you try one class, I guarantee you'll be back for more. More...


Melissa D.

22 October 2012

This place is amazing.  I will be honest- I joined this gym thinking that it was too expensive for what it was offering. But I kept an open mind since I live next door and thought it was at least worth checking out. In the past, I have joined gyms that have all the amenities (sauna, steam, showers and toiletries, spa) because they seemed to motivate me to get to the gym more, but it turns out those things don't actually help you exercise smarter or harder. Imagine that! Pedal has made me feel strong and sexy again, and I'm completely changing my body.The gym itself is super clean; everything is new and maintained/ cleaned regularly.  There are two main rooms- one for spinning and one for stretching/ TRX/ insane circuit drills.  Signing up for classes online is super convenient and holds you accountable for going.  The staff is super friendly and welcoming and it feels like a really nice little community you are joining; feels much more personal than a regular gym or health club.But here is the real reason Pedal gets five stars.  Mr. Ray and the other instructors pretty much act as your personal trainers.  Honestly, I have never seen instructors go so above and beyond to keep their members motivated to achieve their goals.  After emailing my personal goals to Mr Ray (which he encouraged me to do) I now have committed to work towards them and have constant reminders to keep pushing and stay consistent.The instructors vary the workouts so you continue to work different muscles and don't feel like you are doing the same thing over and over and your body never gets comfortable.  The workouts are designed to get your heart rate way up in spikes so you get the most out of the workout and continue to reap the benefits long after class has ended. Very challenging but it pays off.If you are looking for a place that will really motivate you and help you achieve your goals, this is the place.  You are, as I said, getting the benefits of a personal trainer, except you are paying a fraction of the cost, and get multiple trainers to work with.  With relatively small classes, this is a very personal "boutique" gym.  I'm very impressed (and sore)! More...


Busby W.

21 October 2012

I have tried alot of classes around the city including Flywheel and the offerings at Reebox. I am not one for too much organized exercise but will say that the TRX classes here are beyond a phenomenal workout.  Although I didnt feel the SPin class was much different, the TRX tested me and amazing ways and I certainly felt it for the next few days.. Only downside of some of these specialty gyms is the price... three times a week at $30 is alot of money and if you take the monthly pass, that is still double what most gyms cost. More...


Lu S.

17 October 2012

The Staff is really friendly and sweet. This gym is still rather small and intimate so there's a sense of community. Mr. Ray and Heidi's classes are bomb. I am drenched after I leave their classes. I also normally despise spin classes; I prefer running outside but their classes are challenging and bearable. I am not constantly looking at the clock like I am in most spin classes. They do a good job of mixing up the intervals and sets to keep the class fresh. I stumbled upon this studio via a deal from online. Normally I use the deal and dont end up returning to the studio. Ive been back here several times. One down side is just the expense. It is a bit pricey compared to a gym membership where you could take a spin class but because its more intimate you definitely get more attention on your form and they definitely come over in your face and push you :) in a good way More...


Scott H.

6 October 2012

This gym is awesome. I found out about it because someone on my facebook was checking in here almost daily - who does that?!The gym is located a bit out of my normal comings-and-goings, but it was so worth it. I went to a 30/30 class on Saturday morning and it was phenomenal. First, it was 30 minutes indoor cycling. Brand new Livestrong bikes which felt like they'd never been used before. The seat was in perfect shape (unlike some NYC-chain gyms, where some larger people really destroy them). The music was great - mix of hip hop and pop. Monster fan that kept everyone cool.Next up was 30 minutes of TRX. I am a huge fan of TRX and used to go to classes when I lived abroad, but I can't find classes worthwhile in the city (if you know of any, hit me up). The 30 minutes were intense - I left sore and woke up the next morning even sorer.All in all, if this gym were located closer to where I lived I'd be there all the time. Maybe when my lease expires...? More...


Sasha G.

3 July 2012

"Dayummmmm girl, you must work out!" is what I tell myself when I look in the mirror. Ah yes, yes I do. -kickboxing-yoga-jogging-swimming-ZumbaI love fitness classes- whether I'm at home rocking it out solo (shout out to Billy Blanks!) or I'm at a gym attending a fitness class. You won't find me at a gym too much though- they're usually TOO expensive for my tiny NYC budget so I prefer to use NYC as my gym. Unfortunately my boyfriend bought me a 5-class Groupon to Pedal NYC. He wasn't calling me fat or anything (like get the hint woman! Lose some pounds!) haha, I asked for it. I say "unfortunately" because I LOVE Pedal NYC. And yes- it is too expensive for my taste AND they don't have showers (minus 1 star) but it's a small but awesome gym with very motivated and motivating instructors who keep you on your feet and help you be a stronger you! I've only had 4 classes so far but I'm extremely tempted to purchase a package because of Mr. Ray. He's a great instructor who's hands-on and gives you that motivation to push through! I just LOVE it all! Is it difficult? Yes. Not so much the pedaling; if you're moderately fit you won't die cycling but the TRX suspension training is a killer- in a great way! You feel stronger just after one week. A feeling that can be quite addictive and keep you coming back for more- despite your muscles screaming "Biotch! YOU CRAY!" Can't wait to go back (after I recoup from my bronchitis. EW, I know) and attend one of Mr. Ray's classes! More...


Lidia P.

26 June 2012

The workouts here really kick your butt! I've tried a few different classes so far and they've all been pretty challenging. I like that the workouts aren't repetitive, even if you take the same class. The instructors are very motivating, although Mr Ray scares me a little in his spin class ;)I would recommend this gym for a tough, but fun workout.I'm taking off one star because there are no showers, so you can't really go here right before work in the morning (unless you don't mind that kind of thing). I also wish it were located in more more easy-to-access spot - there's really no direct way of getting there by subway, but I guess they can't really easily change that. More...


Janet S.

13 June 2012

This is the first time I've taken the effort to write a review of anything. But Ray is not only an incredible trainer of people of ALL levels (and i mean ALL levels) but is the kind of business owner everyone should aspire to be.  I urge everyone to check out the studio and classes and insure a great business survives. More...


John R.

8 June 2012

Like all of the other reviewers, I've tried out a bunch of different specialty gyms all over the city and this is by far my favorite. Not even close. Sessions are small and extremely hands on. I had never done TRX before and received a ton of instruction. I have also never had an instructor take as much personal interest in my work out as Mr. Ray. The Core RxN class works out your ENTIRE body. I was struggling to walk around the office afterwards and it's a testament to how hard Mr. Ray encouraged me to work. I can't say enough good things about the teachers, facilities, and classes. Well worth it. More...


K S.

12 May 2012

I have been over a dozen gyms all of the city, including Fly Wheel, Soul Cycle, Exhale, you name it.  Pedal brings something new to the table, with its immaculately clean facilities, hands on instructions and most importantly the amazing owners--Mr. Ray and Mrs. Tara Wallace.  The 30/30 classes and Pedal (spin) classes are my favorite.  I unfortunately haven't had a chance to come in for the Pilates class, but I hope to soon.  This is also the only gym I've ever been to that offers TRX training, which is an incredible way to do body conditioning and toning using your own body weight and ropes.  Pedal Gym has become a weekly ritual for me and has truly helped me prepare for the summer and my upcoming wedding! More...


Erin C.

23 April 2012

Love this gym!! its very clean and the people are really friendly. I highly recommend any class that Heidi teaches.


Carlos O.

13 March 2012

I took the 30/30 class yesterday for the first time after purchasing a Living Social deal and I will most definitely be back. The equipment is brand new and the staff is wonderful. The TRX workout is no joke and works the core extremely well. I will definitely be incorporating this training into my workouts. More...


Jonathan W.

28 February 2012

This is hands down my favorite new studio. The classes they offer are amazing and the instructors are fantastic! My favorite classes are the TRX workout and Core RxN classes. TRX has been one of my favorite tools in working out since I discovered it a few years back. I had been searching for a studio that offers TRX and thankfully Pedal NYC has come to the rescue offering a fantastic way to burn calories and shred muscle. The Core RxN class is equally great and offers the opportunity to get crunch free abs making it fun and interesting rather than just focusing on traditional crunches. The staff is amazing as well! They are all extremely helpful and just really great people. Love this studio, definitely give it a try! More...


Jen C.

10 January 2012

If you want to get a good work out, you have to go to Pedal!  Their spin classes are amazing!  The head trainer, Ray Wallace will work you to your limits and just when you have gone as far as you can, he makes you work harder.  The TRX workout is indescribable.  The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.  Every time I leave Pedal, I feel stronger.  If you have been working out for years or want to work out for the first time, this is the place to go. More...


Nurys A.

9 January 2012

Fantastic workout!  If you're in the market to get into shape all the while having loads of fun, this is the place to go! Plus, they've got a very friendly and helpful staff.  I wish I could give this more than 5 stars. More...


Julia R.

9 January 2012

Pedal recently opened up at the most convenient location possible for me - attached to my apartment building!  I've taken 4 classes so far: Pedal (spin) and TRX (a ridiculously intense suspension training workout, but Hello Results!).  I've also had two personal training sessions with Ray Wallace, the co-owner and lead trainer.  He has made it his personal mission to get me into shape for my upcoming wedding in May.  I am dripping sweat at the end of each class/session and my muscles are crying the next day, but I am so happy they're there to help me reach my goals.  Take a class - you won't be disappointed!  (Plus, if you're a newbie, buy one class and get the next one free!) More...