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F.I.T Club is not your ordinary gymnasium. We pride ourselves on being different and standing out from the crowd.
Set up in the 1980’s, we offer some of the toughest training in the UK. We use totally unique training techniques and equipment to keep sessions fun and interactive.


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Klaudijus Rulys

23 May 2019

Great place for working out. Easily lost 20lbs in around three months. Clive focuses a lot on being as welcoming as possible to newcomers and the regulars are some of the friendliest people I've met.Commando Boxing classes are great for everyone, while HIIT and CORE classes are extremely demanding physically and mentally. All classes are challenging.Would recommend to everyone to at least give a try. More...


janneke simpson

25 February 2019

I visited for a couple of weeks whilst caring for a relative in hospital. It was super, everyone was so welcoming and kind. The timings of the classes worked really well for me. I had never tried boxing which wasn't a problem. Would highly recommend! Thank you so much Ross and Clive. More...


Alex Bozhko

27 December 2018

Great gym, with amazing team running it. Perfect for students, get your monthly subscription and visit any of the multiple classes per week. Recommended it to everyone I knew in Newcastle. More...


rawnovice0811 Novice

26 May 2018

I love this club. Great with kids and adults alike



26 May 2018

Can I ask if its for kids and when and how much and thank you


Richard Westwell

26 May 2018

I'm visiting on 16th May getting excited.


Richard Westwell

5 April 2018

I'm visiting on 26 April excited.


Dodo Okasha

28 December 2017

The coach Clive is really motivational and keeps us all enagetic. Can't wait for my second session


Palvinder Singh Sanghera

20 December 2017

Had my first real session yesterday and loved it, Clive is a top bloke that really goes above and beyond. Body hurts today but that’s fine. Can’t wait for my next session. Will definitely be recommending this place to friends and family. 5 stars � ���� More...


Craig Mansfield

2 October 2017

Good fun, hard work in a friendly environment that's a good laugh. All levels of fitness from absolute beginner to really fit, nobody ever makes you feel embarrassed if you're beginning - it's a supportive atmosphere. Clive is extremely honest and fair, having refunded my membership after I picked up an injury 8 months ago. He even gave me a fantastic deal when I came back. I always feel better after a session, and my fitness levels are improving greatly. I don't have the will power to go lifting weights etc, but Clive motivates you and gets the best out of you - always with a smile on his face. It's a hard workout that's proven, but it's good fun, a good laugh and they have charity fund raising nights/parties as well. Builds stamina, strength, self-esteem, improves your confidence, self-defence - and as I went for - calms down anxiety and depression. Males, females, female only classes, kids classes. All people and abilities are welcome and treated equally. They even sell Mars Bars, what are you waiting for? Come along, get fit and have fun doing it. More...


Paul Larkin

26 May 2017

top place. very friendly atmosphere. all the people who work their are really canny


Ahmed Al-Janabi

21 September 2016

This place is bringing me back to life. When you hit the lowest point in ur life and cant get lower. the only way is up. This place lifts you up. It is hard work but its well worth it. More...

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