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I provide 1-1, partner and small group personal training sessions.

I work with both men and women to improve their overall health, wellness, fitness and creating a healthy balance food. When you sign up to work with me, your full training and nutritional needs will be covered during and outside of our sessions.


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Fiona Charlton

20 August 2019

FRANKIE IS INCREDIBLE. Her passion for helping people reach their goals is amazing and I'm so glad to be working out using her fitness programme. Excited to see where she takes me over the next 8 weeks More...


Ryan Bridgewater

31 May 2019

Frankie is brilliant! Have loads of different ways to work out and gave me confidence in the gym!


Becca Herron

31 May 2019

The nicest girl ever. Taught me so much in such a short space of time. Highly recommend!!


Laura Elliott

31 May 2019

I’m fairly new to Frankie but her help and support she has given me in this short period is very inspiring. She’s always there to give me guidance on anything I’m unsure about and is very motivational. I’m looking forward to achieving my goals with her help! Xx More...


Gill Cashmore

31 May 2019

Frankie gave me the confidence to train like I had never done before. Helping my mindset, I was able to reach fitness levels I never knew I could. Felt confident loved my shape. She is there for you all the way. More...


Jade-victoria Crumpton

31 May 2019

Frankie helped me in a lot of ways. helping me change my diet, showing me different exercise as I didn’t know much, she was a lovely person to work with and a good friend always supportive,I’m glad she was my personal trainer.


Charlotte Martin

31 May 2019

Frankie is such an amazing PT and coach, her workouts are both fun and challenging and thoroughly enjoy ever session I complete! Started with her 3 weeks ago and can see improvements every week, thanks frankie � ur one in a million ��xxxxx More...


Katie Prentice

31 May 2019

Frankie has helped me in so many ways, she helped me lose weight by helping find out what exercises were best for me, helping me with my diet but mostly helping me with my confidence towards working out at the gym. She’s such a lovely person and I am great full for her help. More...


Bianca Moretto

31 May 2019

I did an 8 week program with Frankie and it was brilliant. Lost weight and inches just in time for my friend’s wedding and I feel great. Workouts/nutrition are easy to follow and she’s always there when I have 100 questions! I’ve learnt so much and feel I can continue with this lifestyle by my self, but I will be coming back because she’s just great! More...


Jade Sidhu

31 May 2019

Highly recommended! Helped me learn so much more about weights and my diet! Having to put up with my million and one questions � Frankie's such a lovely person and super supportive so greatful for all the help x


Hayley Ellen

31 May 2019

Frankie is so so brilliant! Not only does she support you but she sends little messages of encouragements, as well as offering amazing advice! I couldn’t honestly do this without her.. thank you so so much cannot wait to get to my goal ��� More...


Shannon Kingston

31 May 2019

Frankie is an amazing support and will answer any questions you may have. She really takes time to understand your personal circumstances and cater to provide an excellent personalised programme. Her approach for flexi dieting rules out the feeling of being on a strict diet or guilt as you are not restricted to good vs bad foods but simply counting and tracking macronutrients (which is surprisingly easy) and her workouts are a lot of fun whilst still pushing you to your end goal. More...


Josephine Dimbleby

31 May 2019

Frankie is such a positive trainer who has helped me overcome my doubts with getting where i want to be. She’s been so good at catering to my fitness goals and i can always tell she has put time and effort into making a program that is tailored to me.



Clancy Williams

21 May 2019

Frankie has helped me amazingly with working towards reaching my fitness goals! I have attended her ‘Grow your glutes’ classes weekly which are hard work but super fun too! She has helped with my diet as well as answering any other fitness related questions I’ve had in regards to my own workouts and goals! She has a wealth of knowledge and is lovely with it!! I would definitely recommend signing up to her classes or individual PT sessions as it’s totally worth it!! More...


Alexandra Lowe

5 May 2019

Frankie is amazing and very knowledgeable about what she does! I started my online coaching with her about a month ago and have seen so much progress. In the first week I lost 4lb! The tailored training plan is varied and she gives great advice on how to plan meals and keep on track. Couldn’t have done it without you girl, I’m determined to keep going! More...


Donna Evans

2 April 2019

100 % supportive and gives great advice ! Easy to follow workout plans that get great results. I would highly recommend Frankie!! X


Chloe Nattrass

3 January 2019

Such a supportive process, even on weeks when I didn’t feel as though I had done so well Frankie found a way to boost me back up and push me towards improving the following week, always finding positives. I felt great after my 8 week programme and I approach the gym so different to how I used to, so I feel like I learned a huge lesson beyond just the 8 weeks!! More...


Josephine Dimbleby

5 February 2018

Frankie is such a positive trainer who has helped me overcome my doubts with getting where i want to be. She’s been so good at catering to my fitness goals and i can always tell she has put time and effort into making a program that is tailored to me.

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This is where we will work together in the gym to achieve your fitness goals. Each session lasts 1-hour and you will be provided with nutritional support as well as a full training program for outside of the gym. You can have as many sessions per week as you like!

How about getting competitive with your friend, or just fancy working out with someone else? Bring a pal along and split the cost between the two of you! All the benefits of 1-1 personal training at half of the price!

Tuesdays 7-8pm Thursdays 7-8pm Small group training of 3-4 people running each week, sign up to one or two per week if you like! Glute Group runs on a monthly basis and costs just £7.50 per session! We target the glutes and hamstrings in these sessions to help build that peachy butt!