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Marina Giokas

23 July 2019

Awesome boot camp. Instructor is amazing and works with each of you during group classes. Great environment and every one is very friendly.


Nuria Flores Jimenez

7 May 2019

Great classes. Friendly and funny atmosphere... I love the workouts


Tony Pierro

18 April 2019

Len, great work out tonight!! Len makes if fun working your butt off.


Karley Lowe

29 December 2018

Len is the best! His workouts are epic and he's always motivating.


Dennis Winkel

16 December 2018

Great trainer! My son loves to come here. He tried so many sports, non stuck, but the kids boot camp does stick!!


Fred Shadian

17 May 2018

Len Benoit is an exceptional trainer, always learning and improving his craft. If you are fortunate to train with him I would highly recommend it.


Shanique Beckford

8 June 2017

Been going to Fit 1 for six months now and I must say I'm amazed by the atmosphere. I call it the "judgement free zone" the other members are soooo welcoming making it super easy to be your self. Fit1 Bootcamp you rock. Len you're awesome. More...


Monica Hiradhar

15 April 2017

Len is the best. If you are serious about getting in shape with a motivating and highly experienced trainer- this is the place to come. Give it a try - you will not be disappointed. More...


Diana Rodriguez

25 March 2017

Len is a one of a kind instructor! He really cares. Exercises are always different and fun. Every workout involves various muscle groups.


Bj Campbell

4 March 2017

I have been to a few boot camps and Fit1 stands superior. Len’s workouts are sick!! He has a move for every animal and almost every country. From scorpion turn to bear crawl to “Turkish get-up” which all have instant impact on your body. Throughout the workouts I often debate why am I doing this to myself, but keep returning on a weekly basis. Len, the trainer is super attentive to all in the class regardless of the fitness level, shape or size. More...


Carol Schulte

19 October 2016

LOVE this bootcamp! Len makes you work... so in the moment you may be cringing ~ but GUARANTEED you'll be smiling afterwards (and perhaps a little sore, too... HA!)


Sandi Hymers

28 August 2016

Shortly after I took early retirement, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I suppose, genetically, it was "in the cards" but this was not good news and not good timing. I had already been dealing with neck and upper back problems most of my life due to a bad fall when I was 19 years old. I love to ski and wanted to continue plus I wanted to enjoy every day without joint pain. I began to work out with Len. We worked on developing muscle in my upper back as well as my core and, in the process, I lost 35 pounds. My joints thanked me! I also received excellent nutritional guidance that has greatly reduced the inflammation in my body. I am stronger, more mobile and flexible than I have been in years. This gym offers a wonderful supportive atmosphere where Len will lead you through an interesting mix of exercises that will challenge every muscle. To anyone trying to decide whether they should join Fit 1, I would tell you that it's never too late to get moving and get that body that will take you places you didn't think you could go. Refuse to just accept! More...


Anne-Marie Learoyd

2 April 2016

Lens workouts are fun, fast, tough, challenging and completely empowering. He is attentive and supportive of all his clients. I'm so glad I found Fit1. Great community of people of all different ages. More...


Jess Weaver

26 November 2015

Went to try out a class tonight and Len was enthusiastic and welcoming . I certainly will return!


Barb Pendleton Horigan

30 July 2015

I love this gym. Len, the owner and main trainer, makes it a hospitable, positive, motivating, and really clean space. He has developed a friendly community of people who are motivated to GET and STAY fit! His work-outs are great! Come join us!! More...


Anastasia Mel

15 June 2015

My husbund and I joined Fit 1 Boot Camp couple months ago and I must say that it is addictive. Always great positive friendly energy in the class. Thank you, Len!


Viviana Evangelista

24 May 2015

Len has been great! I can always count on him for a great workout!


Alexis Dean

26 March 2014

Len and the team at Fit1 keep me motivated and accountable for achieving my goals! I'm stronger than I have been in years, and I'm psyched to run another Tough Mudder this year!


Carmen Reyes

21 October 2013

Great place to get fit, feel amazing, challenge yourself and meet great people!


Steve Joncas

4 February 2013

Len is the best!!