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First Class Housekeeping & Maid Service

Denver, Colorado

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First Class Housekeeping & Maid Service

Denver, Colorado


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Amy Forte

25 May 2019

We have 4 pets so lots to clean. Always looks great!


John Aagesen

19 May 2019

Amazing service! Very much appreciated!


warren penfield

27 March 2019

Sandra and Victoria are a really good working team. They perform miracles. I have never had a cleaner apartment. My previous cleaner took eight hours to do what these ladies do in two hours. I am impressed with their thoroughness and their trustworthiness. I have much artwork and works of art that mean a lot to me. I have no worries about them being careful as they have shown me every time that they respect my things. They pick up everything dust it and underneath it and put it back in the same place. Many cleaners put things back in different places to show they cleaned it. I can tell when something has been cleaned and appreciate their care. I feel they are trustworthy and would recommend them and this company to anyone wanting good reliable service. More...



26 January 2019

I was so impressed with the service provided recently at my home. My house has never looked better, I have tried several other housekeeping companies but have never been particularly impressed. First Class Housekeeping, and especially the ladies who cleaned my home, are the best! More...


Sharyn Bolden

27 December 2018

this place is amazing. has great workers and they are time orientated. highly recommend to everyone. thank you


Lisa Anne

27 November 2018

Absolutely amazing service! They deep cleaned my mothers house, and did the best job ever! They were so incredibly kind and extremely respectful and professional and went as far to even clean the walls and the cabinets. The house was literally sparkling! They truly offered a deep clean and it was worth every penny! This company was a pleasure to work with and I will definitely use them in the future! It’s so nice to come home to a clean house and be able to relax rather than worry about cleaning. Highly recommended! More...


Shannon Hooper

29 August 2018

This will be our 4th year with First Class and I am still so verypleased with the work they do in my home. They often willpick up and clean areas I don't expect, (a teenagers room) what a treat! They are professional, so pleasant and very thorough. My kitchen, floors and bathrooms sparkle. I love coming home when they have been there and having everything look so good. I am very touched frequently by the little personal touches they leave for us when they've been there. Thank you First Class! SH August, 2018 More...


Jim Carollo

30 June 2018

I’ve used First Class Housekeeping for a number of years now and have been very impressed with the service they provide. I’m now preparing to move and I asked the ladies to help me clean extra well for showing and they also offered to help me stage my house for photos. When I was away I received a call from the company asking if the ladies could stay longer than originally scheduled. They had asked the company to call me so that they could spend extra time on each room and preparing the whole house for photographs. Of course I welcomed that. When I returned I was very impressed with the detail they had paid to each room and the house was very well done overall. They exceeded what I consider even their normal impressive services. More...


Amanda S

1 May 2018

Best cleaning service I've ever used!! Highly recommend


Susan Brenner

25 February 2018

They ladies did a great job. I have a lot of wood work in my house and they wiped everything down like I asked. I took a star off because they did break a tchotchke I had and they didn't do the ceiling/ ceiling fan in the kitchen loads of cobwebs.


E. S.

9 July 2017

Without a doubt, this has been the most exceptional housecleaning service I have ever used. I needed help with a last minute, "move-out" cleaning after my original housekeeper didn't show up (scheduled with another company). The 2 ladies who cleaned my home were absolute professionals, EXTREMLY detailed cleaners, and went above and beyond my expectations. Please do not hesitate when booking services at this company, you will be absolutely satisfied! More...


Laura Reisman

1 July 2017

The entire experience was a pleasure from start to finish. I had to make a last minute (day before) appointment but they were totally able to accommodate me. The office was always able to answer my calls and I called many times because I didn't know how it all worked. The 2 ladies were friendly and worked hard! The cleaning itself was phenomenal. They were finished with my 780 sq feet in less than 3 hours, which is impressive considering all the cat hair and cat litter and how gross and dirty it was! I will rehire in a heartbeat! More...


Teri Legato

19 October 2016

I've been using several maid services for over the course of 3 years. I can honestly say won't use anyone but this company ever again. They are prompt, exceptionally respectful of belongings, and nothing ever comes up "missing" as I've had that issue in the past with other house cleaning services. I loved them so much I had them clean my mothers home for the summer as she prepared to move out of state to keep up to tidiness with showings of her home. Anyone you call in the office is always so friendly and helpful. I love coming home to a clean house with chocolates on my bed, fresh linens, and flowers left for me to feel as if a friend came and left a gift to let me know they care. They feel like family to me and I am privileged to have them assist me with keeping my place clean. Thank you guys ever so much!



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