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Hi! If you're feeling stressed, uncertain, fearful about the future and want clarity about what to do next, we can help!

Our "Core Essence" Clarity Assessment process is trademarked series of questionnaires to help you see what you have to offer, what maybe blocking you, and get much clearer direction.


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Bernhard Scholz

23 July 2018

Mary Lyn with her outstanding experience and knowledge supports in developing the right mindset for success. Mary Lyn is an amazing power house and can help anybody who is on a road-fork and has to figure out where they want to be in 3,5 and 10 years. Mind blowing & life changing!


Daniel Gouw

23 July 2018

I've gotten to know Mary Lyn and can say she truly does bring transformation to those she works with. Many of my business associates have nothing but great things to say about her. I highly recommend anyone who is "stuck in life" to reach out to Mary Lyn. More...


Carla Green

23 July 2018

Mary Lyn Miller IS fired up and will get YOU fired up to succeed in your business, make a transition or figure out what comes next. She totally helped me align with my strengths, and her realistic approach to accountability means my good intentions turn into real action. She is awesome! More...


Caren Weiner

23 July 2018

Are you frustrated and can't seem to move your life in the direction you want? Mary Lyn works with you to figure out what most matters to you in your life, and how you can get there. If you feel stuck somehow, in your life, relationships, career, etc. this is a great place to discover what you really want and how to move your life in that direction. Highly recommend you check out Mary Lyn's "Fired Up For Success" program and get started on your best life! More...


Michael Simon

26 May 2018

If you are looking to find your passion, or to start a new business, a new career, a new lifestyle, or simply have a great idea you want get off the ground but aren't quite sure how to get there, then look no further than Mary Lyn Miller with Fired Up for Success. Mary Lyn has many years of experience, guiding people to success in business and in life. That's her job, so leave it up to the experts. Mary Lyn is passionate about her business as a life coach, and will help guide you and then hold you accountable for reaching your goals too. Without reservation, I highly recommend Mary Lyn Miller More...


Faye Cullina

26 May 2018

I have not met anyone with an amazing high energy and thirst for life and success than Mary Lyn Miller has. Her positive energy, her wisdom and her common sense inspire me! Highly recommended!!!


Erica Stambler

26 May 2018

Mary Lyn has been my business coach since January 2012. From exploring my Core EssenceTM to participating in group Masterminds, I launched my law firm within 6 months. Now, I’m in my sixth year of practice and still value her guidance through her Premiere Mastermind Group. Mary Lyn intuition has proven to be spot on as she understands that the individual, the entrepreneur, and the business are all interconnected. She is priceless! More...


Kim Girard

26 May 2018

Are you ready to change your life? Your business? Mary Lyn Miller with Fired up for Success is the woman for you! She embodies a fired up spirit in everything she does, and will breath life into yours. She offers assessments, masterminds and coaching to help you move forward in a powerful way. I highly recommend working with Mary Lyn! More...



16 April 2018

I attended her workshop two weeks ago, and I learned many important things that needed it 10 years ago. If anybody wants to become a better person and have a better life with success, you should talk to Mary. Highly recommend!


Carla Green

21 March 2018

Mary Lyn Miller has a unique system that helped me identify my strengths (not what I thought they were!) and develop a game plan for growing my business. Her approach has built-in accountability and breaks seemingly insurmountable tasks into bite-sized chunks that are realistic and achievable, so progress actually happens. She truly got me fired up to take charge of my business! More...


Virginia G.

16 November 2017

I have been part of Mary Lyn Miller's (Founder and CEO of Fired Up for Success) Mastermind  group for over 20 years. She has been instrumental in a major career change for me that involved going back to school at 40 for eight years to get my PhD, when I never believed I could do it. I have successfully started  Stillwater Family Therapy with her wonderful assistance, and we are now one of the best and most helpful therapy practices in the South Bay. Thanks Mary Lyn. More...


Carol A.

4 March 2017

Mary Lyn and her Mastermind teams are transformative change agents! If you are feeling stuck in your life, career or relationships, Mary Lyn can help you figure out what really matters to you and help guide you, with consistent small steps, to move you in a positive direction. Mary Lyn is warm, energetic and very experienced at helping others reach their potential.  She's all about CREATING MOMENTUM in your life. To start, she emailed me questionnaires that really got me thinking...and I still had no idea what I wanted to do or how to do it! Then I had my 2 hour one on one "core essence" session with her.  WOW. I left feeling more confident, understood, and empowered.  I still did not know "exactly what I wanted to do," but I did know the exact "next small steps" I was going to do.  She is tremendously helpful! Her Mastermind program provides support that is invaluable.  The group provides accountability, encouragement, and ideas for my next right steps.  Mary Lyn's coaching and program have been life changing for me!  I highly recommend you give her a call. More...


Carla G.

25 May 2016

When I was having a mental tug-of-war with myself about how to move forward in my business, Mary Lyn helped me identify my strengths and develop a course of action to use them to my best advantage. Working with Mary Lyn has taught me to give myself permission on so many fronts. Her positive energy and encouraging feedback keep me on track, and her system of accountability is totally manageable. She helps me turn "coulda, woulda, shoulda" into action, and I now know that even baby steps are better than not moving at all. More...


Heather L.

10 July 2015

Mary Lyn has insight that is astonishing! On multiple occasions she has said the same thing that so many others have, but she has a way with her words that make you see it clearly. She is fantastic with accountability and I have been crossing things off my to-do list that have been on there for far too long. I leave our sessions feeling like a million dollars! I highly recommend Mary Lyn's 'Fired Up For Success' program to someone that truly wants to achieve their career goals! More...


Marianne C.

7 October 2014

I met Mary Lyn as a student of a class she taught at the South Bay Adult School last month about finding a new direction in life.  I relocated from New York to South Bay last December, and have been drifting since I arrived.  In between careers and jobs, I really needed some direction, and something to feel passionate about again.  I'd tried on my own, but my efforts were not panning out.  After the class, Mary Lyn and I talked on the phone, and I decided to work with her.  Best decision I've made in years.  I was amazed that after only 2 hours with her, she had found what drove my core essence and had some incredible ideas about the direction I'd be happiest following.  She gave me a short-term goals plan to start out with, and those steps have opened my eyes to many more exciting ideas. I told her it was "miraculous" what she does.  Of course, these big life changes don't happen over night, but she has a wonderful support system in place called Mastermind, and offers lots of opportunities to meet other people who've worked with her and are great mentors.  After working with Mary Lyn, I look forward to my future, and know Mary Lyn has been the catalyst to finding my new direction and giving me confidence and peace of mind that I can accomplish my goals.  Now, I look at my future with direction, hope, passion, and excitement - something I always wanted, but had almost given up on!  For anyone who feels stuck, not able to reach goals, unhappy and wanting a change, or even knows they are fulfilling their core essence passion, but needs a tweak - Mary Lyn can help you get there.  She is genuine, caring, and direct.  Coaching IS her passion, and it is evident the moment you meet her. More...


Sam X.

9 July 2014

I recently met with Mary Lyn and we had our 2 hour one on one core essence session and she is absolutely The Best Life Coach I have ever met! After her she reviewed my questionnaires I was asked to complete she knew exactly my real purpose in life and in my sales career! She has many years of experience coaching mid-life experienced executives who are stuck or in need of finding out their true passion in their lives She put together a strategy for me to reinvent myself in my career and personal life! It's been less than a week since we met and I have already masterminded with other like professionals in many different professions. I was so impressed I immediately signed up for her monthly life coaching services and Mary Lyn and her staff are always available to me via email or phone if I have any questions or uncertainties in my life or business!  For anyone who is unsure whether life coaching is for them, I suggest you checkout her website and see all the programs she has to offer you and her other very satisfied client testimonials! I guarantee you will be a happy coaching client like I am! More...


Helen H.

9 March 2014

I met Mary Lyn through a local networking group and as I wanted to take my business to the next level, I decided to hire her as my business coach. She keeps me accountable and focused and over the years she has become a good friend . If you're looking for a warm, generous,approachable, accessible coach with years of experience, don't hesitate to contact her. Her process is very effective and she has kept me on track with my goals and continues to stretch me. If you have dreams and aspirations about your business and life don't wait another minute to contact Mary Lyn. More...


Vanessa P.

19 August 2012

I've worked with Mary Lyn through a couple of life transitions.  I met her more than 15 years ago when I decided I wanted to leave my full-time job and didn't really know what to do next.  She helped me grow into a successful consulting career AND develop some creative talents on the side.  For 13 years, things went well.  Then, my boss decided to close the company and I was forced to make some new decisions.  Now, I'm living Mary Lyn's philosophy of "multiple streams of income" and making more money than ever before AND my life is balanced and fulfilling.  Thank you Mary Lyn for your on-going support and wisdom as I continue to grow. More...


Rev. Dr. Louise- D.

22 July 2012

"I have known Mary Lyn Miller personally and professionally for many years now and have watched her successfully create an effective coaching and mastermind program designed to support and educate folks on finding their passion. She is no-nonsense, authentic, down-to-earth and truly wants to support people. If you are seeking to make a change in your life, this is the go-to program to set up your goals and get moving." More...


A Google User

28 January 2010

I would recommend her to anyone needing a coach for small business. She has helped me in more ways than I could have initially imagined. Life coaches are a dime a dozen, ones that will help you be more successful are pure gold. Mary Lyn is 24 karat quality! More...


Connecting with people and watching them make the small changes that create big success. Support, Accountability, Resources, and Small steps are a part of our Core Values. We absolutely have 0 toleration for judgment, criticism, and overwhelming steps. "3 inches outside your comfort zone - no more - at all times."

I was a VP in a Fortune 500 company at a young age and I was so unprepared and it was so stressful that eventually I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I was not going to die at my desk and it gave me a mission that I was going to help as many people as possible find and help them do the work they were born to do.

That's well over 2 decades ago. My organization has since helped thousands of clients create businesses, careers and lives they love.

We've been in business longer than most coaches. I get annoyed hearing how much money a coach made in their business after 4-5 years - I want to know how well their clients are doing! Many of ours, not all of course, have extraordinary lives and for many years and reach around the globe.

We offer more than coaching - we offer proven processes and a community where we all help each other. Clients can get our other coaches and members to chime in on their transition or project.

No one else does the Clarity Coaching that we do and it's quite powerful.