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Sarah Constantino

6 November 2019

Wow! Brett and Vanessa are AMAZING! We just got our video back and it is incredible. They went the extra mile to get us our video by the time of our second reception and it is stunning. They made us feel super comfortable on the day of and I would highly recommend them! We LOVE our video and have received so many compliments! More...



15 October 2019

We are absolutely thrilled with our wedding video! We were so impressed with the way they were able to capture so many intimate moments and string it all together in such an artful, thoughtful and beautiful way. The excerpts from the vows and toasts were amazing and transport you back in time emotionally. This is something we will treasure for the rest of our lives and no doubt enjoy more and more each time we watch it.

We debated whether or not to hire a videographer. We were concerned with the price and weren’t convinced it was worth it. To say we are beyond happy that Brett and Vanessa were part of our wedding is the understatement of a lifetime. Worth every single penny and then some! They are both so easygoing and so much fun to work with, it really made it a pleasure. Their passion and creativity is extremely apparent in everything they do. The video brings us back to our wedding day and lets us relive so many magical moments! We are forever grateful!


Kortney Eng

6 December 2018

I'm super stoked with the wedding film that Brett and Vanessa made for me. First off, they were so incredibly easy to work with -- easygoing, punctual, and experienced. Being experts at what they do, they had awesome ideas for creating great moments and cool effects for our video. No lie, my husband and I are pretty awkward and not even a little bit comfortable on camera, but Brett and Vanessa walked us through every step and made us feel at ease. As for the finished product, I couldn't be happier. On a day filled with endless great memories, they did such a good job of choosing the best and splicing them together to make an absolute masterpiece that we'll treasure forever. Thank you Brett & Vanessa! More...


Jen Manuel & PT Staff

26 October 2018

I don’t really know how to put into words how grateful we are for Dis Moi Oui. I knew from the second I looked at their website that these two were perfect for us, and I can’t be more relieved that I was so right.
They made our day so much fun, and I’m so glad that they got along so well with my photographer. I felt like we had known them for years.
We are so incredibly happy with our video. The love and care that they took into it shows through. We are so thankful and will be able to relive our special day whenever we want.
We feel like we gained two more friends!



4 October 2018

Brett and Vanessa were more than what we could have asked for! They were so incredible to work from the first initial call all the way to delivering our two films. They made the process very easy and comfortable, especially on the day of our wedding. Not only were Brett and Vanessa a dream to work with, but the films that they created of our special day bring us straight back to it. The happiness and love that we experienced on our wedding day will never be forgotten because of the work that Brett and Vanessa put into our videos and we can't thank you enough! Thank you for everything and we wish you the best! More...


24 September 2018

Absolutely top notch! Easy to work with, great eye. Made our job a lot easier!



19 September 2018

With so many videographers posting their material online now, it's really hard to decide who to go with. Of course you want to choose someone who has a beautiful aesthetic sense and a great eye. It's clear from their work that they check that box. What you can't tell from online videos is how professional people are in their behavior and how easy they are to work with. I can tell you that Brett and Vanessa of Dis Moi Our Films were absolutely fantastic in every facet of the job and in every sense of the word. Communication leading up to our wedding was great and booking with them was very easy. On the actual wedding day, they made us feel so comfortable during what can be a pretty stressful day, and you can tell that they genuinely care about the work they do. That sincerity is something that won't be forgotten as it is not always found in people who do this week in and week out.

Prior to receiving the wedding video, you have a small guess as to what you think it might be. Well, the video we received was light years better than what we expected. Brett and Vanessa do really great work; they not only captured my bride's beautiful essence but somehow made me look good as well! We also received edited footage of the entire ceremony which was particularly great, because they were even able to capture moments that our photographer didn't. Everything about the film was top notch from the lighting to the sound and captured of all the many moments of our big day. They even stayed a little bit later than initially scheduled to capture some shots of the dance floor. Brett and Vanessa truly go above and beyond.

I would be happy to vouch for them in any job. My wife and I hope that our paths will cross with Dis Moi Oui again soon, but if they don't, we will be forever grateful to Brett and Vanessa for not only being a part of our big day but cont



18 September 2018

Brett and Vanessa are quite literally the most talented people I know. From filming our proposal to shooting our wedding and creating full feature films + a minute teaser for Instagram, it was absolutely the best money spent at our wedding. We have watched these films 100 times and they never get old. Though we LOVED our photographer, having these two film our day helps us relive our most special moments in full effect. Brett and Vanessa are extremely easy to work with, make you feel super comfortable, and are creative/innovative in their shots. We love them and would recommend them to anyone. We originally booked the simplest package and after a full day of filming with those two knew we would kick ourselves if we didn’t upgrade to the 30 minute film - we have never regretted it!! Thanks B&V for helping Sam and I capture two very important days in our love story - you two are awesome!! More...



25 June 2018

Brett and Vanessa were a dream team to have around for our wedding day. They were flexible with the couple of location changes we had, they worked well with our other vendors, and they put my husband and I at ease throughout a very overwhelming afternoon. It felt completely natural and seamless having them around to film throughout the day and it was the best feeling receiving and watching (many times) the highlight video. We also received incredible cuts of our full ceremony and all toasts and I'm so happy we worked with Dis Moi Oui so we can relive everything over and over again! Thank you so much Brett and Vanessa :) More...



18 June 2018

Brett and Vanessa were literally everything-they are such a cool and down to earth couple. I was able to meet with Brett prior to the big day and he was so nice and helpful. They made us feel very comfortable during our wedding day and were such a pleasure to work with. The finished product was beyond amazing. We opted out for the Essentials Plus package and it was well worth every penny.

Our 9:32 film was everything we hoped for and perfectly illustrated who we are as a couple. I've re-watched it 10x and fall in love with it even more with each turn. Our friends and family also loved the video and were also amazed with it as well. We would 100% recommend using Dis Moi Films if you are looking to book a Videographer!

Brett and Vanessa, thank you very much from the O'Neills!



14 May 2018

This review is long overdue. Brett and Vanessa did the videography for our wedding and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. I spent a lot of time watching other videos from other professionals and the thing that sets the good apart from the great truly lies in the editing. There were many others that can put stuff together but with Dis Moi Oui you will never see a shaky shot or a blurry refocus of the image in their videos. Those details are what make the video either look nice or professional. I went through all of their videos and they all are very well done. For our video we had our suggestions for them and Brett took care of it. We wanted a fun video and to especially focus on a light show we had at our wedding and in just under 5 mins they were able to show the getting ready, ceremony, speeches, pictures, and reception while giving each event of the day it’s show times. My husband and I felt very comfortable with them and the directions they gave were simple but when put together in the video they looked awesome! I would strongly recommend doing a video for a wedding because it really takes you back to the day more than pictures really could and I would recommend Dis Moi Oui to absolutely everyone. Money very well spent! More...



1 February 2018

Brett and Vanessa filmed my wedding in San Diego in the fall of 2017. We opted for just the highlight video (3-5 minutes) and were so thrilled to receive it and relive the day through their lens! They captured the essence of the wedding day in such a dynamic and creative way, I really couldn't be happier. There were so many dimensions to the day and they managed to represent it so beautifully. Throughout the planning process, Brett was very responsive and accommodating over email and easy to communicate with. We met with Brett and Vanessa over coffee to get to know one another and we got along well. They are such a down to earth couple and we knew we'd be comfortable with them by our side on our wedding day. On the wedding day itself, Vanessa spent the morning filming me and my girls getting ready, while Brett was with guys. She was so calming and made me feel at ease. They worked well with our photographers and had great suggestions for scenes to film. It was easy to follow their direction and we got some awesome shots at the beach. I am so happy to have built this relationship with them and to have their creative vision come to life in a wedding film I will cherish forever. Thank you Brett and Vanessa! More...



26 January 2018

My now husband and I were on the fence about getting a videographer to document our wedding. We watched a countless number of videos from other videographers and they all seemed to blend together.. and then we stumbled upon Dis Moi Oui Films and we were blown away!

Brett responded fast to our email inquiries and when we met him and Vanessa on our wedding day we knew it was a great match. They instantly make you feel comfortable being filmed, which if you're not used to it can be a pretty awkward experience! They also worked great with our photographers and many of our guests didn't even realize we had videographers at our wedding.

When we received our film we were in instant tears. It was so beautifully done and they captured the feeling of our wedding perfectly. We're SO glad that we chose Dis Moi Oui Films and we would highly recommend them to anyone!



22 November 2017

Where do I even begin with Brett and Vanessa! I did more research on videographers than I did on any other vendor- mainly because I had seen one too many tacky wedding videos. When i found Dis Moi Oui, I immediately fell in love with their work. What I didn’t know was how much I would also enjoy them as people. Throughout the entire process they were kind, helpful and so easy going. From the minute they arrived on the wedding day, they made us feel so comfortable. We hardly even noticed they were there which made it easy to just be ourselves and let them capture every amazing moment. We just received our video and there are no words to explain how obsessed we are with it. I’ve watched it 50 times and still can’t get over how well done it is. Everyone that watches it cries and says it’s the best wedding video they’ve ever seen! I thought 8-10 minutes would be plenty but after seeing ours I’m wishing I splurged for the long one! You can totally tell Brett and Vanessa love each other and love what they do and it really shows in their work. I can promise that choosing them to capture your big day will be the best decision you make about your wedding. Thanks again SO much you two!!! More...



18 October 2017

Dis Moi Oui Films is exceptional and created a beautiful video that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. It is always hard to budget for wedding videos, but everyone of our friends told us it was the one thing they regretted not doing. They are 100% right. After interviewing several vendors, we chose Brett and Vanessa. They are an amazing couple and are so easy to get along with! They made us feel so comfortable. Also, on our wedding day it was almost like they weren't even there. They were never in the way and nobody noticed them. Then all of a sudden we had this amazing video and people were like when did that happen! We could not have been happier with our video and our friends and family are still raving about it months later. More...



23 September 2017

DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR AND JUST BOOK! Brett and his crew were amazing, paid close attention to detail, and were always responsive. My wedding planner was impressed that they made her life easier by always emailing back with in the hour and Brett always has a bright smile on his face. It made the process easy, fun, and meaningful. He and our photographer worked very well together even though they had never worked together before. They did not get in each others shots at all. I can honestly say I am the most proud of my wedding video he made. It makes me cry every time and my husband and I watched it every day for a week after we got it and have shared it with everyone. I can't say enough nice things. Best decision ever! DO IT! =) More...



13 September 2017

Don't even think twice, choose Dis Moi Oui Films as your videographer, you will not regret it! We couldn't be happier with our film! It truly allows me to relive our day every time I watch it. Our film is a great balance of artsy videography while not being over-the-top. We received endless compliments from our friends and family on how well-made our film is and how it seemed to perfectly capture the day. I knew hiring a videographer would be one of the most important investments we would make and I am glad to say I am 100% satisfied with the final product. Brett was super easy to work with and his presence blended very well during our wedding--we even received our final film earlier than expected! More...



8 September 2017

Can't say enough great things about working with Brett and Vanessa. Their final product was amazing -- they captured everything so perfectly. Every time we watch its like we are transported back to the day. In addition to the great final product, they were so fun to work with. They made me and my bride feel at ease the whole day. Would recommend to anyone! More...



15 August 2017

Brett and Vanessa were amazing. We are beyond happy with our wedding video. Each of us started crying happy tears as soon as we started playing it. We opted for the extended highlight package and I "joke" (but am actually serious) that it's my favorite movie ever . We have gotten countless compliments on how the video came out. Not only is the video beyond beautiful, but Brett and Vanessa were so great to work with. We met with them beforehand and instantly liked them. They worked great with our other vendors as well, which is actually very important to the flow of the day. They also went above and beyond to get our video done before my parents went to go visit my grandparents (they live in Florida and were not able to travel to the wedding) so that they could show them the video and watch it together. That meant the world to us and to them. Thank you Brett & Vanessa! More...



24 July 2017

When looking at our wedding budget we knew that hiring a videographer was a must for us. I did A LOT of research and Dis Moi Oui stood out to us not only because they were reasonably priced but also incredibly talented. When it came to the day of the wedding, Brett and Vanessa were fun and easy to work with and they felt just like our friends celebrating with us. The communication was amazing from start to finish and my husband and I both cried our eyes out when we received our highlight video. This beautiful video will be a prized possession for our family for many years to come. Thank you Brett & Vanessa! More...


Christina LaCroix

26 May 2017

We couldn't be happier on our choice in videographers!! They were amazing on the day of the wedding. They made us completely comfortable and were able to capture the most amazing shots without us even knowing it. The video was more amazing than we could have imagined!! We not only LOVED it, but EVERYONE we show it to absolutely raves about it. It perfectly captures the mixture of fun and sentimental we wanted for the wedding. It reminded us of all the small details that are so easy to forget after the day of. We loved it so much we are going back for the full length version! We couldn't recommend them more highly for your wedding! More...


Andra Jacques

26 May 2017

Hiring someone to immortalize your wedding day on video is one of the best pre-wedding decision you can make. Hiring Dis Moi Oui Films to carry out this task will ensure that you have the film a gorgeous film of your special day that you'll want to watch again and again.Brett and Vanessa did such a good job of getting to know my husband and I's personalities, likes, dislikes and translating that to the style of our film. They were diligent on the wedding day about capturing every special moment; every laugh, every look and then editing it all together to create a piece of art. They are so good at telling a story; an outsider can watch the film and see who we are as a couple and the story of our romance. The quality of our film is beyond any other wedding video I've seen; the transitions are are clean and the story builds with every good emotion being invoked. Working in the film industry means that I have extremely high expectations and Dis Moi Oui Films exceeded them. So far I've had the film for a few days and I've personally watched it about 15 times.... I'm thrilled that my husband and I, our family and friends will have this to remember our happy day forever! More...


Jessica Johns

26 May 2017

To be honest, we almost skipped the wedding video. At first, it seemed like an extra expense that pictures would sufficiently cover. Then (thankfully) a co-worker shared his 5 min highlight video that led us to Dis Moi Oui. Brett and Vanessa are nothing short of amazing. Their work captured all of our sacred/funny/intimate/real moments, all while showcasing our true personalities. Hiring them ended up being one of the BEST DECISIONS we made during the entire planning process; and to top it all off, they are just wonderful people to be around! (Seriously, we wanted to invite them to the wedding regardless of the video) I don’t think there is a better gift than being able to relive that day, or those moments. We will be forever grateful to Dis Moi Oui Films and would tell anyone/everyone considering a video to make the same decision we did! More...



12 February 2017

They were friendly from the start. I had seen their work from a friend that used their services. Every time my (now) husband would look at videographers work we kept coming back to compare with Dis Moi Oui Films. They put together love stories. I highly recommend them! More...



7 November 2016

Brett and Vanessa are a couple of the most fun people I've ever had the chance to meet (let alone work with!), and they went above and beyond to capture the best moments of our wedding. I could not more highly recommend these two for your special occasion, and am hoping to find an excuse to hang out with them again real soon! All the best you you two!! More...



7 November 2016

Brett and Vanessa were a joy to work with, they were professional, attentive, organized, made us feel comfortable and were great about finding and capturing special details we wouldn't have thought of ourselves! Our wedding video was such a magical way for us to relive our big day and share with friends and family and someday our children! They did a fantastic job of capturing every detail and special moment throughout the day and the overhead shots of the venue were breathtaking. A friend said it was like the most epic trailer to the most epic movie ever and we agree! We highly recommend Brett and and Vanessa! More...



23 July 2016

Deciding to have a wedding video was one of the best decisions we made. At first we did not want to spend the extra money, but we are so glad we did. We are absolutely in love with our wedding video and have Brett and Vanessa to thank for that! It is such an amazing experience to watch our video over and over and remember all the special moments from our big day. Working with Brett and Vanessa was a wonderful experience. We were hesitant to have videographers because we did not want our bridal party to feel uncomfortable being filmed throughout the wedding. But Brett and Vanessa blended in so well and made everyone feel so comfortable. I would recommend Dis Moi Oui Films to anyone getting married. Working with them was an incredible experience and something I would do over and over again. More...


Christine T.

14 January 2016

Our experience with Brett was absolutely amazing. My husband and I can not be any happier with our wedding films and will treasure these memories forever. I called Brett on a Monday asking if he could attend our wedding that Friday and he said yes! Talk about last minute. My husband and I were both a bit nervous to be recorded, but on the day we hardly noticed the cameras. All nerves went out the window the minute we met Brett. He made us feel completely comfortable and at ease. My husband was less that thrilled when I told him I booked a videographer, but the day of the wedding and now that we have the videos he is so happy that we made the choice to capture the moments. I feel that he not only captured the events of the day, but that he captured us as a couple. Truly heartwarming. Brett is a kind-hearted person with a gentle soul and the perfect person to have around us on our wedding day. His prices are unbeatable and worth every penny. Thank you Brett for gifting us with a truly priceless video. It is obvious you do what you love. More...