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Johannesburg, GP

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Johannesburg, GP



I help men and women achieve their dreams by designing their career and life for the future they want.

You’re great at what you do – getting the job done and generating revenue. The ever increasing demands on your time are making it more difficult to keep up.


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15 May 2019

Hi Renata, hoping you are well.Today I finally got the call we have been waiting for and I have been successful with Mr Price Sport. The have sent the offer,I need to go through it. I will keep in touch as I am going to need your input.Hope you having a spectacular holiday. Thank you so much for all your help. Kanya {sent via whatsapp 12 Dec2018] More...

15 May 2019

2018/11/20, 10:46 AM] Malusi: Morning! Great news
[2018/11/20, 10:48 AM] Malusi: Effective 1 December, I will be promoted to Head of HR for our Customer Division supporting MultiChoice South Africa CEO
Thank You my Coach

13 March 2019

Renata is a very professional, attentive and instinctive mentor.

Thank you Daisy - we had remarkable sessions together. Hope your orchids are still gorgeous.

22 July 2017

Great venue, great trainer, AWESOME SELF DEFENCE

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Seeing the Ah-ha moment reflected in a clients eyes or hearing it in their voice. That moment when someone realises that their thinking has changed and there is a clarity that they did not have when they started their journey. It is that moment when a client feels that the world is okay and they can deal with what is facing hem but more importantly they have the tools to do so.

I realised after twenty years in the corporate sector that many organisations pay lip service to individuals career path development. Similarly staff in organisations often were either led to belief or mistakenly assumed that it is/was the organisations responsibility to develop them/ their career. After many struggles to initiate changes to this and promote self development and /or encourage organisations to take a more proactive and progressive approach to staff development I realised that this was by and large a loosing battle particularly when priorities contend.
It was a this point that I realised I could serve more people more effectively by providing this service outside of the confines of a corporate environment where people were more receptive to self improvement and development separate from the though inter-related to their corporate/professional lives.

I am your champion, your voice of reason and your sanity check for all your dreams, ideas and desires as far as your personal improvement is concerned. Our conversations may not always be easy but they will always be honest and I will stretch your thinking and challenge your perspectives to ensure your tomorrow is better than your yesterday.



Design and Develop the career of your dreams