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Laura ODonnelly

28 August 2019

I cannot recommend Fergus & his team enough. Since day 1 there has been unlimited support and encouragement. I have not only dropped a full dress size I have gained strength and confidence. Another progress picture due at the end of this week and can’t wait to see the difference another 4 weeks has done. Thanks Fergus, Nathan & Orla - long may it continue More...


Chloe Gillon

28 August 2019

Couldn’t recommend Fergus and his team enough, every class had a great atmosphere and everyone was really friendly. Since training with Fergus I feel a lot stronger and have gained knowledge in my techniques which I now feel more comfortable using when I’m in the gym myself. Can’t wait to come back my holiday and start a new block with everyone! More...


Liam Mitchell

29 July 2019

Highly recommend this independent run gym. Having been doing 1:1 PT sessions with Gus and Nathan for few weeks now and they are top lads and so down to earth and make you feel welcome and comfortable as the gym can be very daunting for alot of people. Keep up the good work guys.


Ashleigh McClure

26 July 2019

I joined Fergus Fit 28 day transformation with the aim of dropping a dress size for my friend’s wedding. I’ve really struggled to lose the baby weight, have tried every faddy diet known to man & I get bored so easily at the gym so this was perfect as every session is something different & the recipes were fab. The trainers are great at keeping u motivated & checking ur progress. I’m so glad that I gave in to taking before & after pictures even though I was mortified with the before photos as I can see such a big difference in my figure. I still have a long way to go but happy to say I’m down a dress size just in time for the wedding tomorrow! More...


Stephanie Boyce

26 July 2019

I can not recommend enough! I’ve only been coming to Fergus Fit for 4 weeks and I’ve noticed a massive difference already. The team help you through every step of the way. You are provided a diet plan that suits your daily routine and are encouraged to push yourself in every session. More...


Kitty Barrett

27 June 2019

Joined the Fergus Fit 28 day transformation at the end of May. I struggled to commit to the gym, and found myself lost/clueless as to what i should be doing when I actually did go to the gym. Within 2 weeks of Fergus Fit, the weight loss was already visible! 28 days later, I’m so much stronger, fitter, toned and down a jean size! The atmosphere and community FergusFit offers is unbelievable! Such a friendly group of people, especially the trainers, who make sure you are comfortable and confident in what you are doing - Couldn’t recommend it enough!!!! More...