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If you’re ready to feel better about you, your body, and/or your relationships, you’re in the right place at the right time.

For nearly 20 years I’ve worked with clients to help them create easy healthy habits, love themselves, their bodies, and their relationships.



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A healthy diet is more important than words could state, but even more important is a healthy mindset. Without a healthy mindset, your healthy diet won’t take you very far. Exercise is the same way, and less you have a healthy mindset and a healthy diet, exercise alone won’t take you to your goals of looking / feeling great.

I love working with people that are frustrated, who know there is more for them. I love working with people that are ready, and even ones that just want to be ready!
My personal fun is that I love being creative. It takes a lot of creativity to hear someone else’s words, their story, their situation and find the opportunities that are just waiting to improve their life.

Over the course of 2 years, I lost over 100 lbs. I’d been able to coach many people in many areas, but my relationship to myself was strained. After letting go of that extra weight, I found a new lightness to my being (and my body, of course). People started begging me to help, so I added a weight loss specialty to my life and relationship coaching practice.

Clients should choose me if they like me. We listen to and learn from people that we know / like / trust.

I am direct and kind in my coaching sessions. I believe in getting results the easiest way possible and that there’s a time for laughter, tears, frustration, and joy in the coaching process.