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FDI Creative Services, Inc. has been creating cutting edge websites for over two decades. We have completed projects for MD Anderson, The Discovery Channel and Harley Davidson as well as hundreds of small business owners. Our corporate headquarters is located in Houston, TX.


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Swagata Paul

26 April 2019

The company works on web development with CMS link joomla, wordpress etc.FDI has a skilled team for web design and development.FDI works on Joomla extension customization. FDI pays good $$ for quality and critical work. More...


Rich Witmer

30 July 2018

Super responsive team and a pleasure to work with! FDI is a great partner in helping our growing business create impactful graphics for print and web. Keep up the great work!


M Todd LeBlanc

23 July 2018

for an end result effect of actual website desgn, just go see my website...
as far as leadership, creative ability, and responsive staff... it was a perfect experience.
Thanks FDI for making lawrence+leblanc look so classy!


David Kynan Connery

23 July 2018

Great experience, my third project and it’s great service before,during and after. Fantastic company.


Justin Branam

26 May 2018

Can't say enough good things about FDI! They are always on top of things, and are always helping me out whenever I have trouble editing something on my site. I can't count the number of times I have called and Emily has told me, "It's no problem, let me go ahead and login to your site, and I will take care of it for you". Great to know I can count on them when needed. The owner, Bill, has even returned my calls after hours and on the weekends. That's what I call service, and this is why I recommend anyone I can to them! Thanks FDI crew!!! More...


Tim Vinci

26 May 2018

FDI Creative is the Best! I was recently tasked with taking over the completion of our new website. We worked with FDI Creative based on numerous recommendations for very high quality and professionalism. All those recommendations were true. I didn't know where to start, but the Team at FDi Creative provided me the input and direction I needed to get it going. Talk about efficient, they were on top of me daily requesting information and providing me with a road map to success in providing that information. Well we are finally done and now getting ready to launch this week. I am very happy with the final product and I must say i could have NEVER done it without them. i would HIGHLY recommend FDI Creative when your ready to create and launch or Website. They guided me through the entire process and made it easy. i know they offer much more then we needed so i would check them out and find out how they can help you. I will be referring them often anytime I hear of anyone needing this type of work or assistance. They are the BEST! More...


Mike Snow

26 May 2018

Been doing business with Bill and FDI for about 8 years. Our company, and website has grown over those years, and FDI has been there every time we needed to update our site. They are easy to work with, and very prompt with returning phone calls. I told him to call me after lunch one time, and my phone was ringing at 1:01 PM!!!! More...


Stephanie Martin-Williams

17 January 2018

very friendly. worked with me every step of the way.


Nick B

26 May 2017

Bill, Marc, Emily and the entire FDI Team were amazing. They all came together and built me a top of the line website. I would highly recommend FDI Creative to anyone out there who is struggling on creating a website on their own or is debating on who to pick to create it for them. You will be 100% satisfied with FDI Creative. Great Job FDI Team!! Y'all were super awesome to work with. Thank you!! More...


Lucas Carroll

26 May 2016

Words cannot describe what this company is capable of doing for you. Bill knows his stuff backwards, forwards and sideways. His knowledge of all things technology is baffling. And don't forget about Marc, the guy who is going to come up with your marketing strategy. Pure genius. I'm embarrassed I don't have enough words in my vocabulary to express what he can do for your ROI. Definitely recommend, and have referred many times! More...


Todd LeBlanc

26 May 2016

When my business began looking for solid Houston Website Design firm, FDI came up more than once. Not being my first website to create for a brand I was building, I was nicely surprised with the responsive attitudes from the top down. Great ideas, Good knowledge, Solid teamwork....at the end of the day, I was impressed with the number of people who commented on my websites appeal. with your 30 seconds you get online to make a first impression, let alone being a creative company, FDI Creative helped us achieve the task at hand.Thanks FDI. More...


Trudi At Zingit

26 May 2016

Bill and his team helped us build a website 4.5 years ago and they have been great. I see all the projects they've worked on and it makes me want to redo my site with them again! They continue to develop and proved better solutions and we couldn't have asked for a better partner. More...


Tim Mitchell

26 May 2016

The website created by FDI was built exactly to the specifications of our business. Bill and his staff were more concerned with building the site than they were with impressing us with their technical knowledge. A great group of professionals. The process was fast, uncomplicated and seamless. I would recommend them to any organization, large or small, for their web design. More...


William Zarco

8 April 2016

Great company to work with. They are responsive, creative and provide real value for the money. I recommend them all of the time. If you want a clean, effective site and high on organic SEO results, give them a shot! More...



11 January 2012

“I had a half completed website project that was started by another firm. FDI Creative was able to take over the project mid-stream and complete the project in half the time it took the other guys. These guys saved me from disaster. I can’t say enough about FDI Creative. Good Job!” More...

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A great website will be designed with the end user in mind. It will be fast, mobile friendly and allow the website owner to make simple changes when they need to.

What is your typical clients demographic? What area of the country do they live or do business? Do you have good photography of your products or services? Do you have a good logo? Do you have a domain name, hosting and email currently?

We love providing professional services to our clients. The best part of our job is after we launch a website for our clients and to hear how excited they are.

I was a production artist for some very large companies in my career. I always loved presenting new artwork and websites to our clients and getting their responses. I always knew I could do a great job for them if I just branched out on my own and started working directly with clients. That was over 20 years ago and we are still going string.

We are a professional website design company and have the resources to complete your project quickly and on budget. Our experience level is second to none. We have been in business for over 20 years and have completed hundreds of projects for companies of all sizes.