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Cindy Smith

Great customer service, they answer everyone I call.


Mark Maines

Had a great experience. Love what you all are doing there!


Patricia Stein

Great products, beautiful design, excellent service!


Jenny Gomberg

I just finished one of Sheri's classes! It was AH- mazing! She's a beautiful soul! Warm, friendly and extremely talented!


Leanne Swetlik

Sheri has wonderful customer service and tech support. Char is a "wonderwoman" in the studio! Both work very hard to provide excellent service, I often call and need product shipped the same day and it is on my porch the next day! Love the studio for classes and inspiration! More...


Janet Fink Marsh

Sheri is incredible! Knowledgeable, organized and patient. Great class and amazing SELLABLE boards. She allows and encourages you to fine tune your boards to your market.


Maureen Monaghan

Experiencing Sherie"s class is worth every min of your time. Very professional, timely and extremely organize. Great typed instructions and formulas for each finish.


Grace Douglas

I took a class from Sheri Zeman. I came home with seven beautiful samples that were on trend and each board uses a minimum number of products. Most importantly they are all easy to reproduce and sellable. More...


Yvonne Bachelier Thomas

I don't believe I've ever dealt with a company, especially one online, that provides the incredible and amazingly expedient customer service that Sheri and Faux Design Studio provide! The latest example of the superior service received was just yesterday; I placed an order late Sunday evening and I did not overnight it, but there it was on my doorstep early Tuesday afternoon, the quickest it could possibly have arrived because it was a weekend and after hours. Sheri has always been the sweetest and most professional person to deal with, whether on the phone or online. I am super excited to finally meet her in person next month at the Spring Fling, followed by Deb Draeger's class! More...


Kathy Boyd

Among other things, I love your super duper fast, same day shipping and spectacular customer service. Sheri's classes are fantastic! She is hands down the best instructor I have observed or taken a class from. Always amazing finishes that are both classy and modern. Her finishes always sell! More...


Jayne Zimmerman-habicht

Sheri Z. Is a premier instructor in our industry. Her finishes are cutting edge. Spot on with current trends, but finishes that stand the test of time. Her stencils are extraordinaire. Always organized. Always prepared and precise. As an instructor, Sheri nails it every time. And she's fun, engaging, giving and a work horse. Thanks Sheri. I am blessed to know you and call you a gal pal!! More...


Kathy Hynes

I've been in the business a long time and I think Sherri is the best.

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