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Celia Celia

29 May 2017

The only reason I drive to Hanford from Tulare is to eat here. My favorite pizza.


Anita Jimenez

13 May 2017

The bread twists were delish!! The pizza was generously layered with toppings. The place had plenty if seating! The kids loved the giant pizza experience!


Kaitlyn Thomas

10 May 2017

Had high hopes for this place but quickly regretted my decision of ordering here. Pizza was greasy, and the "bacon cinnamon rolls" were BURNT TO A CRISP! Over $7 for burnt cinnamon rolls with hardly any icing on them! They messed up our order and proceeded to argue with my husband that it was our order even though it wasn't. I had to go inside and straighten it out and got attitude from the employees when I asked where my order was. My family won't be returning to this place again! More...


Judy S.

26 April 2017

Best locally owned pizza in town. Staff are friendly. Pizza is great, they have a good variety.


Sarah N.

25 April 2017

Great price! Great pizza! Got a personal pepperoni on my lunch break. Would definitely go back!


Jason Harper

20 April 2017

awesome place, great atmosphere, and delicious pizza!!!!


Jim Barlogio

19 April 2017

Fun time.. Great Pizza !! Treated Very Well - Will go back


Axis Denied

12 April 2017

Delicious pizza...I enjoyed the lunch special with a fountain drink...good price too.


Joseph Brieno

5 April 2017

Always on point Steve and his staff are awesome.....


Michael Chavez

2 April 2017

The Beer Selection is the Best in the Valley. And the Costumer Service is the Excellent^^^^



23 March 2017

My friend and I took our two toddlers and infant on the train from Fresno to Hanford as a little adventure for the kids. We read about how the kids could put their own toppings on their pizzas here, so we decided to check it out. The train got into town a little early, so we walked to the restaurant and were there by 11 am; they didn't open until 11:30. It was a warm morning, and Albert, the manager, came out and invited us to wait inside with the kids while they set up. He turned on fans, cartoons for the kids, and let us sit at a table while he and the staff prepped for the day. It was amazing customer service, and is so appreciated when you have squirrely little ones with you. The food was awesome (I highly recommend the Thai chicken salad), but it was the super friendly staff that really put the experience over the top for us. More...


Deidre Navarro

13 March 2017

I am never disappointed when I visit Fatte Alberts. The pizza is superb and the people are awesome. I no longer live in town and it is 100% worth the commute out to Hanford!


Karla Emerzian Corcoran

3 March 2017

My new favorite pizza place - love it!!!!!! Only problem is it's in Hanford, and I'm in Clovis, so it's a bit of a drive, other than that - it's perfect! The crust is thin and delicious, lots of toppings, and they have great specials every week : ) Also, for you beer drinkers, they have a large selection of craft beer. More...


Natasha Hepner

15 February 2017

For the most part, pretty good. Def depends on who's making it. My last girl in Hanford did an awesome job! Most often than not though, we end up having to bake our pizzas and garlic knots at home before we can actually eat them bc the dough is often still very raw. LOVE the knots, but huge pain when they aren't cooked all the way through bc they take forever to cook right without burning or becoming so hard, you tear your mouth up trying to bite it. Their garlic ranch sauce is awesome! We do best when we order the pint-lol. Overall, have had more good experiences than bad, and the bad are usually tolerable. Esp since we heat up the left overs for days...when the pies are still a little raw, we look at it as, Yea! I'm less likely to burn my left overs! **Always gotta focus on the positive, lol** Def worth trying. And if you aren't impressed the 1st time, give them another shot bc it may have just been the person making it that night. ;-) More...


Kelly Valdez

2 February 2017

They have good lunch specials during the week. You can get a slice and a drink for like $4.00 and they also have a salad bar. Really good food and they're all pretty nice there. They have the best pizza! More...


Alexander N V.

22 January 2017

Fatty Alberts could use a new crust. Or the original crust they had back in 2011. Now that was a great pizza crust. A lot of items listed on the menu are never available. Simple things like the Fried appetizers.... missing. Their sauce has gone down in quality. Spicy ketchup doesn't qualify for pizza base. However, they are friendly and  their delivery service is great.  They have a large selection of pizzas. They will also make custom orders with no fuss.  I like them. More...


Chantissa M.

17 January 2017

I'm shocked this establishment is receiving low reviews. This pizza place is the Best pizza joint in Hanford. A little more expensive but well worth it!


CJ Liscum

10 January 2017

Hanfords Fattie Alberts Pizza......it's my number one choice!


Eddie Hye

31 December 2016

We had traveled from Fresno using our Entertainment Book coupon we were greeted with a warm welcome waited for a person to take our order when i asked do you except the coupon he said no I said so you just use the Entertainment Book as a free advertisement they should post a note on the door or window saying they don't except the coupon other business have done this. Im not going to stop purchasing the book the funds help so many groups. We traveled to Hanford because the Entertainment Book but did not spend our money at this pizza place. He did not even appolyigize but the other employees did. More...


Gina Boone

30 December 2016

My 1st time ordering, garlic wings were somewhat soggy but the meatball sandwich was THEE BEST!♡ next time I'll be trying their pizza.. I'm already a fan!♡


Tracy C.

26 December 2016

We love the pizza best place for us. Staff have always been friendly. Good prices for great food. Surprised they have fried green tomatoes like back home. Will continue to go back.


Garrett B.

22 December 2016

Best pizza ever! There is NO equal. Perfect crust, perfect sauce, nice stretchy cheese, etc... We've been hired since the first time we tried it. Prior to Fatte Albert's my wife didn't like pizza, now it's her favorite (if it's from Fatte Albert's). Get some ranch and dip your crust in it, perfect! More...


Henry Saldivar

19 November 2016

The best pizza in Hanford. My family love's going there. All so yummy


Chuck B.

1 October 2016

Awesome pizza! Brought my wife and kiddo and staff was super friendly and made some amazing food! Was a little busy and had time to run grab ice cream and explore the Renaissance Fair!Definitely coming back as the wife is in love with the mushrooms! More...


Misty LeAnne

19 September 2016

I love the chicken caesar salad!! Its the best... The pizza is amazing i love going here and will continue to keep going


Matreyu J. Al'Qala

2 August 2016

Best spot in Hanford to get quality beers, and great pizza. Support your local businesses.


Jon E.

27 June 2016

Walking in on Sunday, was greeted by a friendly employee behind the counter. I ordered the xl, 1/2 fraiser and 1/2 pepperoni for my kids. They had a very large pizza available that feeds 12-15 but we only had four people! I used to get huge pizzas like this as a kid and someday will be back to try it!So we were told 20 minutes, about 15 minutes later our pizza arrived. It was hot fresh out of the oven and looked delicious! I pulled the first piece and gave it a try. It was very good and one if the best pies I have had! The only complaint is that it could have been cut slightly better but once it cooled a little it pulled apart just fine.We sat in the front of the shop and could watch the employees had toss the dough.There was another room with many big screen tv's playing sports and a bar area with over 20 beers on tap. They had many local beers but also some other great craft beers like ballast point pineapple sculpin. Was with the kids and about to drive back to Morro Bay but next time will partake!Keep up the good work, 5 stars and I will be back!! More...


Patricia A.

10 June 2016

This is by far the best pizza we've had so far.We got a pizza and got half pia pica pica and half Frazier!The pizzas had great quality toppings and tasted very good. We will go here again! Wish we had one in our town. More...


Lea P.

2 June 2016

Great food and trivia night is a blast! Although the restrooms could be better, always out of TP and no paper towels at all instead there are poor quality air dryer.


Christina D.

20 May 2016

The Best pizza in town. Absolutely Love their pizza dough. Their BBQ wings are Bomb too  Friendly staff, fast service. I'm always greeted when I walk in & thanked for coming as I leave.


Luis Espinoza

13 May 2016

So i was at school and couldn't wait to get out and go to the Hanford farmers market, i asked around if anyone has ever tried your pizza, heard nothing but good things. I couldn't wait to get a slice! Finally after searching i found your booth and at $4 a slice it was the GREATEST pizza ever! Totally worth it, taste, texture it was amazing. Thanks guys. P.s. if ur looking for any type of volunteers message me More...


Mike Sumaya

6 May 2016

Delicious pizza! And great people! Got the Pia Pia Pica and Frazier pizzas, yum! Having 11 Riley's taps doesn't hurt either!


Action E.

3 May 2016

Action Equipment loves Fattee Alberts! We get an order from Fattes every Tuesday, and we have never been disappointed! Keep up the good work :)


Jonathan Pantages

1 May 2016

Drove all the way from Fresno to get THICK crust pizza. Got our order and it was so thin that it was breaking when we pulled if. Mentioned to guy at the front that we ordered thick crust pizza. He rudely told my wife that it was thick and we had to order thick crust if that's what we wanted. We always order thick crust and have always received thick crust except for one other time. Walking out disappointed although the pizza dis have good flavor-as always! More...


Jesus F. Guzman

19 April 2016

I usually don't write reviews, unless I'm extremely disappointed, however rhw place was awesome. Therebwas a minor problem my first wings came out burn. Without even asking the manager and the great stuff made up for with another orden. The flavor was good the atmosphere was great. More...


Alex Ivonne Villaseñor

10 March 2016

I love this place! But you guys should do stuffed crust! #bestcrustintown


Danny D Mendoza

3 March 2016

The pizza is good and consistent. The salad bar can use some help.


RoxiandMichael Ballin-Sweeney

2 March 2016

The athmosphere is amazing and the customer service is the best around town. They make u feel like at home there. The food and drinks r awesome


Gary Garcia RJr

2 March 2016

Best pizza and happy hour specials in the county! Gotta support your local businesses!


Tracy H.

1 March 2016

Their pizza is real good but the restaurant is filthy. I'm actually quite surprised that they havnt been in any trouble with the health department. Also the service there is awful! So if you want a tasty pizza they have it. Just do to expect good service and get it to go. More...


Gene K.

17 January 2016

On a somewhat quiet street you enter a huge 2 dining room , loud (not obnoxious though) pizzeria..if you like a very very good selection of beers, this is the spot...pizza was excellent..only minor issue: we ordered garlic bread sticks and had to wait for the ranch dipping sauce..apparently they make it themselves...hint: buy it at Walmart, the homemade version wasn't any better and people have to wait a little too long for it. More...


Schoolmarm 5.

27 December 2015

Fatte's has the best pizza in the valley. We drive from Tulare to Hanford to enjoy their delicious pizza. The Fatte Rolls are amazing! Wish we had one in Tulare. We will back time and time again! More...


Jeff W.

21 December 2015

The Garlic Chicken pizza was really good, even my mother liked it. the all meat one was a little too buzy to make out all the variety of flavors. Great crust too.. I look forward to trying some of the other exotic pizzas. More...


Justin M.

1 October 2015

I have eaten here many times over the years and the pizza is consistently good. My office and I here are actually huge fans of their salads. The Flying Buffalo and Thai Chicken specifically. The portions are perfect for lunch not to mention fresh mixed greens. Most places around town use the standard bagged green salad. Tonight I tried the Thai Chicken Pizza for the first time. And quite frankly I don't know why after all these years I haven't had it. The sauce is almost too perfect. For you beer drinkers there is a wide variety but I am no expert. More...


Jesusica Jimmeye Szl

2 September 2015

Only way to feed my 3 football boys! We love the pizza!


Sarah M.

23 August 2015

The pizza here is good. I've tried some of the other non-pizza items on the menu and they're just as delicious. I recommend the pastrami sandwich and wings. If you like different types of pizza, try the Buffalo chicken pizza. The staff is always friendly and seem to be pretty good at recognizing people because every time I go in I'm greeted by them like I'm a familiar face. The girl at the register with the facial piercings is always professional and polite. More...


Helen Jo Morse

19 August 2015

Hanford: I was greeted by several people and everyone was very friendly and helpful pizza was transcendent!! My new favorite.


Valerie Martha Lira

16 August 2015

No apple fries!!!!! The best thing you guys had created and then you just took them away!


Super D.

12 August 2015

I love going to trivia night on wednedays! It's super fun! Their host, I think his name is Donovan or David or something like that. It starts with a D anyway. He's pretty funny and always keeps it lively. Anyway, that's the only reason I go to this place. So keep that guy and keep your business going! More...


Alyssa Alvarado

8 August 2015

Sanitation is obviously not up to par. Just found the wrapper of a sanitizing wipe in my soda. Please make sure to check all food/drinks for foreign objects before consuming.


Isaac D.

31 July 2015

Best happy hour in town, and possibly the best in the entire Central Valley.Weekdays 2-6PM, 64oz pitchers are only $6. THAT'S $1.50/glass of beer!With options like Lagunitas IPA, Ballast Point Sculpin, Lengthwise Cyberbully, 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon & much more.Their pizza rolls are pretty good. Also the pastrami fries are worth trying.They have a great tasting soft dough which is especially great after a few rounds of brew. Service is also pleasant--and am always greeted upon entry. This shop has definitely made big improvements in the past year.Almost forgot to mention the inside has pretty cool art painted on the walls. There's a few mounted flat screens usually playing sports. They've got a TouchTunes jukebox, pinball machine, and a Streetfighter stand-up arcade machine. & Weekly Trivia night on Wednesdays at 7PM.This is definitely one of the better hang-out options for a 20-something stuck in this trap called Hanford, California. More...


Kristin Polzien

30 June 2015

Friendly service and I love the pizza.


Karina Limon

29 June 2015

Daily specials are awesome!! Loving the .99 cent any draft pints!!


Ryan M White

18 June 2015

AWESOME...AWESOME...AWESOME!!! Always delicious and never dissappointed!


Kim A.

28 May 2015

One of the few places I actually enjoy pizza minus the doughyness it was really good! Definitely going again and again


Sevenna Reed

28 April 2015

Always having awesome deals!! I love it!! The dough is the best!


Matthew M.

27 April 2015

I'd give it 5 stars --but If I give it 5 stars it looks fake--and Fatte Alberts is for real! Don't hesitate-- great spot.


Ryan Hudgins

14 March 2015



Jamie Carroll

2 March 2015

I love Fatte Alberts Pizza one of the best in town.


Euler Torres

26 February 2015

Awesome Pizza my whole family loves the pizza and we are now hooked on the calamari!!!


Danette Welch-Hughes

13 January 2015

I have to say the food is the "bomb", tasty, delicious and seasoned great. When ordering dinner tonight thru online site, I wasn't impressed. When i arrived plenty of staff on site, no patrons in lobby and my order wasn't completed correctly. I waited additional time at location for my completed meals. Yes, a lot to desired in that area. They did throw in extra sandwich because of the inconvenience. Staff was very friend on entering and exiting location and lobby was clean. More...


Robin Marie Newberry

12 January 2015

They have the Best Chili Verde Pizza it is my favorite


Brandon Ainsworth

7 December 2014

Picked up pizza tonight and Fatte Rolls and they were incredible. Was greeted by the workers as I walked in and thanked for coming in as I walked out. Thinking me and my kids have found a new favorite pizza place. Thank you Fatte Alberts!!!! More...


Oscar Alvarez

19 November 2014

Best Pizza In Town Hands Down!!!


Connie Castaneda Gatheral

5 November 2014

The chili verde pizza is the best ever. I Love Fatte Alberts Pizza Company ❤️


Paul Jones

18 October 2014

Had some of the best pizza tonight at the Lemoore farmers market made by Fatte Alberts Pizza Company


Katherine B.

2 August 2014

I was really pleasantly surprised by what this pizza place has to offer. I ate here during my first Fresno to Hanford train-and-ice cream adventure, and the meal was the highlight of my trip! We came during happy hour and had a pitcher of beer (tasty cider, not just cheap lager) for only $6, which was totally worth high-fiving about. The serving of garlic fries is HUGE, and  I think it was also discounted for happy hour. The greek fest pizza absolutely delicious, and was just as good reheated the next day. I was really impressed by their strong vegetarian selection. We were served warmly and the food took an about an average amount of time to get to our table. We could see them preparing it, and it definitely made the pizza feel more like a treat. I really liked the ambience of the place. It was really slow when we came in, but it was relaxed and not too quiet. There were some guys that seemed like regulars, and I thought that was nice. It definitely feels family friendly. I  read a negative comment about the employees tattoos and piercings, and I have to say  that reviewer is probably just a jerk. Don't feel discouraged from coming here by that; the staff was courteous and helpful.  I would definitely frequent this place if I lived in Hanford. I think it's even worth checking out if you're in Fresno. It definitely beats Superior Diary. More...


VeeVee N.

28 June 2014

I have to bump them up by 2 stars, 4 stars overall, based on my most recent experience. I have been trying to get a Pastrami Pizza ALL over town, with no luck. With my last experience here, I was a little reluctant to try again. I called to see if they had a Pastrami Pizza, since one is not offered on the menu. The guy on the phone said that they had the toppings necessary to make it. I thanked him, and he got a little upset and said 'so you don't want the pizza?' I was kind of caught off guard since I had indicated that I was only interested in seeing if they even had one. I called back an hour or so later and placed my order. They were very accommodating to my request and I was given the same price, even from another associate. Consistency...I like that. I have called other places and been given different prices by different associates, so frustrating. My pizza was ready in 30min and looked great (see pic). I was so anxious to try it. On a side note, I ordered the pizza w/ Alfredo sauce, pastrami (duh), pickles and mustard drizzle. The pizza could have had a little more pastrami, IMO, but the meat was good quality...not all fatty. The pickles were good and there was just enough mustard, not overpowering. The alfredo sauce tasted great, so glad I didn't go w/ a red sauce. The pizza (14") cost me $16 and change after tax. I ordered ranch but didn't even need it!!! The pizza is AWESOME!!! I would HIGHLY recommend ordering it...seriously!!!And as always the crust was fantastic, I think I'll save the ends and dip those in the ranch.#flagproof More...


Dustin Rosario

25 May 2014

They get 5 stars if they ever have the Chile Verde pizza when I eat here.


Sarah J.

13 May 2014

This place has some really great pizza. I had ordered half chicken and pesto and half just cheese with red sauce. Delicious and not too badly priced. The only down side was that it took about 50 minutes to get one pizza and the order was wrong and ended up with half chicken and pesto and half pepperoni with red sauce. Not that big of a deal and I didn't feel like waiting another 50 minutes for a new pizza. I would recommend calling ahead for them to start your order or going in when you're only a little hungry More...


Sean Stengel

1 May 2014

Pizza is great. Customer service SUCKS. 3 stars for how good the pizza is.


George Sousa

23 April 2014

Is there still a restaurant in Visalia?


Shannon T.

27 March 2014

This is a family favorite and normally have excellent customer service and great food. The hand tossed house made dough is delicious. They use fresh ingredients on their salads and sandwiches. The only reason I didn't give them all give stars is because there have been some visits where they are out of the beer my hubby prefers or out of ingredients for those menu items other than pizza. More...


Tom H.

26 January 2014

lot of options to choose from. Great carnivore delight pizza!! Some service is hit and miss though. Last time i went here the soda machine was out of service and the pizza was greaser than usual. And some times the area with all the tv's is being used for private parties so couldn't watch football usually in the afternoon if i went there. Otherwise good food, great toppings, lots of choices, and the servers always have a smile.Get more than one tv in the other room and it would be even better. More...


Kaia Gonzales

25 January 2014

Best pizza I've ever had


Jessica Parker

12 January 2014

Used to be one of my favs but the crust quality has declined and it takes to long.


Richard Byars

10 January 2014

Best beer selection in town


Beth C.

2 December 2013

This has become a new favorite for me on my visits to my hometown. The best thing: the crust. Chewy, yummy, soft crust. I bake all my own bread at home (pizza included), so I'm a total crust snob. Their garlic bread is pretty darn awesome, too. More...


Allen Thomas

27 November 2013

Best pizza in the valley!


Betsy L.

16 November 2013

The best pizza in the Central Valley, for sure. I almost cried when the Visalia location shut down. Great happy hour deals. Awesome pizza crust, some creative and unique twists for toppings. Either way, I love it. Just one word of warning for the Hanford location: don't get any sodas or water that isn't bottled, because they have either Hanford water or ice (I can't tell which). More...


armando d.

6 November 2013

Started my new job in Hanford a month ago and have been here once a week for the lunch special... so good! Must eat here if your in the area!!!!


Nicole Vandecaveye

2 October 2013

Today is the second day in a row I've called to order a Chili Verde Pizza and "they don't have it today." Actually, it's the 4th time I've called in two weeks!!! What's the deal?!? I was actually told on the phone yesterday that they didn't have it cause they "never got around to going down to pick up the chili verde." Huh What kind of business makes a one-of a kind FANTASTIC product, and then doesn't make sure they have it available for their customers This customer is feeling confused and frustrated.... More...


Jessica Castaneda

1 October 2013

Best pizza I've ever had!!! Please open a location in Los Banos. : )


Daniel S.

17 August 2013

Pizza was pretty good, just wish the bottom crust was a bit thicker. Toppings were really fresh and plenty of them. Best choice of ales on tap in Hanford.


Patrick M.

12 August 2013

This is Steve and Wendy's place. They are the nicest people in the world! They have a great staff and put out some awesome pizza. For catering they have a portable pizza oven. They did a fine job of my daughters wedding of 300+. You can find them downtown at events like the farmers markets in Hanford and Lemoore. They're restaurant is located on 7th St. by Salmon's Furniture it's a bit noisy but the pizza is unique and tasty. More...


Lauren H.

26 October 2012

We have been here lots of times. Love that they have lots of new pizzas on the menu. The combinations are interesting and inventive.  The Fatte Rolls are a new item and they are probably, well they are, the best thing I have had here. Also really good are the hot sandwiches.  I wouldn't waste my time on the appetizers....you can watch them pull the bags out of the freezer and dump them into the fryer. Besides that, they are overpriced.The selection of beer on tap really rocks here, and I believe that have a really good happy hour special, but I think it ends at like 5, so you have to get in early to take advantage of that.Sometimes the service does suck though, and usually it involves some young kid not knowing what to do, but I understand, and everyone needs to start out somewhere. I also think it's commendable that they hire them and put up with their crap. I wish they would set up a bar area, with TVs and such and make it an adult only atmosphere in one corner.  That would be nice. Kids are cool and all, but we had a batch of 10, yes 10, at a table behind us and it made it really hard to enjoy our meal.  They have a really good product and it's definitely worth trying out.Hey, don't forget to ask for the HOMEMADE Ranch dressing! It's delicious!! More...


Erium V.

25 September 2012

Pros: good crust, clean bathrooms, good service, television, close parking, lots of seating, good beer selection, pitchers have built in ice that keeps it cold and doesn't water it down, the few employee's i directly dealt with were very helpful and nice, games for kids.Cons: Tight squeeze to get through some areas, kinda loud,  i also think they are overstaffed without the service i saw a lot of employees standing around chatting and fooling around while others were hustling around to try and get things done.veggie pizza 5/10 the reason is the veggies were not baked they were served raw and the crust simply was not strong enough to hold the heavy veggies so had to eat with a fork.sausage, pepperoni pizza 9/10 the sausage is really good.pineapple, jalapeno pizza 10/10 sooo good!really good food will be back when in town More...


BigValley N.

23 September 2012

I took my family in here last Thursday while we were downtown for the "Paint It Pink" for breast cancer awareness. I did some research before going to Hanford and found this place on the Internet. It looked cool, so we decided to take a chance. The place was busy. I stood at the counter and two people told me that they would be right with me, then a third said it so I said, "I heard that twice before". The only thing that kept this place from getting that fifth star was this lady's bitchy attitude. The guy she had help us was awesome. He took our order, helped us with choices and continued to let us know how the pie was coming. When the pie came out it was big and tasty. This guy got us everything we needed. The toppings were very fresh and plentiful. I even got my kids to try anchovies, which they have on the menu as a vegetable. Oh well.. The pizza was great and their beer selection was one of the best I have seen in the Valley.Like the ice cream place, when in Hanford this is a place we will try again and again.----There was one other thing that wasn't the fault of the restaurant. Some mom let her five and seven year old stay by themselves playing some shoot'em up game for over an hour. These kids were screaming, loud and very disturbing. I have never wished for an abduction before, but this was a mother that deserved to lose her kids. The mother only check on the kids once in an hour. I have never wished an abduction on a family but this mother deserved the panic of losing her kids.If you are that mother, I hope your beer and pizza were good. I also hope next time your kids walk out the front door and get brought back by the police. Five and seven years old are to young to leave on their own. More...


Sarah A.

22 May 2012

FOR THE AREA, this pizza is really good. This place and Fratelli's (also in Hanford) are my favorite pizza spots here. They make their own dough, which is always nice. It's thin, plus for me. Yummy ranch, kind of lame they charge for it, but whatev. My husband loves the building. He said it reminds him of an old video store (lol) and, apparently, he loves that feeling. When we get pizza from here, he wants to dine-in, instead of taking it to go! I don't think they're expensive, I think they're average. If you compare them to sh*tty chain pizza places (Dominos for example) yeah, I suppose their expensive... But, at least their pizza doesn't taste like an ashtray on the plus side... More...


Lucylyn G.

1 May 2012

Getting the negative stuff out of the way first: 1, it's really expensive and 2, it usually takes a good while for them to make your pizza.With that being said, I have to mention that this is the best pizza I've ever had and I don't mind paying the higher prices. Want to pay less, go some where else. Want an amazing pizza go here. Also, everything is made from scratch so it's understandable that it would take 10-15 more minutes to get a pizza hear then it would from any other place. I love the variety of pizzas they have as well as the variety in drinks. They do more than pizza, but I've only had the pizza because it's so good, why get anything else. I've heard people say they didn't like the food here, but I'm pretty sure it's because they didn't like what they chose rather than it being because what they chose wasn't good. I've had about 4 different pizzas so far. One day I'm going to be able to say I've had them all. They get really busy so if you are in a bit of a rush or don't feel like sitting and waiting I would suggest calling your order in ahead of time. Also, if you are looking for some family fun they have face painting and balloon... well not animals but balloon-whatever-you-wants on....I think Thursday or Saturday. like them of face book and you'll get the updates. I think they also have magic shows. In my opinion, this is one place that everyone should try at least once. More...


Tanika T.

13 November 2011

I love their friendly staff and not to mention their REAL gourmet pizza! I have tried a few "gourmet" pizza places in the los angeles area but nothing really compares to Fatte's! I really love how they try new and different ideas instead of the norm. My favorites are the Bullfighter, Thai, Buffalo Chicken, and the Veg-Out! What a gem of a place to hang out to watch a football game. The environment is always fun and friendly! Love you Fatte's!! More...


Ashley D.

1 October 2011

We drove in from NAS lemoore for some shopping and yelped pizza recomendations. This place come up, and we thought we'd give it a try. We were so happily surprised...this place is great! It's a very casual family-ran business. The staff are very friendly and the pie was delish! Also they offer a military discount. I think this is the best pizza in the area and we are looking forward to coming back whenever we can. More...


Christine A.

21 June 2011

First time I tried thier pizza.... not bad at all! They have a special of 14inch, 3 toppings for only $10.99, so I took their offer. My toppings were" ham, mushroom, and olives. WOWZA. They put a lot of toppings! I love the crust, ecpecially the kids. I also ordered their chicken ceasar salad. . The salad was fresh and crisp, and the chicken was moist. Will surely buy pizza here again! More...


Joshua E.

4 June 2011

I came down to Hanford to visit family and was excited to see a new pizza joint in town.  The pizza is really good, (although as stated in other reviews, it is on the pricey side) and there is a pretty damn good beer selection.  Any place that carries Stone Brewing Co. beers is definitely okay in my book.  I've been down twice in the last couple months and have found myself enjoying Fatte Albert's pizza.  Good pizza and even better beers....yeah, I'm a fan! More...


Tony M.

2 September 2010

I hail from Fresno, and received the opportunity to go and try Fatte Alberts for the first time. In my humble experience, I was made a believer of Fatte Alberts, in Hanford, to be the best, in quality and in flavor, that I know, anywhere! I had the priveledge to return shortly thereafter, but this time I brought a friend (he is a food connoisseur, of sorts). He was very impressed. If great unforgettable pizza is what you seek - go to Fatte Alberts, in a hurry! More...


Molly H.

1 June 2010

We absolutely love Fatte Alberts! I am not a vegetarian by any means, but try the green thumb pizza and you will love it. It's a very small place and you will usually have to wait for a table but everyone inside is very friendly and the pizza is the best in the area so its worth it. I'm not from this area but since moving here I haven't even thought about going to those other run of the mill pizza chains since I discovered Fattes. More...


Adam S.

11 February 2010

Best pizza in the local area. Prices are fairly steep and keep this place from getting a full five stars. They do offer a great military discount though it is not advertised. The pizza overall is very good although some of the more off the wall varieties leave one scratching their head. Service is decent for this sort of establishment where much service is not expected. Wide varieties of beer available on tap and in bottles. Beer prices are actually very good and their is usually a great special going on. The atmosphere is very ecclectic but is usually a very family friendly environment. One major question: with all the crazy pizza types, why no dessert pizza?Goods: great food, great beer selection, good military discountBads: price, small amount of seating More...


Joseph C.

9 January 2010

Great Pizza! They toos the dough and make the pizza right there in front of you, so you know its fresh! I also like the wide variety of pizzas they have to choose from. I just wish they had a little more space. More...


Pamela L.

10 September 2009

I live in OC & Hanford is definitely not what I'm accustomed to but I went up to visit one of my best friends who had just moved here.  It's definitely a much smaller town than what I'm used to so there aren't many spots to check out, but I really liked Fatte Albert's!You walk in & right away you see that they are know for their super huge pizza - 28"!!!  We settled for a much smaller pizza but it was definitely quality pizza.  It's a good deal for the price & beer's pretty cheap too!My friends had only been there a couple of times before our visit but the owner remembered them & he was super friendly to us.  He even told my friends the next time they're in, drinks are him.If I was a local, this would definitely be one of my regular spots! More...

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