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Fast Web SEO is a digital marketing agency, that provides the following services with a track record:
Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Google Rankings, Search Engine Submissions and Conversion Optimization.

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26 January 2019

Working with Michael on our new website has been a pleasure, we have benefited hugely from his wealth of experience and diligent no nonsense approach. In a world of ever diminishing service standards, over promising and under delivery Fast SEO stands out like a beacon and I would recommend them without hesitation. More...

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Now, there’s no silver bullet for creating a great website. But, here is my 7 principles when creating someones next blog, eCommerce site, portfolio or business website.

1. Clear purpose – Make sure you know what your site is for, and importantly, not for.
2. Clear audience – Identify who your site is aimed at. Do you know what your audience looks like? What they enjoy? Do for work? How old they are?
3. What other sites they use? All of this information, and more, is crucial for building the best website.
4. Straightforward navigation – Is it easy to work out how you get around your site?
5. The right style – Your site should be unique and distinctive, whilst still appealing to your users.
6. High quality imagery – If your images aren’t good, your site won’t look good, either.
7. The right fonts – Make sure your font matches the general style, and is legible.
8. The right words – Your site can look amazing, but if none of the words make sense, design won’t matter.

All of the above makes a great website for me, and I am 100% sure it will for you as well.

My 5 Most Powerful Questions Ever.

1. What motivated you to contact or meet with us today?
2. Exactly what are we trying to accomplish with your web design or digital marketing efforts here today?
3. Where are you today with your planning process of your website or online digital marketing efforts and where do you want to be in the next couple of weeks?
4. What seems to be the problem with your current website if you already have one or not? (And how long have you had this problem with your current website?)
5. If this meeting accomplished everything you could ever possibly hope for your website or online digital marketing efforts, what would that look like?

The fulfilment of knowing that every job I do for a customer, will be perfected and assist them to reach their online goals. Thereafter to see the satisfaction on my customers face of a job well done. This is my passion, and not just only a job for me.

The drive to be successful, and to help companies and individuals to achieve their online marketing goals.

1. Our Work Speaks For Itself.
Nothing speaks as loud as continuously executing at a high level. It shows we have a well-established process. It shows we can manage the account. It shows that we have the brain power to think through and effectively communicate the strategy. And, it shows that our designers and writers can compellingly translate strategy into a coherent, flexible brand identity.

2. Here's What Our Ideal Client Looks Like

The best way we've found to do this is to tell clients what our ideal client looks like in terms of attributes and ability. We then identify the value which we can bring when aligned with these attributes and ability. It gives the clients a real understanding of what value we bring to the table, and if it aligns what they're looking for. Clients really appreciate the no BS, non-sales pitch answer.

3. Ask Our Clients
When a client asks, "Why should we hire you over everyone else?" my answer is simple: "Don't ask me, ask our clients. We're in the PR business, which is based on getting third-parties to tell the world you're great. Call our clients and see if they are willing to serve as third-party testimonials for our work. I think you'll enjoy listening to what they say."

4. Do You Prioritize What We Deliver?
I tell prospective clients that if they prioritize good work, exceptional service, new ideas, and a long-term relationship, then we're the team for them. If they need to prioritize other things, then they should choose someone else. We're an extension of each client's team, and they're a part of ours, so it's important to set these expectations up front.

5. You're Not Just Another Client To Us
I run a small boutique PR agency and work with tech companies around the world. When prospective clients ask why us over another agency, we tell the truth: We get it done. We care about the work we do and to us, they're not just another client. We're not a 100-plus person shop, so we can still be much more personal and hands-on with our clients.

6. Are We The Right 'Fit' For You?
We turn the question around ask the client if they believe we're the best fit for them. We believe we’re great at what we do with accolades, track record and case studies for support. But frankly, there are a lot of great agencies and even a great agency doesn't always sync with a client culture. We want our clients to decide that we're not only the best agency, but that we're also a great fit.

7. We Work Harder (And Can Prove It)
We work harder and are more friendly. And we know that. We explain all the proactive ways we go after media and how we’ve outdone our competition time and again. We also understand that we’re in a business where relationships are the main foundation and how we go out of our way to foster them. This is how we’ve been able to win and keep so much business.

8. We're Experts In All Industries
We only work with nonprofit and for-profit social impact companies. In working with dozens of change-making organizations, we understand how to leverage the right marketing mix to amplify their mission-driven work, while addressing the challenges and opportunities that come along with being a social enterprise.

9. We're Perpetually Transforming To Meet Market Needs
Being a great agency partner requires a team with a perpetual transformation mindset. Innovation and how consumers make purchase decisions evolve by the minute. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow in driving market share. We invest in tomorrow, we’re ahead of what’s next in creativity, and we have the scale to give our clients an advantage in their market.

10. We Know What We're Best At
While we believe we are the best at what we do, there are other firms. If you know what you're great at, you can let clients know what that is. If they need the solutions you are strong in, then it's a fit. If they don't, then they may need to go elsewhere. Being honest about what you do best will only result in mutual success.

11. We'll Work Beyond The Project Scope
Ultimately, it comes down to dedication to a project and how hard you work. Ten times out of 10, we work harder than any other agency, despite exceeding the scope hours for the project, because doing great work means more to us than just a win for that brand. Over-delivering helps us to win immediately, thus creating new case studies which allow us to win future business.