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Skai Winston

27 March 2019

It's truly a marvel how such little creatures can leave such a mess on our carpets. I love my kittens but they left the carpet in terrible condition - the stains were everywhere and were quite stubborn.Luckily I remembered that I had a card for a carpet cleaning service recommended by my close friend Julie. After the visit, the carpet is clean and safe from dirty cat paws. Well for now anyway :) More...


Christine Sutton

26 May 2018

Very efficient, easy to contact, clear website marketing, friendly and polite cleaner who worked hard and consistently.


Ryan Turnels

27 May 2014

If it wasn't for your carpet cleaning service in Windsor I was going to have to replace my carpets. Thanks for the abrupt services and for saving me a lot of money.


Katelynn Mackechnie

27 May 2014

When I talk about my carpets, I am proud of their care provider. Your carpet cleaning company in Windsor never abandoned my carpets. I thought my carpets were hopeless and that I have no choice but to throw them until your company came, you thoroughly cleaned my carpets and got rid of dust, dirt and furs. That was awesome. More...


Eric Becker

27 May 2014

We have lots of pets at home and our carpet needs regular cleaning hence we looked for good professional carpet cleaning service providers here in Windsor and chose your cleaning company. We booked an appointment and we were impressed with the excellent customer service and the expert cleaning procedure. Our carpet looks like new and smell fresh. More...


Broderick Jamer

27 May 2014

I want a pro when it comes to my carpet cleaning. Carpets are not easy to clean and just vacuuming does not work for me. I know that my carpets need more than that. I called your company in Windsor and you understood. You gave me great deals and for that, I am very thankful. More...


Linn Weider

27 May 2014

A few days ago, my cousins threw me a surprise birthday party at my house. It was the best gift I’ve ever received and I can't thank them enough for doing all of this. They even called your company and sponsored the carpet clean. I was very happy with your carpet cleaning company in Windsor and I will definitely hire you more often. More...


Drean Wartth

27 May 2014

I wanted to ensure that my family breathes clean air. I was told that carpets can compromise the air quality so I acted right away. I called your carpet cleaning company in Windsor because I know you have professionals that are well trained. I am now confident of the air quality in my house. Thank you very much. More...


Oda Sub

27 May 2014

I just got married and I moved in to a new home with my husband. We’re both professionals in different fields and maintaining the cleanliness of our home is a bit of a challenge. Hence, we decided to hire carpet cleaning experts in Windsor to give us a hand. Good thing we opted for your company! Your services and workers were both wonderful! More...


Qype User inge38…

28 August 2013

Looking for carpet cleaning companies in Windsor is hard so I wanted to ensure the value for my money. Fortunately I saw the value of my money when I booked your carpet cleaning service. Instead of buying new carpets you helped me keep my old ones. In a matter of hours, my carpets were like new. More...


Qype User manotn…

31 July 2013

My husband and I just moved into our own home after getting married. We're both busy as we are trying to save up for the arrival of our child. Due to it, we forgot that we also have responsibilities to our how, which is getting it cleaned. Good thing we contacted your company in Windsor. You're the best carpet cleaning company there is and we'll surely call you again. More...