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We offer Social Media Management - Online Marketing - Brand Awareness - Social Profiling - Social Media Set Up - Web Design and Hosting - Copy Writing

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There is no good having a pretty or an awesome website if it doesn't get seen. We increase awareness and SEO on your website so that it comes up on searches, and so that it is seen on social media.



As a Social Media Manager I specialize in social media strategies, brand advocacy, online networking and blogging. Keeping ahead of Social Media Trends Keeping one step ahead of the latest trends in technology and the internet constantly analysing the latest products, applications and programs. Making good use of 25 years Sales, Marketing and Education experience. I began communicating online around 20 years ago with IRC chat clients and then evolving with each new and emerging technology, watching, learning and enjoying the changes in communication. Social Media Technology early adopter Early adopter of popular social media platforms and applications this insures that I can stay tune with ever changing social media trends whilst writing for a variety of websites and blogs reviewing social media apps and gadgets.

I've been writing articles for various tech, gadget or social media websites for many people including nokia, three mobile and designspark to name a few, my own blog being, http://techieminx.com which has been running for just over 4 years and now has a regular 20k views per month.

Being involved in online forums since the dawn of the internet, and then to be involved in social media I've had much experience in this field. Building communities, engaging, moderating communities, identifying trends within the industry and basically to promote and evangelize the community activities on the web.