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Ara R.

19 July 2019

Great service! The place is super clean. I ordered the falafel wrap. It was super good. However, the falafel is not cooked in round individual balls, as the typical falafel. It's more like a falafel log Idk but it made a difference for me in terms of texture. But it was still a good bite. Should have gone with the chicken shawarma or stake. :) More...


Maricel V.

8 July 2019

Chicken kebab is my favorite. I love the flavor of the grilled chicken and vegetables even the garlic dip. Generous in serving.


Heidi K.

3 April 2019

I LOVE their labneh it is so creamy and thickkk! All their dips are great! Baba ghanoush and hummus are simply a cut above everyone else in the Boston area. I also love their chicken kabob which is super flavorful. I love the way they roast their veggies in good olive oil so amazing. The one comment I have for them is that their chicken and beef shawarma are not cooked on the big wheel, they're kind of separately cooked on their own. They taste good just don't have the same tenderness that comes from being shaved off the big roasted wheel. Maybe one day they will get the equipment, I'm sure theirs would be the best! I also like their fries! Love dipping them in the garlic sauce it's so good. Wishing them all the continued success in the Boston area. More...


BostonBestEats X.

7 March 2019

I heard about Fairouz (named after the famous Lebanese singer) from a Sheryl Julian review in the Globe:bostonglobe.com/lifestyl…Sounded good, so a Middle Eastern-born friend and I decided to check it out.  Our conclusion: Fairouz is one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in the Boston area!At 7PM on a cold Wednesday night, there were only 2 other tables occupied.  The interior is spartan but nice, with plenty of cloth-covered tables and a few booths.  The menu had the usual Middle Eastern specialties, and as Sheryl pointed out, a few that you may not have had before.  But my companion knew just what to order:ZA'ATAR: Complementary start to the meal, with pita bread, this was excellent.  My DC is addicted to this stuff, and said it was an outstanding version.FALAFEL ($9): Served with plenty of tahini in a sauce boat, these were well made and cooked all the way through, although more dense than I prefer.  A crunchy crust, but no burnt or old oil flavor.  My companion particularly liked them.HUMMUS ($7): A sizable bowl served with plenty of pita (not warm), this was very thick and delicious.  Maybe not the best hummus I've ever had, but I'd be happy to eat this every day.  I like that there was so much of it, with a comparable amount of pita.ARNABEET ($8): We had to try the roasted cauliflower that Sheryl raved about, and it was a pretty dish and perfectly roasted, although I didn't find it as addictive as Sheryl.  But who doesn't like roasted cauliflower?, SAMBOUSEK($8): Meat-filled baked dumplings, these were perfectly cooked, with nicely seasoned, finely ground stuffing (maybe a hint of cinnamon, I'm not sure).  My favorite of the evening.They also serve pizza, hamburgers, etc, if you care.Highly recommended for a nice, causal Lebanese meal.  Parking is fairly easy, and free, along Washington Street out front (if snow piles don't cover the parking lane). More...


Ralph Z.

27 December 2018

What a nice find. We are sitting here stuffed like a grape leaf. And these people know how to stuff grape leaves. We had the falafel, moussaka, Shawarma, and all the fixings. Everything fresh and delicious. They start with a bread basket and olive oil with sesame seeds for a dip. The crust of the bread is crunchy goodness. We enjoyed dinner, took home enough food for a small army and the check was less than some cheap lunch dates. We will be back! More...


Allison N.

18 November 2018

Showed up late with a large group. Staff was very friendly and patient with explaining different things. Everything we ate was delicious, but we all especially loved the crispy falafel, creamy hummus, and tahini sauce. I got cheese sambousek - a sharp, herbed feta-like cheese in a pastry shell and it might be my new favorite Mediterranean dish. Finished off with some baklava to-go and enjoyed it the next night-some of the beat baklava I've had.Can't recommend enough! More...


Liz B.

17 November 2018

The Lebanese food here is top notch, I take their meat pies to my Lebanese grandma and she loves them so they must be good. They do have more 'western' food on their menu if you have a picky eater but honestly the Lebanese food is so good I wouldn't get anything else. One of the top 5 hummus I've been able to find in the boston area, really highly recommend them. More...


Nancy Conviser

23 October 2018

Amazing food. This is my second time here and everything is home made fresh. The hummus is as good as it gets. My mother had the fatoush salad-excellent. My father had spinach pies (I don’t remember what they were called in the menu, they were beautiful and he lived them. I had the lamb kabob,so good. Highly recommended and I will be back. It is rare to find someplace that doesn’t use processed foods, this place is a gem. More...


Cheryl K.

29 August 2018

Unfortunately, I no longer live in the area, however, I do work in Boston. At lunch Today I was able to get out and about. (rare). I initially drove right by and turned around to come back after seeing the sign. Instantly charmed by the room and the smells wafting from the kitchen.Chicken kabob wrap was excellent! When I asked the server what the special was today (albeit, too late),  a min later Chef appeared in front of me. Wow! Made me feel like his customers are important to him. We didn't exchange pleasantries (no English, I think, so what?) Gracious and classy operation. GO EAT HERE! More...


Estefany F.

17 August 2018

I could eat from here every day, three times a day! Fresh and delicious Lebanese food with friendly staff. My favorites are the garlic labneh, hummus, Fairouz salad, and chicken or beef kabob entre. Of course, add a Beirut beer!


Franny Hoey

26 July 2018

We absolutely LOVE Fairouz! George the chef is an amazing cook and we got to meet his beautiful wife and daughter Becca. The food is soooo fresh and always excellent. I highly recommend this restaurant. The gentleman that owns it is a local dentist in the West Roxbury area and really does a great job. It's a real family friendly spot. More...


Nowal A.

17 July 2018

I eat here a few years back and I would not have given it an excellent review. Recently, I gave the place another chance as I was craving some humus, babaganoosh, taboolah and shishtawooq... I was pleasantly surprised of how fresh and tasty the food was. So I asked for the owner as he is always there and he informed me of the new chef  Mr. Goerge who has many years of experience in the restaurant and food business. I thanked him for a wonderful dinner as it reminded me of the food I eat while in the ME.. This is authentic as it gets! Fresh and delicious! A must try!!!! More...


Cydney B.

9 July 2018

After a long day of travel, I wanted nothing more than a quiet place to snack on something light. I got just that. As other reviews indicated, total diamond in the rough. Good size restaurant. Ordered a bunch of dips, falafel and salad and was super content with my little picnic. Portions are a good size, food was delish, and honestly- it hit the spot! If your in this area and craving this cuisine, home run! More...


Erica W.

23 June 2018

I got the lamb kabob which was so good. I loved all the grilled veggies, just wish there were more! Everything was cooked perfectly and the flavors were great. Also ordered the meat pies, those weren't good enough for me to order again but I'm interested to try other things and get that lamb kabob again! More...


Subarna M.

29 April 2018

We hired Fairouz to cater our small wedding ceremony and reception.  George and his daughter Becky are a pleasure to work with and were very flexible and accommodating with our requests.  The food was delicious and the portions generous.  You can't beat the value and authenticity of the food here. More...


L. C.

14 April 2018

Great place with reasonable prices and generous portions. Someone called it a hidden gem, which is exactly right.Don't forget to ask for the fresh pita hot from the oven!


Terry Galib

20 March 2018

Catered a dinner last night in Fall River and food was awesome.


Marina M.

15 March 2018

Fantastic Lebanese food. Order four mezza dishes for a true feast! Features domestic and Lenanese beer and wine. This is a hidden gem at reasonable prices, too! Lovely tablecloths and music, nice atmosphere. We will come again! Update: take out from this place is also great. Food was nice and hot. Portion sizes huge. Love this place! It's becoming a favorite!! More...


Sara M.

19 February 2018

We had a fantastic birthday dinner here for a friend.  They were able to reserve a table for 10 of us and we had a wonderful time.  The food is great and the people are lovely.  I would come here again for take out or a casual dinner. More...


Michelle J.

25 January 2018

We went there for dinner tonight and it was delicious! I had the chicken kabob dinner and it came with the most delicious rice and veggies! YUM!!! I ate everything on my plate! When you first sit down, they bring over lovely pita bread with some Zata dipping sauce which was also very good. Our waitress was very nice and friendly. I would recommend this place hands down! :) More...


B L.

18 January 2018

This place is really good! Got delivery scheduled for 2 hours in advance they brought it on time, food was still hot and super fresh! The meat grape leaves are the best I've had better than Al Wadi. Tje price is very reasonable for the amount of food we got. The only thing I was not happy with was the "garlic dip" didn't know what that would be but got it anyways as a 3$ side but it was just like garlic mayo and grossed me out. But the rice, falafel, pita, labneh, cheese rolls and everything else was super super good. Still worth 5stars! Will def be going back soon! More...


Karen R.

14 January 2018

It almost pains me to reveal this hidden gem. The food is very delicious and very authentic. I've been there twice and received excellent service both times.I recommend sticking to the mezza plates (think middle eastern tapas), so you can get a variety of dishes. The pita is fluffy and perfect for dipping in the creamy hummus or flavorful babaganouj.While I'm a little sad to see it not being very crowded either time I've gone, I'm always happy to not have to wait for a table :-) More...


Dan G.

14 January 2018

Great place. You can order lots of small plates to try a variety of dishes, and they're all good. Lots of vegetarian options and some nice Palestinian beers. Service is also really warm and inviting. Try the fried cauliflower dish! More...


David H.

3 December 2017

Excellent Lebanese food in a homey setting.  While the ambiance is not quite as appealing as Al Wadi, the food is a bit different and equally as good.  The complementary carrots dipped in lemon juice were a nice treat, and the hot appetizer plate easily served as one of our meals.  As noted by others, their hummus is really tasty and definitely worth a try. More...


Tori W.

7 October 2017

Hidden local gem. I'm blessed with a selection of very good middle eastern restaurants in town and this one is up there. We ordered a bunch to go and that did not mess up the quality.The mezza platter was tasty but the hummus was the best on the plate. We could have just ordered that and been satisfied.The chicken dinner plate was a very good portion. The chicken skewers were charred nicely and the rice was so so good. With tahini on top made the perfect to-go food. Highly recommend! More...


Jimmy L.

27 August 2017

This restaurant has the BEST Lebanese food I've ever had. The waitress Julia is the most knowledgeable and polite employee in the place! Great service, fantastic food. A must for anyone in the area!!! More...


Judy N.

20 August 2017

This place is fantastic. I can't get enough of the aranbeet - sauteed cauliflower with tahini sauce. I order it every time I go there. The sfiha - meat pies spiced with cinnamon, I think. Are outstanding. And it's such a warm & friendly place. Go, go, go! More...


Lynne L.

11 July 2017

Excellent food & customer service experience. I used the online ordering feature through Yelp and there was a small complication with my order. The person who answered the phone was courteous, admitted the mistake, and rectified it right away. Likewise the driver was prompt, professional, and polite both times. The complication was resolved pleasantly and they generously compensated by adding on a complementary side dish. All of this occurred within the original estimated delivery time, which is impressive! Yes, the food was delicious too!  I had a Greek salad with Lamb kebob and hummus. The hummus was particularly fantastic - creamy and tangy.  I'm excited to have found a new regular place near my new apartment. More...


Johnny D.

22 June 2017

I am generally very impressed with their food, it's been one of our go to delivery places for a couple years now.  We always get the Baba Ganoush, but on my last order it came in on the fermented side... like it had been around a few days too long. Hope it's just a one time thing! Gotta work on your QC guys... minus a star for that. Otherwise, fantastic! More...


Amir T.

18 June 2017

We went there for a late lunch on the Father's Day weekend and were delighted with the great food quality and welcoming and helpful staff and the nice live ethnic music and songs you don't expect to see in a local restaurant around Boston... I tried their beef kabob platter and my wife went for their chicken kabob and both were satisfied with our choices. On the side we got Tabouleh and babaghanoush... IMHO the latter could use a larger fraction grilled eggplant and slightly more garlic ... only my opinion though. The only real downside was that, in general, the side dishes were a bit overpriced. More...


Katrina G.

11 March 2017

Fresh delicious omelette, great coffee and the potatoes to die for! Will be back for sure!


use your t.

18 February 2017

Nice place, we ate there today. Two yummees! Young waitress needs a little training. Cauliflower & Kibbee small plates, Cauliflower Steak platter/dinner.


bonita n.

18 February 2017

The fried cauliflower with tahini appetizer and the cauliflower dinner are excellent. The kibbee was fine.The service was not great. The restaurant was written up in the Globe recently. Perhaps the restaurant wasn't prepared for the attention.  After we were there awhile, a man came to ask about our orders. Service improved after that.I would definitely eat here again. I will give them a  chance to work on the service. More...


Sallt S.

17 February 2017

A group of 5 of us just had the most amazing meal at Fairouz. From the minute you walk in you are made to feel like you are family. We started off with the famous cauliflower dish and then tried a spicy lamb dish. It just kept on getting better. The meat pies are exceptional and the lamb kabobs are cooked to perfection! This is a real find!!!!! More...


Barry S.

17 February 2017

5 of us went there for dinner tonight along with several other tables who had obviously seen the glowing write-up in today's Boston Globe. If anything, The Globe didn't praise this spot nearly enough! The owner made us feel like we were dining at his family's home, and the food was both interesting and extraordinary. The cauliflower appetizer and the meat pies were standouts!We'll be frequent patrons going forward More...


Justme m.

17 December 2016

They will accomodate gluten-free orders. Hummus is great. I love the one topped with lamb.


Ama R.

12 December 2016

I order foodler delivery fairly often from this place. I LOVE IT! The za'atar is PERFECT and it is an enormous portion for only $5!! Incredible deal!!! It reminds me when I use to go to my childhood friends house and her Lebanese grandmother would make it for us fresh.  Their hummus is amazing some of the best I have had in the Boston area! The falafel is delicious and is also a giant size in a giant pita! So much food!!!!! As a fat person I'm ok with that much food but regular diners should note the wrap is big enough for two people to share and still be full after. And it is all SO GOOD!!!!! A million stars to this place! The delivery drivers have always shown up on time and been very polite. More...


Louka P.

6 December 2016

It was great food and great service with a garnish that had a purpose. Very affordable.


Jessie L.

6 November 2016

Ate in and had a delicious lunch of meat grape leaves, chicken shwarma, and the most delicious bread. We came in at 3 so it was really quiet, the service was good and she was really helpful in describing some of the dishes. The bread is what really stands out, it's like homemade pita bread that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. AMAZING.I wish I lived closer, I would definitely be a regular! More...


Kelly L.

10 September 2016

I just moved to West Roxbury and after a long week of moving, my sister and I, and friends, needed some good food and delivery. Coming from a place with 0 to no Lebanese options so we were thrilled to see this restaurant. We ordered tabbouli salad, feta and olives, chicken kabob wrap, lamb kabob wrap, hummus, and jalapeño poppers. Everything was really delicious, especially the hummus, feta, and tabbouli. So happy to be neighbors!I highly recommend this restaurant. Delivery was right on time as well, very positive experience! Next time, I will definitely go to the restaurant to check it out. More...


Michael D.

21 August 2016

We love trying different Middle Eastern restaurants and we're so glad we tried this one! Once you get passed the rather bland exterior, you'll experience traditional Middle Eastern decor and exceptional, authentic food. Servers were pleasant and helpful. We tried one of the sampler plates and a lamb kabob pita and loved them both. More...


Cara L.

8 August 2016

Delicious falafel, one of the best in the Boston area. Recommend for take out.


Taylor S.

22 June 2016

I ordered a relatively big order for my company today. I was a little nervous about the time constraint but I gave it a shot, regardless. Grubhub gave me an estimate of about 30 minutes. After my order was placed, a woman called to tell me it would take about 20 - 30 minutes longer than what grub hub predicted. She was extremely nice and asked if that was alright. The food was delivered when she said it would be and we all are really into the food ! Will definitely be ordering again! More...


Julie L.

16 June 2016

Just had my first experience with a delivery Order and we are blown away! Meat grape leaves, mixed grill dinner and the mixed green salad with hummus and a garlic sauce. Literally the best Lebanese food I've had and all three of us who ate were raving about how delicious everything was. Can't wait to eat here again! More...


Hannah T.

23 May 2016

Wow! What a great Yelp find. This food was delicious, and tasted like authentic middle eastern food. The cauliflower was so delicious and a generous portion. The mezza plate too. Savta Dina would approve 100%, how could she not? It was delicious! They delivered it to my house promptly. Woohoo this one is definitely on my list of favorite delivery in the area now :) More...


Osh K.

17 May 2016

I love lebanese food and if their is a restaurant I have yet to try I will go out of my way to try it. Came here on a Sunday afternoon around 3 and the place was quiet and they had a gentleman playing some real nice calm arabic music. Made the dining more special. Now we talk food. Always at a lebanese restaurant must start with the baba ganoosh which is grilled eggplant dip. Once I try this I know if the rest of the food will be fresh, and it sure was delicious. Fried cheese rolls is a must try, fried kibbie balls I have had in other places and they are usually full of oil but these were not. Raw kibbie this is the staple of all foods in Lebanon. Very fresh meat and was prepped on the spot. Hummus was creamy they way I like. Oh the tabouli crunchy tasty and just the right amount of seasoning. Also for dessert was the kanefe a sweet cheese with a hint of fresh corn syrup, it was so good I would eat that anytime. The last thing to finish of the meal was the fresh pay of Turkish coffee. Will I be back again maybe not cause it was a long drive to get to this place but it was well worth it. More...


Aaron B.

7 May 2016

My wife and I came in for the first time and we were in for a grand surprise. The food was awesome and very fresh. The decor is very warm and our server Emna was fantastic. If you want a true middle eastern  meal this is your spot More...


Laura S.

28 April 2016

This is a hidden gem, outstanding food -- fresh, delicious and beautifully presented.  Loved it and will return asap!


Carol R. A.

11 April 2016

Fabulous - Bring a friend because portions are huge.   Ordered were vegetarian meals: a veggie wrap and fattoush (salad).    Before the wrap I was served zaatar with warm homemade pita - both so delicious I can't even describe them.   The veggie wrap was two wraps actually, enough for two people.   The fattoush was taken out because there was so much to eat.   Also try the rose water to drink - sweet, iced, delicious.    It was quiet when I was there, so service was perfect, the waiter (possibly an owner) was so cordial, the restaurant is very clean with tablecloths on the tables and cloth napkins.    I would definitely recommend Fairouz to enjoy Lebanese cuisine but if not familiar, there are other dishes such as kabobs, pizza and salads.   So glad I found Fairouz. More...


Ellen D.

29 March 2016

Absolutely amazing! I'm not terribly familiar with Middle Eastern cuisine, but the waitress was very helpful and made some great recommendations! I had the fattoush salad as a starter and the lamb kabobs. Every bite was better than the next! The fattoush was so fresh and all the veggies were crisp. The lamb was marinated over 24 hours and was so tender and flavorful. Best hummus I've ever had.Such a delicious, filling meal for under $20!! More...


Fania N.

8 March 2016

We tried Fairouz yesterday after we heard many positive feedbacks. The food is authentic Lebanese and made to perfection. We also had the chance to talk to the manager about a potential catering event. He was very flexible, generous with many options to accomodate our prices and needs.Great addition to the neighborhood! More...


Wm S.

24 February 2016

Are you kidding me !!This food is what I'd expect at any Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton in the Middle East. The service is excellent and the food is off the charts.


Boaz M.

20 February 2016

This was our second visit and everything about it was as amazing, even better than the first!Fairouz is a family run restaurant. If Roy the chef is not too busy he will come to check on you.They specialize in home style Lebanese cuisine. We have not tried the 'All American' menu, that's really not the reason to come here.There are a few menu items you MUST try1. The Arnabeet is a warm cauliflower dish served in tahini based dressing. To die for!2. The Fattouch is a very special mixed greens salad, with lemon and genuine olive oil with a twist of flavour. Huge serving, easily for two.3. Their home made Labneh is one of the best I've ever had. Not too sour, not too fat, I kept going back for more.4. If you like hummus, you will definitely love theirs! As anything else they serve it with, the olive oil is a genuine cold press, with a strong flavour.A for the grill dishes5. Chicken skewer. Genuine, no fat, full flavor intermixed with grilled veggies. Simple and wonderful, you can't go wrong with this one6. Lamb skewer. Very clean, no fat, strong flavour but without the offensive odor that lamb sometimes has. This was somewhat less consistent , different pieces had different texture. Still highly recommended.Personally, I favor less the Kebab. It is certainly up to par, made in traditional style but that means it is somewhat chewy and a little more fatty.Have seen some older negative reviews here about service. As a Family style business I guess they are not optimized to handle many guests during large events, so call ahead to find out. This site already has plenty of pics, I added a video so you can see the layout.Bottom line, of you're looking for a middle eastern experience, Fairouz is clearly a hiddem gem well worth uncovering.Enjoy! More...


BostonGirl N.

11 February 2016

Came for  quick meal on a cold Thursday night I had the beef shawarma plate and my bf had falafel wrap.. It has been a while since we came here - new owners, very hospitable. AND food better then ever!! the sauce that was with the shawarma was outstanding .and the fries the best that place ever had. We would definitely come back to try their other Lebanese specialties. More...


Nancy L.

21 December 2015

We were looking for a place around West Roxbury that wasn't too expensive and healthy. Fairouz, being on Washington St is bit of a surprise.  We arrived around 8pm, it's a good size restaurant, not a lot of atmosphere.  Our sever was great, very helpful and generous.  We started with appetizer of Hummus with ground lamb and pine nuts.  It was a large portion and really good.  My husband ordered a lamb kebab wrap and liked it very much. I ordered grilled cauliflower, french fries and house salad. I dipped my french fries in the hummus,which made me very happy.  We ordered a small carafe of Merlot that for two wine snobs was quite acceptable.  We were too full for desert - next time More...


Rhea B.

7 November 2015

If you're seeking wonderful Middle Eastern food, check this out! Not being from the neighborhood, I discovered this little gem today after a local event. And I'll be back. Warm hospitality, plentiful and fresh food, amazing Greek salad, sandwiches and even spaghetti and garlic bread! It's not got a ton of atmosphere (the reason for the 4 stars), but if you just want fabulous food, don't miss out. More...


Kasey K.

29 July 2015

This review is for the restaurant itself (eat in)  The food is amazing.  They give you oven fresh made pita bread with hummus and awesome dipping sauces.  The chicken kabob is delicious.  The take out is OK.  Not always consistently good for dinner plates. Pizza is also good.  Will absolutely be back to eat in! More...


Hal B.

16 May 2015

Great value for money. I couldn't finish my dinner. Tabouleh was delicous as was kibbe and the lamb and beef kebabs. I definitely recommend.


Julio H.

9 May 2015

We are from Venezuela, where we have a large Lebanese community (my wife's family included) and terrific food. We also lived around Detroit -where Lebanese food is amazing-, so when we moved to Boston we were underwhelmed with the options. Until finally we found this place. We love it. The grape leaves are fantastic and the overall quality is very good. The variety is not particularly large, thus the 4-star review instead of 5. But we come here over any more expensive Lebanese place, the food is not only cheaper, also much better. More...


Justin T.

14 March 2015

We found this restaurant by chance as we drove around West Roxbury looking for non-chain restaurant. This area seems to be populated by that and pizza and Chinese restaurants. We first drove by Al-Wadi and could not turn back due to the 5 p.m. traffic so we continued on. This was good luck.  This restaurant was almost missed but we could easily take a turn to return and park. A clean establishment and service was o.k. although I don't know how they would have handled  all of the tables full with just her. The place should have been to capacity but with only street parking, the snow piled everywhere  made it difficult to find the one open spot for us. A lovely tray of pickled beets, hot peppers and green olive with warm pita served with a zaatar and olive oil blend was a treat presented to us, gratis as we waited for our meal. The falafel sandwiches were huge! The fluffy and crispy falafel with pickled vegs were great to eat. This was not stuffed with lettuce at all, as a matter of fact, there wasn't any lettuce it in!  They grind and make the chickpea and fava falafel in the traditional way, this is not an out of the box dry mix. The taratour was a stiffer spread on the pita bread lending delicate flavoring and unlike some restaurants, didn't run out of the bread to drip all over the place. The French fries were large and the waitress asked if we would like the traditional crush olive oil and garlic dip to eat with them, which we heartily recommend! The flavors were balanced, not excessive and this is a restaurant that we will return to. Coffee was excellent. I don't understand why restaurants need to put TV's up on the walls, they distract from what was a very attractive atmosphere. Definitely a  place for you to consider, a gem. More...


Jasmin L.

24 January 2015

The buffalo chicken calzone was amazing! It was freshly made to order and hands down the best I've ever had.I also ordered the chicken shawarma and lamb kabob. The shawarma was definitely better of the two. The lamb was a little bit dry.I will definitely be trying out other parts of the menu! More...


Chelynne S.

19 January 2015

Great restaurant. The food is wicked fresh. The pita bread came out still in a ball that I had to pop. What?! Have you ever had pita bread that fresh Doubt it. It was delicious. I had the chicken shawarma which was great and my cousin had the lamb kabob which he says was excellent. The service was very good, the place is very cute, and the food is outstanding. I will be going back without a doubt. More...


Pete M.

26 December 2014

Really love this place. We found Fairouz a few months ago and have been ordering at least once a week. First of all, the staff and customer service in general is top notch. The food is always made fresh (you can definitely tell) and is delicious. The Tabouleh is as good as you can get anywhere and so are the Falafel & Shawarma wraps. If you order delivery, they are fast and very friendly.   The prices are very, very reasonable even though they are obviously cooking with fresh ingredients daily. Lastly, it is nice to have a little variety when ordering take out locally. I feel this is a much healthier option than the usually sub/pizza spots that are in abundance around this area. More...


Leesa M.

24 December 2014

Great food, awesome service. I had the chicken kabob. I highly recommend it.


Jen F.

22 December 2014

This place is an absolute hidden gem and I hope people start to take notice.  The tabbouleh is devastating as well as the falafel wrap and the chicken shwarma wrap.   The grape leaves are sensational.  I'm of Sicilian descent and can be picky about grape leaves sometimes.  Both the vegetarian and meat versions are delicious. I've been in there or have had them deliver to us every week since they've opened.  A+! More...


Beverly A C.

21 November 2014

The flavor of the baba ghanoush was great but Christelle's  smokiness was more pronounced.  I also liked the falafel and the kafta but, once again, a slightly bolder hand with the spices would have been better.  The people are wonderful there and the atmosphere was really pleasant.  I'll order again and again from here, no doubt. More...


Nancy R.

9 October 2014

I had lunch yesterday at Fairouz and it was delicious.  Freshest tabbouleh ever and all the foods were scumptious...can't wait to make it a date place for my husband and I.  They serve beer and wine and it is has such a lovely atmosphere. The staff was sweet and I encouarge you to try and enjoy as I did! More...


TinoX T.

10 September 2014

Nice Place,great Food,Awesome Prices,Good Satff.Love it


Lily H.

10 August 2014

I think they opened one month ago (July 2014). Excellent Lebanese food at very reasonable prices. Not a fancy place, simple. If you want fancy, go to Al-Wadi, but you will pay double the price for food that you can get here. Easy to get to from Dedham and Rt. 1. Very good! More...


Jude G.

19 July 2014

Great first visit, food was delicious. Incredibly fresh salad, tangy dressing (pomegranate molasses perhaps?); herbed cheese wrapped in phyllo and deep fried; kafta and makanak (sp? Home made beef sausage). We were very sad that Christelle's closed and will miss the restaurant and the lovely family who owned it, but we are delighted that Fairouz is now there. While there are some American items on the menu, the extensive pizza, subs, etc. offered by Christelle's are gone. The room has been fixed up nicely but there are now two TVs instead of one. Frankly, the food is so good I wish that there were no TVs. They are distracting and unnecessary in a restaurant where the middle eastern food  is this delicious. There are a few little "new restaurant" issues- some listed menu items not yet available and the like. But patience is a virtue and Fairouz is well on its way to excellence. More...

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