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Fabrizio Tramontano

Naples, Italy

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Fabrizio Tramontano

Naples, Italy


Although my qualifications, teaching & research activities lie in the field of architectural design, I have been working on a free-lance basis with artists, galleries and various cultural institutions for the last fifteen years, collaborating with the contemporary art galleries Lia Rumma as "Gallery and Special Projects Exhibition Coordinator and Designer" (and for some special projects, also as "Fieldworker" and "Independent Scholar").



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I worked on a free-lance basis with artists, galleries and various cultural institutions for the last fifteen years, collaborating with the contemporary art galleries Lia Rumma as "Gallery and Special Projects Exhibition Coordinator and Designer"(see details below). Currently I am collaborating with the Studio Trisorio in Naples as "Coordinator & Implementer". In this capacities, I worked in close collaboration with more than 30 artists of different generations. More recently I built the new website of the Studio Trisorio, worked at different levels on the implementing of the gallery activities and image .

I develop and implement exhibition designs from concept to installation, emploing a variety of visualisation techniques (2-D drawing, 3-D rendering, model making) working collaboratively with curators and artists. I lead the design process through construction, creating construction documents and overseeing in-house and contracted building crews and fabricators to meet exhibition schedules on time and within a reasonable budget. I develop and oversee the design and production budget and facilitate exhibition schedule. I was responsible at the Galleria Lia Rumma (www-liarumma.it - please see reference letter upon request) for the design of temporary exhibitions, of the gallery interior architecture, art-fair booths, layout of objects, exhibition furniture, display cases, and media environments.

Since Michael Clegg's and Martin Guttmann's "False Perspective installation in the then Galleria Lia Rumma of Milan in 2001, when the artists asked me to turn the actual space of the gallery into a "false perspective" (please see the "My projects" space in the "Exhibition Designer" skill section of my profile) and then to write a text for their catalogue, I have been more and more involved in research work by artists. Later in 2001 I advised artist Joseph Kosuth on the urban history and on the architecture of Piazza del Plebiscito and of Piazza Dante (Dante station of the Naples Metro) in Naples, for his commissions of both a temporary and a permanent public art installation and for his winning entry for the competition for an artwork to be installed within the architecture of the new Salerno Courthouse designed by David Chipperfield; In 2003 Thomas Ruff's "MDPN" project required research in the architect's family archive, on the Fish market building - the manifesto of modern architecture in Naples. Together with "on field" assistence during the shooting sessions. In 2004 I was requested by Lia Rumma to curate a didactic section on the site of Anselm Kiefer's monumental installation "The Seven Heavenly Palaces" at Bicocca wich I was already coordinating. In 2005 started the long collaboration with William Kentridge thanks to his commission from the metropolitana of Naples and to my commission of November 2007 from Lia Rumma and the director of the Capodimonte Museum in Naples to carry out preliminary research work designed to find and select old maps of the Kingdom of Naples – either originals or reproductions. This material was made available to the artist to prepare the show Strade della Città\Streets of the City (please see for both projects the "My projects" space in the "Exhibition Coordinator" skill section of my profile). In 2007 started also the collaboration with the young artist Tobias Zielony for his "Vele" show presented in 2010.

I was Visiting Professor (“Professore a contratto”), of "Building Types" and assistant in the studio of Design of Building Systems (Progettazione di sistemi strutturali) directed by Prof. Mauro Buffi at the “School of Architecture of the Bari Polytechnic”for the Academic Years 1998-2005. I have subsequentely delivered lectures upon invitation: at IUAV in Venice (2008, and 2009) invited by the curatorial studio directed by Cornelia Lauf, at the School of Architecture of the University of Bologna invited by Prof. Giovanni Leoni in 2007, at the Madre Museum in Naples in 2010 invited by Barbara Ferriani e Marina Pugliese, authors of the book: "Art Installations, Ephemeral monuments" to participate to the panel discussing the book, and in May 2013 at the Capodimonte Museums in Naples (with Lia Rumma), to present the William Kentridge's Tapestry belonging to the "Streets of the City" show, and donated to the museum. I have at occasions organised public talks with artists including Thomas Ruff, Anselm Kiefer, William Kentridge, Clegg & Guttmann, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov and Dre Wapenaar among others, and with architects at various institutions (Academies of Fine Arts of Naples and Milan, Teatro San Carlo in Naples, Bari Polytechnic) between 2001-2012.

Along with a series of projects in which I acted as assistant curator (from Anselm Kiefer's "The Seven Heavenly Palaces", curated by Lia Rumma at the Hangar Bicocca, Milan in 2004, to William Kentridge's "Streets of the City" , curated by the Lia Rumma gallery and the Museum of Capodimonte\Naples in 2009, or, more recently, Marisa Albanese's "Fuori dal giardino" (Out of the Garden) at the Museo Diego Aragona Pignatelli Cortes also in Naples, curated by Studio Trisorio in 2014 (see details below), I curated a section devoted to Stone Architecture in the show "Turn to Stone" curated by Maria Giovanna Mancini at the Museo Mineralogico Campano (Vico Equense\Napoli) in 2007. In 2014 I curated the project: "L'arte torna a scuola" (Art Goes Back to School), a series of 5 lectures by young artists working in Naples at the High School Giambattista Vico in Naples, part of a larger project by Melania di Leo and the teacher Luciana Soravia,with the graphics by Renata Cagno. This series of lectures\meeting between the school and the artists has developed into a 2 months workshop with one of them (Eugenio Tibaldi) currently taking place at the school and outside of it.