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Ed Slowinski

23 August 2019

love the workouts. for the last little while I would workout by myself/ with a partner. tried out here, love the classes. mix them in with a heavy session later in the day or sometimes right after and can see results which is cool. friendly atmosphere, easy to get extra motivation here. More...


Raed Assaf

30 June 2019



Shannon Bova

29 March 2019

F45 Black Rock is absolutely amazing! Not only are the workouts incredible - the trainers are right there to help push you! The motivation is spot on! If you haven’t gone yet your missing out! ❤️ More...


Neddie King

27 March 2019

F45 is amazing! The trainers and the family-vibe atmosphere make it completely worth going/joining. I have been apart of F45 since January 2019 and I haven’t looked back. Lost 35lbs and haven’t felt this strong mentally and physically since my college days. Absolutely join if you want an amazing workout everyday! More...


Vince Saladino

27 March 2019

Great workout that changes every day. Trainers are great and the team atmosphere really drives you to go 110%


Jay McFadden

25 March 2019

F45 is a great addition to fitness available in buffalo. The workouts are dynamic and no nonsense. Sure to give you total body work with a focus on endurance that will improve your health and life. Owners Jessica and Joe are a constant presence, welcoming all first timers/members with a smile and positive vibes. I’ve enjoyed the workouts, it’s trainers and the sweat I walk away with every single time. If you’re looking to crush it no matter your ability in a motivating environment, this is a place you’ve got to check out. The high fives are free and the benefits are priceless. More...


Stephanie Perrotti

25 March 2019

If you're someone who doesn't enjoy going to a big gym (like me) and prefers an organized "trainer style" workout BUT still wants to be around a strong community, you'll 100% find all that here! I was patiently waiting for this type of training center to open in Buffalo and so far it has exceeded all my expectations. It's challenging but fun AND the best part is that I've already seen incredible results in such a short time!! This is the smartest investment I've made so far! More...


Jason Parry

3 March 2019

Great place to get in shape and have fun doing it.


Alistair Holden

25 February 2019

Fast paced, fun, energetic trainers, new clean facility. Lots of unique workouts for all levels of fitness. Be ready to sweat and feel the endorphin rush after the multiple workout classes they offer.


Alexis Kroese

25 February 2019

Awesome place to get a great workout in. The set up and fast pace makes you sweat and push yourself. You get cardio & strength training what more can you ask for? Definitely my new favorite place


Dee Scalfani

13 February 2019

F45 is AMAZING! I’m so happy to have found a gym like this. Amazing owners and staff. Everyone is so supportive and empowering. Great positive environment. They have a lot of options for class times. Everyday is a different workout. Each class has a theme to it so you know what to expect. If you like strength training, cardio or just a full body workout they have it all. More...


James Barone

9 February 2019

Finished my first week (3 total classes) today. This place is truly amazing. The people, trainers, atmosphere, all of it. It's a challenge to say the least especially for me but well worth it. If anyone is looking for something to get into I HIGHLY recommend trying this out. The first 2 weeks are free. Monday-Sunday with classes from early morning to late evening. YOU pick what classes you want to go to and what times you want. The app is awesome as well. Can't wait to start week 2 on Monday! ️‍♂️ More...


Michael Spin

26 January 2019

Place is great. Been to three classes already and I know it's a game changer. All staff are super friendly and accommodating to what you need to complete the workout. If you're looking to get in shape, look no further. More...


Michael Spin

23 January 2019

Been doing HIIT for a while at another gym and F45 is hands down the best I've done. Every workout you feel like it was an achievement to complete. Really stoked to be apart of this place. More...


Luis A. Maldonado

15 September 2018