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Here at Exposure Ninja we are experts in Growing businesses. Whether you're an SME or a Multi-National we can help. In just the last 4 years we have supported literally THOUSANDS of businesses and have built more than 450 websites. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not simply designers.


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Andy Hathaway

22 August 2018

Tim's videos are great but the actual SEO services of the company are one of the worst I have used, don't be fooled by the Facebook/Google reviews as these only refer to Tim's videos, not the work itself. All staff members work from home and you just get passed from pillar to post. My second account manager (in two months) had such an out of date understanding of SEO, circa 2010, that I cancelled my contract straight after talking to her. I would suggest looking elsewhere if you want work that won't come back to hurt your site in the future. More...

Hi Andy, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. It’s slightly surprising considering the relationship seemed positive and we got a lot done in the two months we were working together. It’s also slightly surprising given that it’s such a long time (10 months) since this work finished. To address your criticisms, if we may: - We’d query your concerns over the SEO service, not least for the fact that within 2 months of our work, your site enjoyed its largest ever organic visibility increase of 65% (https://www.screencast.com/t/BHSglgCdtyA). We only got to work with you for 2 months (we usually recommend allowing at least 3-6 months to see ranking improvement), but were still able to show a significant ranking increase and get some fantastic content published. With a longer time period we could have helped you continue that momentum. - As explained, we assigned a specialist Content Marketing Project Manager because of the direction you wanted to take with the campaign. She then had to suddenly step away for health reasons, at which point we immediately reassigned you to your original Project Manager. With such a sudden changeover there were inevitable challenges with communication during this time, but you seemed very understanding and we did our best to minimise any disruption. It’s very tricky to predict or manage these sudden absences, particularly in health cases when the duration of absence is unpredictable, so we fully accept that this was an area of weakness. We have since put in processes to minimise this type of disruption (as far as possible) in future. - The majority of our online reviews are indeed for the video reviews we do, simply because we do so many of them. We have lots of video and text testimonials from our service clients on our website though, as well as case studies. We also have webinars which break down exact client campaigns and show the results we achieve as well. - Every piece of work requested was delivered, and in fact we even secured a published piece of content after our work together had finished. We’re happy to discuss further, as you know. You have Tim’s personal contact details and we’d be happy to welcome you back in the future to continue the work we started.


Edd Marsh

After reading Tim's books I decided to have a free review of my fledgling business. The video review was really in-depth and highlighted many areas in need of improvement and suggested updates. Was very honest and, even though the free review is bait to upsell their marketing service, was of genuine use to us as a business. Hope we get to a stage soon where we decide take advantage of exposure ninja's skills and knowledge to take us to the next level. More...


Karen Lewty

Thank you for the website review which we received today. I have to say it surpassed all expectations. A personal, informative and insightful review by Alyssia, who took the time to work through the full process with easy to understand explanations and encouragement. We were impressed with the detail covered and the personal approach taken in the presentation. We most definitely know where to come when we are in a position to expand our website further. More...


Rebecca Louise

I have just received a 20 minute video from Wayne, which was really useful. I was really surprised to get this level of detail for free. I will be following the advice and booking a follow up call to see if Exposure Ninja can help any more. I've also completed an online course led by Tim on SEO which was fantastic. I wish I had done all this a year ago as I've got to unpick a few things now, but at least I came across this company in the end! Thanks for all your help! More...


Mohamed Hassan

Well, what can I say? I was extremely impressed with Tim's insights of my business. I'm beginning to finally see where I should be making significant improvements and I am confident that once I start implementing his suggestions the business will never be the same. My only regret is that I should have contacted him earlier, but as the saying goes 'better late than never'. In short, I highly recommend Tim to anyone looking for significant improvements for their online business. More...


Gin Jon

Received 30 minute free consultation on my online store, Exposure Ninja have not asked me for down payment or credit card details. Really accurate review and shown me alot more I can do to the store More...


Dragana Paparova

I was truthfully impressed by the effort Wayne put into creating a 15 minute video review for my website. It gave me a fresh perspective on all of the gaps I overlooked in my current digital marketing approach and useful suggestions on how to improve it, which I will definitely implement in the nearest future. Many thanks!


Oli Pitts

Looking to get another business up & running, I came across the Exposure Ninja Podcasts which I’ve been using for tips and have been listening to for a couple of weeks now, and after hearing about their website reviews, I thought i'd give it a shot for my existing business website to make sure it's being as an effective tool as possible. 48 hours after I applied, I received a massively in-depth 30 minute breakdown by Tim, detailing where I could make some significant improvements to how the website attracts clients, and my preferred clients at that. To say I was impressed with the content in the video supplied is an understatement, and when implemented, I'm confident will make a massive difference to my existing business, I’m just gutted I didn’t find Exposure Ninja sooner! More...


Leigh Manning

Fantastic advice. The free video was such a great help and now reading the books! The traffic has increased already and still got more of the recommended changes to make!


Wayne Ryalls

Blown away by the free video, when it first started up I just thought it was a generic video sent out to everybody but how wrong was I? When he started going through my site I couldn't believe it and the amount of advice and knowledge was incredible. I've booked a phone call now and hoping to have these guys take care of my SEO needs � More...


Vicki Psarias-Broadbent

Exposure Ninja always overdeliver whether it’s a social campaign or SEO. They’re great to work with too. Highly recommend.


Stuart Lee

Tim and his team at Exposure Ninja deserve every credit for a fantastic FREE website review. The detail of the review and video that accompanies it is informative and to the point. There is no pressure to take up any of their services and it is 100% ethical.
I'm about to sign up with one of their services because Exposure Ninja is a company that I would trust. Great work guys! Thanks. :)


Mark Segasby

Tim provided a really excellent video review of our site and gave us some pointers for free. He very quickly gained an understanding of where our digital marketing was at, and got a good feel for our industry and ideas for how we may grow our online marketing to appeal to potential customers.


Andrew Winters

The website review by Wayne was phenomenal. Very detailed. Not just boilerplate material like I was expecting, but very specific to our site with loads of helpful, actionable suggestions. I've also read Tim Cameron-Kitchen's SEO book and thought it was great. These guys are the real deal. More...


Jimmy Lucas

Just had my premium website review...a 50 minutes video of improvements I can make to my website's design, copy, structure and SEO to get my visitors find what they're looking for. I'm really hoping to improve my website to make it more useful to my customers and sell them products and services that suit what they're looking for. Exposure Ninja seemed switched on, direct and willing to help me. I'm looking forward to working with them. More...


Robin Mattingly

Wayne was very helpful in providing detailed advice that was specific to our website. Although we are not yet paid clients, a lot of the free advice provided was put into immediate action. He was quick with response time as well. More...


Alex Marrow

Wayne just gave me a free video review, less than one working day after I requested it. It was 20 minutes long, incredibly detailed and gave so much excellent advice that I can use to grow my business. I have read one of their books before and it is great to see how to put the ideas into practice. This is a must-do for any small business. Thank you! More...


Andrew John Neary

The turn-around on the website review was quick and the review was well-done. It gave me a lot to think about and ways to improve my website and I am excited to implement the strategies. Excellent customer service from Ali and great content. More...


Paul Strobl

I haven't even hired these guys (yet?) and they have given me so much value through my requested website review, that even though it's a Monday night, I'm getting to work! If you have any kind of website, ask these guys for help. I definitely have a better idea of what I should be thinking about in regards to SEO, and the direction I should be going when I pull the trigger on advertising. More...


Govi Reddy

Thank you so much for the free marketing review. Usually
the free reviews offered by digital marketing companies
are very superficial and are barely of any use.
But your analysis (presented in video format) was thorough enough to be practically implemented. I will recommend Exposure Ninja to anybody looking to improve their website conversions.
Govi Reddy


Chris Lorenzo

I thought the free video review of our site was a great marketing idea (it certainly caught my attention...) and an excellent way of engaging with possible future clients. The review was certainly very sound and I was in agreement with every point made, though a good percentage of that covered things we already knew. However, there was some valuable insight and it gave confidence that Exposure Ninja know their stuff and are worth talking to. More...

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A great website needs to look AMAZING - it should outshine your competition. But, more than this it needs to convert traffic into leads. Your website should have strong, clear CTAs (Call To Actions), a sign-up form to grow your mailing list as well as clear recognisable branding, and sales copy designed to convert!

I want to get to know your business, understand your goals, your focus before we even discuss working together. After all, how can we help you grow your business if we don't know how your business works and what it's about? The first step is for us to jump on a short 20 minute, free consultancy call so we can check we're on the same page, and then I can put together a relevant, custom proposal & plan- along with a video walk-through explaining exactly what needs to happen to transform your business.

I love hearing the excitement in client's voices when they realise that our conversation is the starting point that can change EVERYTHING in their business. I love helping clients understand the potential their businesses have that they never even considered. Most of all I love this being followed up with results. Whether it's ranking a client for more 1,000 different keywords, quadrupling their sites conversion rate... or taking a client's business from £900k to £3.7 Million in just 2.5 years. (P.S. Yes, those are ACTUAL client results. Check them out on the case studies section of our website)

Growing business is simply what makes us all tick here at exposure ninja. We are ALL obsessed with what we do, and want to spread the word far and wide that business growth is possible, with the right approach. After seeing SO many friends & colleagues being ripped off by unscrupulous agencies and marketing 'experts' we wanted to change the industry. We have.

Here at Exposure Ninja HQ we walk the walk - don't just talk the talk. We've literally "written the book" about how marketing should be done. Our training & resources are used by other marketing agencies to train their staff. Our SEO book is the NO.1 bestselling SEO book on Amazon. We've built more than 450 websites and we routinely TRANSFORM businesses with our expertise.

Why wouldn't you choose the best? ;)



We offer full end to end Search engine optimization services. We take care out extensive keyword research, complete all on-page optimization and then boost your website's authority using content marketing & digital PR strategies. We don't outsource our SEO work and we pride ourselves on results.

We're experts & marketing. We want you to know this with no risk. So, we offer a full Digital Marketing Review in the form of a 20-30 minute video where we fully assess your website, your competition and your marketing. Contact me today!

As certified Google Ad partners we offer top quality PPC campaign services. Whether it be Google Adwords or Google shopping ads we have you covered. We're about growing your business.

Facebook ads are a POWERHOUSE. When set up and ran properly you can target users based on location, income, hobbies, spending habits and much more. This could revolutionise your business.