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Explendid Videos creates animated, motion graphics, screen cast, cartoon animation for your brands. Get the best deals and offers by visiting our web page.

Our Services:

- Whiteboard
- Motion Graphics
- Screen Cast
- Typography


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Jessica Richards

15 October 2019

I'm glad with my boxes 😃
I like the bright colors and bold typography. Thank you for your best effort, I recommend EV to our friends.


Juliet Jerde

10 October 2019

The best part about Explendid Videos team was that they completed the project according to our product needs. The message delivered all the important aspects of our work criteria yet was a shout to all the field people at the same time, which fulfilled the purpose.


Paula Wilkinson

9 October 2019

Fast reply, helpful and courteous customer support. Great quality of motion graphics so far. Well worth my investment!!


Matthew Knight

8 October 2019

The Explendid videos have come up with the best animated video for our company, the characters designed; exactly exhibited the work we wanted to portray through. Each character speaks all the relevant information with proper copy. Highly recommended More...


Finley Lloyd

1 October 2019

Good work done by Explendidvideos, thank you team for support & quality work!


Maria Fox

30 September 2019

I would definitely recommend Explendidvideos! I worked closely with them, who stayed in communication through the whole project. They were professional, and always on top of things! The whole team worked relentlessly to make sure I got exactly what I wanted in the final project. Thank you Explendidvideos! More...


Keith Walsh

26 September 2019

Very high-quality videos and awesome customer service of Explendid videos. I will use them again in future.


Max Baker

25 September 2019

I have been thrilled with the communication, comprehension, initiative and quality work from my Explendid Videos. I am so pleased!


Toby Ross

24 September 2019

Super friendly team! Super-fast service! If you're here considering them for video animation service, DO IT!


Demetrius Terry

18 September 2019

I contacted them for help making a Motion Graphics, creative team ever. They responded quickly to all of my inquiry and complete the requirements in one day.


Flavio Dibbert

17 September 2019

Explendidvideos created video for my company. The video was outstanding and creative. I don’t have any words to describe their creative work, I would love to say that they have an excellent quality and quick turnaround.


Kieran Stewart

16 September 2019

Customer service is very responsive and quick!


Rob Shaw

13 September 2019

Explendid Videos has been a lifesaver for me when needing access to my website. David and his team are absolutely helpful through the process and gave a lot of constructive feedback.


Steven Webb

12 September 2019

Excellent work guys, I saved my money alot with their services. They made it very affordable and comfort for me. Highly recommended for Videos Animation.


Harry Zollinger

11 September 2019

I was happy with the completed video and appreciated the team efforts. If you would like a top-class Cartoon Animation, I would recommend this company.


Alvin Hollander

27 August 2019

I was tried many platforms services before, I wasn’t satisfied their work but when I use Explendid videos, it’s Great service I really appreciate the work that was done, by them. Thank You So Much!


Mary Prewitt

26 August 2019

Explendidvideos is fast, cheap, and I have never been disappointed with high quality of their work. Great job! Thank you very much for your help :)


Verna Helen

23 August 2019

The Explendidvideos team are very professional and trustworthy service, I will always avail their service because they have a reasonable price.


Robert Lewis

21 August 2019

The Explendidvideos team was a pleasure to work with! The team was very flexible and patient with my requirements and the animation was completed to a high quality.
Will recommend to others.


Nancy Graham

19 August 2019

Excellent animated video, very responsive to feedback. Final product was great. Will consider for any future animation needs. Highly recommend.


Dave Calveen

16 August 2019

Explendid Videos are very creative and very professional in video animation skills. They are the best option for anyone looking to create an animated video. I am happy to work with them. Explendidvideos is your go-to place for sure! More...


Jean Evelyn

14 August 2019

Amazing and very simple service to create "Introduction videos" in high quality. Thumbs up for all the good work, excellent service and great customer support.


Keven Bradford

9 August 2019

Excellent customer service again. I have had many video changes since I started working with Explendid Videos several months ago. The customer service is always courteous and very responsive. I highly recommend this.




26 July 2019

Thanks team for such a unique services, the best thing about my project was the characters animation , remarkable!


Smith Carmen

24 July 2019

Great and quick, really professional work done by Explendid Videos and Dennis as a project manager.

Highly recommend the company because they listen and react quickly to make any changes you want. Thanks


Mark Bedison

23 July 2019

I found working with Explendid Videos to be so easy. They were always helpful and responded to my needs. Willing to make adjustments until I felt it was perfect for my needs.



18 July 2019

Best team for 3D videos, i hired them for my new brand and they worked from scratch and delivered more than my expectations..


Michael Howard

16 July 2019

Excellent team of video animator, the best part is their customer support and delivery,


Sleiman Masri

1 July 2019

This company will try to scam you at every turn. We tried to cancel after 10 days in accordance with their 30 day money back guarantee and we were shut down.

I personally drove to the address provided and was told by property mgmt that they have never in over 5 years even heard of them.

The quality of the videos is absolutely dismal. They claim to be in California yet they ask me what time zone I am in for every call and always got it wrong, AVOID this company at all costs. You will instantly regret it.

I am in the process of reporting them to the better business bureau. If you want to comment on my review I will give you my personal contact info and talk to you on the phone to give you examples.



R. Tengan

1 July 2019

From storyboard to the final video, everything was just great!


Stone Alice

26 June 2019

Professional company for animated videos, i hired them for two times and got satisfied results,now gonna hire them again for my upcoming project.


Thomas Liamy

24 June 2019

Great services, we really liked the script and animated video of our company,


Sheila Brown

17 June 2019

Absolutely amazing experience! I hired Explendid Videos through a friend referral, and honestly the content quality are unique with high quality graphics,Keep up the good work!


Patrick Legan

12 June 2019

The team done a fantastic job on our explainer video. Exceptional customer support all through the process. Highly recommended.



10 June 2019

Way of working was great, they are creative and supportive.



4 June 2019

Thank you Explendid Videos for the outstanding services, the best part is the customer support because they are active and willing to support .


Peter Johnes

3 June 2019

Perfect team work and qualitative, Thanks Explendid Videos for the whole work.



31 May 2019

We hired them for our business explainer video, and we can`t imagine that the video looks amazing because everything was perfect like design, characters, sound and all.

Thanks team !



30 May 2019

I'm pretty impressed with this service both in the quality of the end product and their turnaround time. It's an interesting business model and I think it really fits in well with today's social media landscape.



29 May 2019

I love my video, the process was very simple and they got the video perfect the first time! It looks so professional and I've been sharing it on social media and my website. Thank you Explendid Videos!



28 May 2019

I was really impressed with how quickly they produced our video, the prompt response to our feedback for changes and edits, and the quality of the final product. We're a growing company and every cent matters to us right now, so finding a company to produce a video for us that was within budget was a difficult task and we're happy to have stumbled upon them.

They went above and beyond what we expected and I'm really happy with the result. As we grow and expand our services for our company we'll definitely use them again for future videos.


Maria Jones

27 May 2019

Recommended for white board and motion graphics videos, happy with their work.


Bravo Albert

26 May 2019

Best video making company.. Thanks team


Scarlett Hardy

24 May 2019

Outstanding services for Explainer video, this is the second time we had a project with them and honestly we are much satisfied with the delivered work, thanks team :)


Molly Rigg

24 May 2019

Thanks Explendid videos for animation services, you guys are perfect!


Cynthia Rogers

21 May 2019

We have used this team before and are very pleased with the quality of the product and the response from the production team.

We will use them again and highly recommend them to anyone else looking for a video production & promotion.


Henrik Albinsson

15 May 2019

Absolutely amazing experience! I hired Explendid Videos through a friend referral, and honestly, my investment truly paid off! I was amazed at what you guys had squeezed in a 2-minute video, good quality content and high-quality graphics. Bravo!
My biggest concern was that I do not depend on online payment methods, but truly your payment methods are safe, and the delivery was rapid!

I am looking forward to working with you guys more often as working with you guys truly has been an exciting breath of fresh air for me. Keep up the good work! A big thumbs up!


Sara Johansson

15 May 2019

I have been searching for video production websites to create short animated videos for my projects, and reliably, I was not impressed by any of them until I came across Explendid Videos. The kind of projects that I work with, it is difficult to gain and hold people’s attention, but you guys have made it conceivable for me to explain my projects like interesting stories easily and quickly that remain in the mind of viewers.

I would recommend this site as an apparent choice for individuals who are looking to get the word out about their gray projects through inspired, amazing, short videos.


Jones Maria

14 May 2019

Professional video making company, i had a project with explendid video for animation and 3D and it was great.

Thanks team!


Dennis Jones

14 May 2019

Working with Explendid Videos was a great experience. From storyboarding to the transitions to the visual elements that were used in the video, everything was perfect.

Thanks team :)

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