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My goal is to make customers for life by providing the best service possible! Technology can be confusing, but I help to make it more understandable and accessible.

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Annie W.

10 September 2019

These guys are amazing! My MacBook Air was having issues, as well as my iPad. Typically, I will visit the Apple Store for any help I may need, but thought I would Yelp and see if there is somewhere closer I could try. The first place I tried was closed, so I went to my second choice. Am I ever happy that I did! Experimax in Boynton Beach has the best customer service ever. I will NEVER go anywhere else! More...


jc H.

28 August 2019

We had a very good experience at Experimax. I would recommend this business to friends and family.While on vacation the outlet (plug) adapter for the charger to my son's 2011 MBP fell apart.We took the charger brick and bits to Experimax. It is a neat, tidy store featuring clean used Mac computers. They had a good supply of used parts for our vintage charger. Paul helped us swap around plug adapters until we found one that worked with our off-brand charging brick.  The price for the part was reasonable and the advice invaluable. No hassle, no up-sell, no problem. Just great service. More...


Richard F.

26 August 2019

Visited to solve a problem with my iphones music file.   Spent about 10 minutes with me to diagnose the problem and explain to me how to solve, clearly  and easy to understand.   Wouldn't accept payment


Adele H.

26 August 2019

What a find.  Experimax sells and services all apple products with a smile. No crowds no appointments. Very knowledgeable. A real gem.


Amy Light Jascourt

17 August 2019

They are very reasonable, personable and go above and beyond to help you. I have been there multiple times for screen replacements, phone batteries and more. I highly recommend them.


Louis McLane

17 August 2019

First they stated what they could do to resolve the Mac Pro Book issue. In researching the issue [Data Doctors] found that the GPU had failed but they could not fix it. Experimax stated that they could get a replacement logic board. We left the laptop on 8-13-19 and by 8-16-19 they had received replacement logic board and replaced the logic board. This returned the laptop to operational status. Very efficient service and would recommend these folks for working on Mac laptop products. More...


Sophia M.

16 August 2019

These guys are doing everything right! Recently went in to get my screen repaired and ended up buying a phone for my son that happened to have a faulty battery.  The team not only found a replacement with more memory, but they had it delivered to their location for convenience. Highly recommend! More...


C H.

12 August 2019

I could not be happier with the service, professionalism, and products here!!! Every single person I spoke with here is extremely knowledgeable, eager to help me solve my computer issues--even if they weren't initially working on my MacBook Pro--and no matter how challenging the problem was, they didn't give up, had great communication throughout the process, and ultimately, fixed everything! I will only come here now for any issues with my Apple products, or if I need to buy a new one--thanks to their whole team!!! More...


sean c.

10 August 2019

Hands down the best place in town for your Mac needs here in Bend.  Sarah was super nice, super informed with the best advice and help.  The difference between Experimax and other Mac place is night and day.  If want to talk to real experts, who aren't reading from a script this is the place for you. More...


Emmie D.

2 August 2019

Loved this store ! Customer service excellent! As an old lady, I am intimidated by electronics and such, but they were very down to earth .Quoted me a price by email and stuck to it. Thanks , Sean More...


Jason McGowan

1 August 2019

The staff at Experimax are always helpful and take their time to answer my questions. They are not pushy and don’t try to up-sell you. If you are as frustrated with your apple device, as I am, they will try to their best of their ability to help! Go see them! More...


Chris H.

18 July 2019

Excellent service! And we weren't overcharged. Will definitely go back for technology support.


Sherika Hagan

15 July 2019

They make the buying process easy! My son wanted a MacBook Pro before he left for college. He was nervous that the process would take a long time and that deciding was going to be difficult. They were knowledgeable, very helpful, and set it all up for him. He was on a budget and they met that expectation by 10%. We will be back! More...


Virginia McCarthy

2 July 2019

The prices & customer service are awesome. If you want Apples customer care without the price this is the place to go. They set me up & out the door with my MacBook Air & some extras. I love doing business with small businesses & they are very friendly & professional. I will definitely go back. More...


Erin Vader Elliott

24 June 2019

Fantastic owner, she went out of her way to make sure I was happy with my purchase. Great inventory and pricing! I will be back for all my future cell phone and computer needs!


Anthony M.

24 June 2019

Anyone with an apple phone or computer needs to come here first. They are honest,  fair,  and know their stuff. First time,  problem fixed with tweezers in 2 seconds; no charge.  Next time was another one of my kids' phone and for less than $100 new battery,  new charging port and speaker.  Phone is like new. More...


Curt Bailey

18 June 2019

The guys at Experimax are awesome!!! My 2015 MacBook Pro lost a battle with an unstable water bottle. I tried different things to revive it but to no avail. I had a current backup so no data was lost, but I had a huge deadline for work, so I had to purchase a replacement. I let it sit for a few months, reluctant to simply "throw it away". I'm glad I didn't! I decided to pursue revival one more time to see if I could get it working for my son to use. I took it to Experimax and was greeted by Ryan and Russell...super nice guys. They were cautiously optimistic that something could be done, but even with that, the odds were slim because water and electronics don't get along too well. I left it with them for a few days so they could work on it at their convenience. A couple of days later I got a call and was told it was fixed!!! Chris worked his magic on it, got it all cleaned up, and my son has been using it with no problems ever since. I highly recommend Experimax. They are easy to talk to and they definitely know their craft. Big thanks to Chris and everyone there for making things work for us! More...


Paul M.

17 June 2019

I went here based on yelp reviews and I wasn't disappointed. Sean spent at lest half an hour looking at my Ipad and bringing me up to date on developments. He helped solve my issues and I'll be back for other services. Very knowledgeable and professional. More...


Josh P.

15 June 2019

I came in looking for a replacement iPhone. It was an easy buying experience with great customer service. The phone has worked great for me. If you're looking at getting a used phone I'd recommend this place to anyone More...


Juliet Westerberg

28 May 2019

Love this place!! Bought there and do all my repairs there!! Great service!!


Allie B.

28 May 2019

This is a trust worthy place. I've had my devices fixed here since the store opened. They really care about customer accommodations. They were very busy when I came in tonight but regardless still gave me a great experience. Whether you're getting a phone screen repaired or buying a used computer, they will do whatever it takes. Highly recommend this location. More...


Patrick K.

24 May 2019

This business is professional and talented. Brought an apple pad in for new glass and had it back the next day, affordable fixed! Another time I came in with an iPhone that wasn't charging anymore. The man at the desk ( sorry didn't get his name) said wait a second, took it in the back room and came back in minutes with the phone working perfectly. Said he just cleaned the charging port-no charge. I'll be back whenever I have s phone or computer problem. A great, honest business! More...


April O.

21 May 2019

If you are a MAC/iPhone user and don't know about them you should. So amazing and so much better then ever going into an Apple store which I always dread. They repair products and sell for much less than apple products and accessories.I have finally found a MAC that's not outrageously priced.I am going back tomorrow to look at finally buying a MAC but just wanted to share with the group because until recently I didn't know I had another option for help with our our apple products.  You can go to the website and put in your zip code to find the location closest to you. I go to the one off Southern behind Texas Roadhouse across from Dicks Sporting Goods. I also had the pleasure of hearing the founder of the franchise Jim Muir speak yesterday and I see where his leadership at the stores get the focus on the best customer service. They will go above and beyond! More...


Gio L.

8 May 2019

The Experimac company is amazing! Great variety of quality preowned Apple products. Through out that years I have purchased 4 Macs from them and have had one other one (not purchased there) repaired by them. They are very a friendly staff willing to help you with what you are looking for. Another great thing is you don't have to wait as long as you normally do in an Apple store. I give them an A++++++You should check them out!! More...


Phil P.

22 March 2019

We've used this company twice now and they've been great both times.  They migrated terabytes over flawlessly.  Good bunch of guys.  Highly recommended.


Stephanie M.

12 March 2019

I needed some help transferring data from an old Mac laptop to a new one. I have a background in tech and totally could have done the work myself, except that the adapter I needed was more expensive than just having them do it! So I dropped it off on a Thursday and was told 3-4 days because they were backed up. The following day I got a call that the job was completed and to come pick it up! I waited a few days to write this review to make sure everything on the new machine is functioning properly, and it is. Everyone I dealt with was super friendly, pricing was as promised, and they even bought my old laptop for a BETTER price than Apple offered. Excellent experience. More...


David S.

13 February 2019

without a doubt the best place in central oregon to have any apple device repaired.  they also have an excellent selection of used devices.Paul will become your new best friend! More...


Aprelle H.

9 February 2019

Josh was awesome upon my drop off and pick up! He explained the ins and outs of my repair, as well as when I should expect my device to be ready! Got a screen protector and a one year warranty with my repair! More...


Bill B.

22 January 2019

They did a great job repairing my iPad my 2 year old broke.  I am glad I found these guys.  It was fixed quickly and properly.   Now I don't have to look like a weirdo at the company meetings.  Back to normal! More...


Sara C.

21 January 2019

I received superior service from the owner Paul upon my first visit to Experimac. I went in assuming my old macbook pro was a lost cause but Paul quickly informed me this was not the case and in fact was likely an easy fix! I was so relieved. Paul had my issue repaired within the hour. He was fantastic and I highly recommend checking in with Experimac before giving up on any of your Mac devices and before you go to Apple. Dealing with technology issues can often be frustrating but working with Experimac was quite a pleasant experience! Thanks Paul!! More...


Melody S.

4 January 2019

Thank you to Shelby and the staff for diligent work on my old Mac tower. I have purchased IPads from them traded my 6 to them. They have fixed numerous macs for me. One they took in and made sure all was good on a product I purchase through OWC Mac only company. 2008 tower they did that at N/C.I highly recommend them bypass the Mac Store these guys are genus's..!!!!  Great preowned items, iPads,watches,iPhones. All Mac...... cool stuff More...


Diane Paradise

29 December 2018

Today, the day before a webinar and a week full of other presentations, my Apple computer got super slow. It wasn’t allowing me to do things in MS Office or on Safari. I called Experimac and got right in. Within 30 minutes Chris had my computer up and running. He answered every question I had and helped me understand why it happened. I was freaking out when I walked in and he was super laid back, which calmed me down immensely. I highly recommend this place. Super knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you again Chris! More...


Emily H.

26 December 2018

My all time favorite place and ONLY place I'd go for any of my electronic needs! Experimac Pueblo has excellent customer service, friendly and genuinely caring employees, and the shortest wait times! When my dad was trying to change the SIM card in his phone they were so helpful! This is a MUST visit place if you need any of your Apple products fixed or are even looking to buy something! More...


Layne V.

5 December 2018

Great place to take your I-phone for service.  All staff has been great to work with Nadine and John.  Quick service and good price.  Would recommend to anyone:


Joe H.

3 November 2018

So Mac's can be tricky for an old-schooler. Walked in and met Chris. I explained my MacPro wouldn't update as best I could with my limited vocabulary, and he assured that he could fix it. In a flash, Chris gave me a call and the work was done. If you need help with your Mac MacBook or MacPro, these guys are the pros you need. I highly recommend them as Chris listened patiently to my description and was calm and friendly during every communication. These guys rock! More...


Priscilla Torres

19 October 2018

They are honest and do care about troubleshooting your computers.


Eric James

18 October 2018

I was their first customer! Staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Good selection of products and the prices are very reasonable—highly recommend for your Apple product needs


Art Zamarripa

4 October 2018

They were very helpful in extending the life of my old iMac. I highly approve of their work and results.


David H.

2 October 2018

Fantastic service!After taking my MacBook Pro to "the other" repair shop in town and being misdiagnosed, I took it to Experimac for assessment.Paul was fantastic at getting me in right away, and Sarah pinpointed the problem right away.They went above and beyond to take care of me so I wouldn't be without my computer, as I was in the middle of an important career-related project.In addition to unparalleled service, they charged me 70% less than "the other guys" would have.I've found my new Apple store! More...


Alan S.

1 October 2018

I have a 2011 iMac 27" . I called Apple as the computer wouldn't startup. To make a long story short, Apple suggested I contact Experimac. I did. They replaced my 1tb hard drive which failed with a SSD. Very reasonable. My computer now runs better then new. I will always recommend Experimac to anyone that as the has an Apple in need of repair. Honest and great work. More...


Brian M.

29 September 2018

Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional!  And honest -- when I brought in my phone to get the charging port repaired, they showed me that it was just dirt and cleaned it for free!  Highly recommend them!!


Greg B.

20 September 2018

My girlfriend ended up talking me into buying my Mac book from here. I've always been skeptical on pre owned laptops but a lot of my phones were refurbished since I broke the new one at times. The refurbished worked a lot better than the newer one so I figured why not. I'm not disappointed at all. Well educated staff as well More...


Lydia D.

8 September 2018

They are awesome and the least expensive out there!! Try them and you will see!! You don't need the groupon just call them their prices are spectacular and their service is impeccable!! Easy location to get to, and great hours too!! More...


Miguel Blanco

22 August 2018

My experience with experimac was great. I brought an refurbished iPad and i had them fix my iPod screen. They did it quickly and were very helpful. If you haven’t stopped by please do and check them out. More...


Julia G.

17 August 2018

Thank you, Experimac for coming to my rescue when my laptop decided to go on strike with no warning. I'm a Realtor, so need to be mobile with my work. Experimac diagnosed the problem, ordered the part I needed, replaced it and had my lifeline up and running in less than a week and ready for the weekend. Yay! Great customer service. Super friendly, very helpful and fair pricing. More...


Lisa S.

27 July 2018

Replaced my iPhone screen in a jiffy. Super nice folks!


Adolfo C.

2 July 2018

I would recommend to anyone with Apple gear to check these pros out as an alternative to the Apple store. Convenient and usually little wait time. Great customer service and honest affordable prices. More...


Jan C.

26 June 2018

I have done business with Experimac pretty much since their conception. For personal and business I have purchased some 20+ computers, tablets and phones. My experience has always been nothing short of positive. Great service, products are outstanding, and their customer service is stellar. They are my go to computer company! More...


Carrie Ann

24 June 2018

Amazing customer service. I’ve had my iPhone screen fixed twice here (slippery fingers). They are honest and helpful. The last time I went in, I was getting my iPhone screen fixed so I could send my phone into the carrier for an upgrade. I asked about fixing the silent mode button as well and instead of fixing it and taking my money, they advised I likely would not need to fix that part to get the upgrade. Sure enough, I sent in my iPhone and received the whole refund. Expeirmac has all of my future business! More...


Sandy H.

6 June 2018

Went yesterday. Got exceptional service from Brandon. Have been here many times before. (Teenage son that beats up his phones) majority of the time fixes are quick and reasonable. Have had items that did not fix right the first time but brought it back & they honor their warranty & fix again. More...


Marisa B.

5 June 2018

This place never disappoints! I pass several i-phone repair places to come here every time I need something! Keep up the good work!


Greg Chastain

23 May 2018

These guys have the best customer service in orange county hands-down. I have purchased multiple machines from them and have used them many times for customer service and service and each and every time I have walked away feeling very valued as a customer and feeling like I have a true value for my dollar spent. I encourage everyone to visit experimac. More...


Nicole Wallstrom

18 May 2018

Really knew how to help me with honest feedback and options. Thank you!


Barbara L.

10 May 2018

I wish everyone would check out this gem of an Apple Products, Repair and general Help store. After a brief explanation of my issues Brandon and George had them completely fixed, in a very short time, and I paid a VERY reasonable fee.I was so impressed by Brandon's patience.The folks at Experimac are customer friendly, knowledgeable-do yourself a favor and see them before heading out to an Apple store. Wish I could give 10 stars! More...


Faith M.

25 April 2018

Our experience with Nadine yesterday was exceptional.  She went beyond the 'call of duty' to ensure we were comfortable with our newly purchased iPad.  She is truly a multi task person as she handled telephone calls and other customers along with us and making all feel special.  Her expertise goes without saying, there was never a question or concern that she could not answer and all this is such a pleasing manner.  We highly recommend Experimac, especially if you can work with Nadine at the Chandler store! More...


Vic R.

11 April 2018

Refreshing excellence.My iPhone lost a battle with a SUV tire, screen a mess. Sent a note to Experimac due to Yelp reviews. Was contacted by phone no less, in about 1 minute! Short polite discussion, began to prepare to depart for the store.Received a note from Experimac as I was leaving telling me that the repair may be less ($169) at Apple as Experimac charges $199. After looking at the local Apple stores' reviews online, and no longer having patience for cold and careless service, I drove to Experimac feeling that $30 is worth it to avoid the frustration of corporate retail.Repair ended up costing me less than $25, and 15 minutes in the store.Professional, honest, polite, customer centric, truly an exceptional business. More...


Jermaine S.

26 March 2018

I enjoyed come trip here to have my old apple computers recycled. Although I was disappointed that I wasn't able to receive cash for my old computers, I will say my experience at this location was much better than going to the Apple store!


Jonason Pauley

18 March 2018

We were helped by the owner! The service was great and the price was reasonable too. Thank you for your help. :)


John Z.

15 February 2018

Great experience. My son trashed his cell phone screen (not just cracked it).  Though we had cell phone insurance, Experimac Chandler gave us a reasonable price that was comparable to the deductible on the insurance - and done in only about 2 hours!  The insurance would have been about the same money but the whole mailing back and forth and possible difficulties with data transfer (if necessary).  Thank you Experimac Chandler!! More...


Winchelle R.

9 February 2018

Came in here assuming to get the battery replaced on my son's iPhone 6, but it turned out it was more of an IOS problem. I left the phone with Sierra while I went to pick up my son from school and came back to it all fixed! It took her about 30 minutes or so. She's amazing! Easy to deal with, great customer service and very thorough. I'm glad I came I'm here instead of the Apple Store. Thanks again Sierra! More...


Ryan S.

7 February 2018

Great service and communication. Took my MacBook there to be serviced and they handled it quick. Very happy with Experimac in south chandler. A+


Donna G.

18 January 2018

I took my husband's IPad in for repair as it continuously read "Disabled"on the screen.  I had also called Experimac the day before to askabout fixing the afore mentioned IPad and to inquire about the locationof the store.  I received the upmost courtesy and consideration.  The gentleman who helped me today said it was an easy fix and didn't even charge me!  I was so impressed with their service and will definitelygo back! More...


Brie F.

9 December 2017

I love this business. The employees are so helpful and so quick. They do everything they can to get your tech working again. Can't recommend them enough.


Mike R.

22 November 2017

Just cant say enough about how great Experimac was in upgrading my iMac! Price was extremely competitive, and the service was FAST!!! If your looking for a reliable place in the East Valley for Apple repair or upgrades, look no further than Experimac! More...


Alberto A.

10 November 2017

Best phone repair! Super affordable, had a problem with my first screen replacement so i took it back since it was under warranty. They quickly fixed the issue with another new screen and even included a tempered glass screen for my troubles. Highly recommend for any phone repair More...


Gregory S.

21 October 2017

No matter what type of computer you have, they will figure out what's going on and give you great options to repair it, or replace it. I have also had cell phones repaired and they're always priced right and provide excellent service! We have also bought used Apple items from them and they are in excellent condition and they always back up what they sell! More...


Stacy H.

17 October 2017

A few weeks ago my friends phone shut down and wouldn't turn back on. We took it to the store and they showed her how to do a reset and then showed her how her battery was bowing the phone because it was so old.  They fixed her phone, got her a new battery and cleaned the screen.  The employees were nice and the store is clean. More...


Candace C.

17 October 2017

I can't say enough good things about Sierra at the Chandler store.  I've recently helped my 94 year old mother  purchase an  iphone.  Sierra was very knowledgeable, provided information we didn't know to ask, and transferred data without problems from a Samsung Core Prime to an iphone 6.  She is very customer-friendly, timely,  and can communicate in non-tech terms we can all understand.  Whatever she's making, Experimac, give Sierra a raise!!  She is worth gold. More...


Lou O.

13 October 2017

Hey! I have nothing but great experiences with Expirmac! Like others Shelby J. helped me big time! The whole staff is awesome! would recommend going here over the apple store for non warranty repairs! More...


Brad S.

7 October 2017

Not being a technical guru I was having problems with my MacBook Air until I met Shelby Johnson who solved all my issues in approximately 1/2 hour he diagnosed and replaced the fan and battery now I'm good to go. I highly recommend this establishment. More...


Ron R.

30 September 2017

Friendly, fast and competitive.  I had trouble the next day with iOS 11 install and they helped with that also, no charge!  Great customer service!


Tim T.

22 September 2017

My I-Phone 6 battery was shot and I called the apple store to see if I could stop in and get a replacement.   They advised they could get me in 3 days from now.   I called Experimac and she told me to stop by and they'd change it out for me right away.   10 minutes after arriving I had a brand new battery for my I-Phone.  It only cost me $40 and some change.   This place is awesome!!! More...


Barbe G.

13 September 2017

Stopped in yesterday to see about how to get my cracked iPhone screen fixed.  Sierra did a great job with customer service.  The phone was repaired over my lunch hour and is working great.  Stopped in today because the home button was making a loud clicking sound when pushed (was silent before).   She knew right away how to fix it and did.   This place is the perfect blend of great quality service and customer care. I love supporting the independent businesses. Sierra is an asset to her business! More...


Dawn H.

1 September 2017

I brought my phone in for repair.  They were so very nice, professional and gave a fair price.  My phone was fixed in 20 minutes .  I would definitely use again.


Sarah M.

22 August 2017

Wouldn't go anywhere else! They never disappoint!! Phone looks brand new! The staff is always friendly as well!!


Connie K.

20 August 2017

I am going to tell everyone I know about this little gem. I called because my iPhone had an issue and wouldn't ring. It was otherwise working and dreaded the thought of replacing it without trying to see if a repair would work. I didn't want to mess with the appt at the Apple Store or the drive to a busy mall. I'm so glad I did- they told me to come right in on a Saturday afternoon And they'd take a look. , Sierra Johnson, who was the bright spot of my day, helped me. She took the phone to the back and 5 mins later returned with a good as new phone. She said a piece of lint was stuck in the headphone slot. and she handed it back with a smile I asked her to replace the protective screen cover and once again, with lightening speed I had my phone back in hand. Just when I thought great couldn't get better- my bill was less than 22 dollars. Unreal. I will recommend and return without a doubt. P.s.-  this is a women owned establishment- and they ROCK? More...


Erin N.

1 August 2017

Had a glitch in my keyboard that was making the keys type random characters. I waited over a week to get into Apple and have one of their employees look at it. I was told my 2012 MacBook was "vintage" and they did not have the equipment to fix it.. the only solution Apple provided me with was to send my computer out for a diagnosis that would cost around $700 (did not include the cost to actually fix the problem)..... I took my computer into Experimac and found out there was a pin sticking out of place in my keyboard and the problem was fixed for less than $50. All the guys were extremely helpful!!! More...


Chanelle S.

1 August 2017

I really love this place. The staff is always very helpful, and they've saved me a ton of money by always helping me with my Apple needs!


William W.

21 July 2017

On the road and needed a new battery, lighting port and screen for my IPhone 5s -a trifecta of problems Quick turn around in a few hours, good pricing and competent friendly staff. This franchise is growing so even when back in the Maryland area I found they had stores      Remember the name Experimac Enjoy the service and people.  They are there when you need them More...


Jeannine C.

20 July 2017

Just had a great experience at Experimac. Fixed my son's iPad quickly and for cheap. They will match competitors pricing. Popsockets only $5!


Debra G.

8 June 2017

This is a great place if you are having issue with your apple equipment.  My iPhone 6 head a black screen.   Justin helped me as soon as I walked in.  He listened to the efforts I had made to resolve (had gone on line and tried all the possible solutions).  He didn't assume I was clueless and proceeded to spend 45 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with it.  Tried battery replacement  twice, LCD screen twice, charger port.   Although it can't be fixed' I would absolutely go back for any service or to buy an apple product.   Because he didn't have a way to repair, I was not charged for the diagnostics.   So nice!!! Highly recommend this place.   It's a nice space too. More...


DeVunti Mickey

5 June 2017

I Was treated with the same respect the first and second time I went into the store. The general manager made sure I was taken care of and even stayed a little after hours when I called her to let her know I was running behind. This type of responsibility and dedication is what makes a lasting impression on the customer. Especially when I need to make a major investment like the one I had in the Gilbert location. You will always have my support when it comes to anything Apple related. That's my word!! More...


Craig N.

3 June 2017

My MacBook was dying and I was dreading the lines and high prices for a replacement at the Apple store. Alex was very knowledgable and helped me find a solid replacement and even transferred all my data to the new machine while I waited. I don't feel like I bought a used computer at all. Great service and care, Experimac will definitely be my first stop when shopping for my next Apple product. Thanks guys! More...


Patrick G.

9 May 2017

Although they didn't have the 27" iMac I was looking for, they were very nice and helpful.  I would definitely stop in there again!


michael g.

22 April 2017

My mac got a virus and I called Kurt and he said bring it in a have a look at it. Friday Afternoon I brought it to them and within a hour Kurt and his Technician found the bug, I'm from So Cal and never in my life have I got this kind of service even from the Apple Mac store 10 min from my home. Again you will never regret taking your mac here Thanks Kurt and your Team More...


Dan F.

10 April 2017

Love these guys! I'm kind of accident prone and have had to visit them on several occasions... They're always super friendly and helpful, but today they went way beyond. I had put my phone in my cupholder that, I didn't realize, had a half inch of water in it. This messed up the home button and my fingerprint ID. I took it in to Experimac and Sierra took it apart at no cost and showed me how the water had turned the home button components brown; she gave it a quick cleaning and my home button started working, however the fingerprint ID still didn't work. I opted for a $25 water damage cleanup and she did an outstanding job and even showed me my phone components before she put it back together. She told me it probably wouldn't fix the fingerprint ID but it would prevent further damage cuz it was still wet inside even though I let it sit in rice for a day. Then she gave me a few ideas to try and they worked! I rebooted my phone and did a little messing with the security settings and my fingerprint ID came back. So, so, so happy. Best 25 bucks I spent in a while. Thanks Sierra! More...


Talia R.

28 March 2017

I've been here a couple of times for computer issues. Craig and his team took great care of me both times!


Vanessa G.

25 March 2017

I pass this place 3x weekly and wanted to sell my laptop. Unfortunately they only deal with Apple but ended up with a good deal on another laptop. They were very helpful, friendly, and answered all my questions. More...


Jacob H.

23 March 2017

Paul and his team at Experimac understand the importance of having your device personalized and working the way you need it to be. They have a great selection of Apple products and accessories and were even willing to take two older Mac's I had in trade for a new Macbook. Their technical expertise and friendly customer service make you feel confident you will leave the store with the peace of mind that comes with a well tuned device at a great value. If you're looking to upgrade your desktop, laptop, or need a repair on your iPhone I'd highly recommend stopping by! More...


Rebecca A.

22 March 2017

I just love this shop.  The shop attendants are helpful, intelligent and professional.  Prices are great and service is speedy!


Lone R.

18 March 2017

Short story short, I've had my phone repaired three times by three different people,  and each time something ended up wrong with it immediately.I go to these guys and my phone is literally brand new again. I recommend this place More...


Alycia R.

16 March 2017

Talk about truly exceptional customer service!! I came in to the store in a bit of a bind! I was in town visiting family and had a red-eye to catch the following morning for work. My phone had a shorted battery and charger port from my lovely niece and nephew. I came in, explained my situation. I was told to come back before close and they would see what the could do. I WALKED IN AN HOUR BEFORE CLOSING TIME BY THE WAY! I came back and they had replaced the shorted parts and got me back a working phone. They were so kind and so understanding. I have never in my life received such wonderful customer service!! Once again, thank you so so much!!! Update; my phone battery crapped out. Turns out they used the wrong battery in my phone... loved the customer service. Just disappointed that I had to pay more money to get my phone fixed again. More...


Tiffani Harris Nelson

9 March 2017

This computer repair shop just saved all my data on my hard drive. They act like they really care and have amazing customer service, are VERY knowledgeable, and have such fair prices. I will definitely be back and have recommended them to everyone! My experience here was light years better than my experience at the Apple Store. More...


Vanessa N.

7 March 2017

They came to my job ,15 min later and they where done! Cheapest place ever . And I got a free tamper glass thanks guys:)


Ozgun B.

3 March 2017

Great place to get a decent pay for old place without going through the hassle of trying to sell it yourself to another consumer.


Andrea S.

2 March 2017

These guys are great. They are always super helpful and kind. Craig was very knowledgable and helped me update my computer hard drive and operating system. I will definitely be back in the future for any Apple needs I may have!Thanks :) More...


M W.

18 February 2017

Great and fast service.  Had problem with my IPhone home button.  Tech: Jorge Soto, quickly diagnosed and fixed it.  Best repair experience ever.  Thank you


Tamanna M.

12 February 2017

My son smashed our mini iPad on the ground and I didn't want to pay $250+ to get it fixed with apple. I was looking for a quick fix and a great price and this place was it! I got my iPad screen fixed and back in 3.5 hours all for $107! Nice service and convenient location. More...


Sri B.

6 February 2017

Experimac, is a genuine service provider. The are really serious about their customers and adding value to their service. I had an issue with the service and their Manager Nadine took it seriously and pursued out of her way to resolve my problem and finally ensured that I was happy.


Deborah P.

1 February 2017

Went in to have my iPhone screen replaced. Giving 4 stars for friendly, accommodating staff, nice store and good work.  Withholding a star though because  the phone was not ready within the promised timeframe of 1 hour citing busy backlog of work that caused delays so I had wasted time and gas making an extra roundtrip there at least 20 min away.  Some kind of notification regarding delay would be nice - email or call etc. More...


Alex M.

30 January 2017

Updating my review: Nadine and I reached a resolution that involved them reimbursing me what I paid for my Mac originally, before it was broken.  While I wish the initial experience did not happen the way it did, I am impressed and grateful for how they chose to resolve the situation! More...


Lois S.

25 January 2017

So Impressed with service and selection. They went above and beyond helping me with my iPhone issues and I will definitely buy my next laptop there as well!!! New Macbook was $1699 and there a refurbished one with 2 year warranty was almost half the price.LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! More...


Suhan J.

18 January 2017

Craig and the team are really friendly and make every effort to turnaround work as soon as possible. I've had repairs done on the spot and within the same day (if they're not busy). They'll even make adjusts to the work if you requested the wrong item. Very much recommend these guys for any aftermarket work. More...


Paul R.

12 January 2017

I came in for a new screen protector and received excellent service! They put the protector on for me at no additional cost and did a great job. I know I always mess it up when I try to do it myself so this was great. This is the place to go for your Apple product needs More...


Carlee M.

7 January 2017

Amazing speedy service this morning by Josh! Went to several repair shops before landing here and couldn't be more satisfied with my service and value. They beat out other prices by almost 50%. Friendly and honest. Thank you so much! More...


Ahmet T.

4 January 2017

its good deal to get repairs for macs compare to apple store. and they seem to know how to deal with any type of issue...


Dustin H.

26 December 2016

Dropped my iPhone (even had the tempered glass protector) and the glass shattered. Fortunately, found experimac on Yelp and decided to give them a try.  Very friendly service. Had my phone back up and running in about an hour.  Also - Good selection of refurb Macs - might be back to grab one of those! More...


Glenn B.

10 December 2016

I just had a hard drive and screen replaced and also upgraded the RAM by Experimac for no more money than I would have had just to replace the hard drive.  Sierra at the Chandler office is a very smart, and helpful tech who really gives great service.  I'd recommend them to anyone who is having problems with their MAC but doesn't want to pay the high prices and long waiting times of the Apple Store. More...


Amy W.

8 December 2016

Alright, I'm updating my review to say that this place really did go out of their way to work with me when I told them that the phone I originally got from them was junk. I was thinking that they wouldn't give me a replacement phone after the return policy had passed, but they were really understanding and not only honored it, but when I wanted to upgrade to a better model, they  gave me a good price and threw in a case for good measure. They told me to come back and get a replacement battery if this phone's battery had any issues, and to get repairs if I needed it. So far, the phone has been so much better than the phone I returned. They seem to think that it was the iPhone 6 just wasn't that great of a phone, but regardless, my frustrations are over. More...


Camilla Prescott Workman

7 December 2016

These guys are awesome. They make your experience professional and quick and they give you a fair price. Will go back again for sure.


John S.

29 November 2016

Forget The Apple Store and making appointments. I brought my Apple iPhone 6S in for a new Battery.  The guys there replaced the battery in 15 minutes and for 1/2 the price for the same Apple battery sold at the Apple store.  The Guys there also replaced my glass overlay free of charge making my phone look new. This kind of great customer service is unfortunately very rare. Amazing! More...


Kris S.

27 November 2016

Went there the day after Thanksgiving for a broken iPhone 6 screen. Great customer service and quick repair!


Katarina W.

25 November 2016

I have shattered the glass on my phone twice and both times I got it back it looked brand new. The owners are great people, as nice as they get. I would definitely reccomend this place to anyone who has a broken phone and as a teenage girl, I know a lot of people with broken phones. 11/10!! More...


Susan B.

23 November 2016

Extremely knowledgeable. Best place ever to trade in or purchased refurbished Apple products. Alex was really informative and helpful.


Warren Mee

17 November 2016

Took my cracked Ipad there to fix last week. Great service and communication. They did an excellent job at a reasonable price. Thanks again.


Feddy D.

5 November 2016

This place is amazing! I had an LCD cracked on my brand new laptop which I just purchased 2 months ago. After getting an outrageous quote from the geek squad ( didn't purchase the Service plan ) I decided to shop around. Based on the reviews from here (Yelp) I took my laptop to Experimac and I'm glad I did.I met the manager Josh he was very professional, gave me a quote right then and there which was 1/3 of what the geek squad quoted me. The repair was very fast, only took 4 days and my laptop is working great again. I will definitely go to them again, as well as referring my friends and family. More...


Kelly R.

4 November 2016

We love this place!!!  First the guys are outstanding, nice and so smart!!  We wanted to upgrade the hard drive on our Mac and they got to it that morning and we were back up and running by that afternoon!  Now that's service and the prices are unreal!!!  We would definitely recommend  them to anyone needing computer service, cell phone service etc!  This is the place to go in Boynton Beach and the area for sure!!!!  We'll be back for sure! More...


Mike F.

3 November 2016

Great shop. I have been using experimac for several years . This last time I had a small problem. They did everything to make it right. they went out of their way to make sure I was happy. More...


Renee F.

2 November 2016

Went to get my shattered LCD screen on my macbookpro fixed. I was so happy for the price that I paid and they also had a college student discount! I will be sending people your way! One of my classmates is coming with a water damaged keyboard. Thank you for being so nice and fast and excellent pricing! I love the work that was done! I would love to get the name of the person who repaired it and the person who greeted us because they did an amazing job! When I brought in my laptop they looked excited to work on it, which I have never seen out of a person before. It really shows how passionate they are about their job! Go here for your apple repairs! Do NOT go to the Apple store because they may not even look at it!Thank you we will definately be back in the future!!!! More...


Nicholas Lemaire

16 October 2016

Great service very knowledgeable staff. Thank you Kevin!!


Patrice R.

11 September 2016

My 17 year old son dropped his iPhone 6 as I picked him up after school on Friday. The screen shattered. The phone is insured but the ONE thing that isn't covered is a cracked screen. We were referred to Experimac by a family friend. 45 minutes later, a new screen was installed. We were greeted as soon as we entered the building. The process was simple and quick but not cheap ($104 + tax). Check in with Yelp to get a $5 discount. We'll be back if we need to repair another screen. I hope that won't be necessary not any time soon, lol! More...


Kiernan Ryan Daley

26 August 2016

Chase was outstanding. Very informing, educating. So much that we didn't hesitate on the offer. We love our Mac Book Pro. Thanks Again, referring anyone and everyone!


Eric Madden

26 August 2016

Super nice store and really nice staff!


Sarah M.

24 August 2016

So I was saying "software issues" with my phone. First I went to AT&T to see what was wrong and they were no help. Called Apple to see if I can get an appointment with them and they said next week... Well I was not going to wait that longer and I couldn't be able to be without a phone. So I went to experimac and as soon as I walked in I was helped. Huge thank you to josh (who is AMAZING and beyond friendly) who helped me today! Now I won't go anywhere else when I have issues with my phone or laptop! Thanks Josh!!!!!!! More...


Sigsbee John B. Nelson

21 July 2016

Replaced the broken IPad screen same day, have all parts in stock, and some neat accessories, too.


Lindsay Woods

13 July 2016

This is the place to go if you need to buy, sell or fix your computer or iPhone. Best prices! They are quick and so helpful!


Nadine Kaakoush

12 July 2016

Love this place!!! Great products for a very reasonable price!!


Teresa Timm

12 July 2016

The people working there are the best! Very helpful and knowledgeable :-)


Susan H.

11 July 2016

Oh wow! We used this place one other time and they were fast and cheap! My daughter just broke her phone and they knew exactly what was wrong with, how to fix it, and bonus...it will be ready in less than am hour! Amazing More...


Matty P.

7 July 2016

Took my busted iPad mini to Experimac last week. They were super nice and attentive. Screen replacement price was completely reasonable and much less than other repair places in South Chandler. I brought my iPad in about hour before they closed. They indicated they might be able to squeeze it in by end of day but first thing the following morning was more likely. Sure enough, my iPad was ready first thing the following morning. Couldn't be happier with the customer service, the work and the cost.  I will definitely be back. Thanks guys. More...


Noelle Y.

6 June 2016

I've had my iphone screen replaced several times by these guys.  They can fix my phone in a jiff, my being a clutz not so much.  I decided to take the leap from PC to MAC. They were able to help me select a mac desktop & macbook, that would work for my needs.  They got me all set up, (transferring data, installing software etc.) w/the two computers effortlessly and fast.  I know I can call them anytime if I have questions on features I'm unfamiliar with.It's a pleasure to do business w/these guys.  Proffessional, knowledgable & reliable.Thank you Experimac! More...


Elise M.

4 June 2016

I've been here a couple times, first time I was looking for a phone for my dad, and the second time around I was looking to get a phone for my mom. I am completely happy with both times. I always call before I make the drive (I live in Boca) and they are always answering my questions and making items available for me! I will always recommend them! Thank you guys! More...


Jay M.

27 May 2016

Well, I would like to do a little homework before I make purchases. I went to the Apple Store and looked at the new Mac's. Their prices for the new computers are a little rich, but that's what you get if you want to Apple. I decided to look into a used Mac. I looked at two other stores before finding this one. I actually came across their advertising on the side of the road-1 of those little lawn signs saying they were down the street. Dropped in and I was impressed. The owner was great to deal with and she didn't try to blow any smoke up my you know what. Her prices were right in line with the other two stores, maybe a smidge or a smidgen a half less. I found myself busy like normal so I didn't make it back to this location for a couple weeks. I just happened to be in the neighborhood so it seemed like a good day to drop by and see what Macs they had. They just received a pretty decent new Mac and the pricing was where it needed to be. I bought it and she threw in a couple keyboard protectors. The next day I received a call from them letting me know that this computer just happens to have a three year extended warranty on it so she grabbed my email and sent that information over. Overall, I'm going to say this is a pretty great experience. Super friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy. More...


Kayla L.

26 May 2016

It's amazing what they can fix here! If the Apple Store says they can't fix something, experimac can...and at a great price! I wish I would've found this place sooner. And great customer service as well. Can't recommend this place enough! More...


Damon N.

21 May 2016

Hands down the best place I have done business in a long time! Honest and fair to say the least. I dealt with Apple, they told me they could upgrade my iMac all I had to do was come see them. I called Experimac and told them and they explained to me that Apple couldn't do what they were saying and explained why. Upon further research they were right, Apple was going to try to sell me a new Mac. I went to see them at Experimac because I could trade in my iMac for a better model and pay very little out of pocket. They transferred all my files and called me the next morning to pick up my new machine. I brought it home and had an issue. They couldn't see it but the HD was going bad or had an error. They worked to get another system and transfer things. Long story short I spent about 4 hours in their store (by choice) I watched them turn away business to Apple or Sprint, Verizon etc because the person could save money. Not once did I see them just say yes to anything they always asked questions and always made sure the customer was on the winning side.After several hours here I walked out with a system that is much much much better! All in all they did a fabulous job. I learned a lot, I had no clue they sold Mac's everything Apple. I thought they were just a repair and upgrade shop but they are much more! I would go here anytime anything Apple doesn't work, or you want an upgrade, or just need another. At a fraction of the price you can walk out of there with your new toy and still have money to go next door and get a steak or the other way and get a doughnut!! The staff here is A plus! I wish I could give them more than 5 stars! More...


Gregory S.

18 May 2016

Great service, nice variety, clean and very knowledgeable!they have some great buys & will buy yours!


Michelle C.

11 May 2016

Very happy with the service and price. Brought my laptop in to get fixed, they have the parts and they did it right then and there. Very friendly staff good customer service and great prices. Thank you Craig for being so helpful!!  I can see my computer screen again More...


Ryan G.

2 May 2016

My wife destroyed her iPhone 6 display, and Experimac was simply awesome!  They fixed her phone in about an hour, and were so friendly and accommodating - great experience!


Sam K.

15 April 2016

My iPhone 5 screen started bulging out and so I took it here after Walid the owner was quick to reply to my message. It turned out to be a bulging battery so it cost only $30.  Got it repaired while I waited and now I'm a happy customer.  The sales/repair girl was nice too. She answered all my questions with a friendly smile! I would go back for all my non warranty apple product repairs. More...


Jack U.

5 April 2016

I have used experimac on 2 occasions and both times the staff has been super friendly and took care of my problem in quick fashion


Eric R.

22 March 2016

Worked with Nadine. Very professional on the phone answers my questions and after looking over a few places and making phone calls went with Experimac. They have a quick service and very informed. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others. More...


Travis B.

10 March 2016

First off Craig and Joe are 100% stand up guys!!! Ive had fixed many and iPhone screen her and that led me to purchasing a compute for school. I was on a tight budget and they accommodate the type and style of comp i wanted. We had come to some charging issues with said comp, needless to say theses guys properly took care of me.(out of state mind you and shipping free) The type of service you used to get, when the customer was more important. The upgraded me from a $400 mac air first gen to a completely newer mercer $700. I couldn't be happier and i suggest anyone support this local business and take a look at EXPERIMAC WPB, buy Dicks on Southern Blvd before you spend $2000 for a macbook air. These guys Rock!!!!!  Brand loyal! More...


Jen W.

29 February 2016

This place is awesome!!! Kind & courteous service. Close, convenient & helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my iPhone or Apple needs!


H B.

27 February 2016

Brought my kids iPad mini to them to get an estimate on a screen repair. Price was reasonable and they did a good job quickly! Highly recommended !


Hazel G.

21 February 2016

If you have a problem with your MAC computer, this is the place to go.  They are simply the best!!!! My IMAC was acting up so I took it in to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. My so called genius told me my hard drive had died and that it would cost me between $500-$750 to recover my data.  I wasn't smart enough to have an external hard drive or backed  it up to the cloud.  They also told me that if I wanted a new hard drive installed, it would cost me $350.  I decided to return home with my computer.  I found EXPERIMAC.  I liked that it was family owned.  I took a chance and boy did I find a REAL GEM!!!  Not only did they put in a new solid state hard drive for just $199, but they were able to recover all my lost data.  The best part is that they didn't charge me one penny to do it.  I delt with Joe and Alex and they were just beyond my expectations. HIGHLY RECCOMEND More...


Julie H.

17 February 2016

Everyone at this store delivers incredible customer service. They fixed my mother in law's mac book so quickly which saved us from having to go to the apple store. I'm so happy to have a mac store so close to home with great prices, nice staff and used mac products in great condition at reasonable prices. Thank you! More...


Mike H.

4 February 2016

I very foolishly dropped and broke the screen of my iPad mini, these guys fixed it perfectly within 24 hours and at a reasonable cost.   The staff is friendly and the store is bright and clean.    I will be a return customer. More...


Michael M.

11 January 2016

Experimac just opened this location in 1000 E Gateway Blvd Boynton Beach in addition to their other location. Brand new facility excellent staff, was in and out in 10 minutes with a check for my Macbook pro. Joe Muir is the store manager, excellent tech and business savy. More...


Donald M.

10 January 2016

These guys rock!  I bought a 13 Mac book and a few weeks later an I-pad.  Fair prices, friendly above and beyond service.  Don't take a risk with electronics.  This is the place to go. More...


Myron B.

17 November 2015

This store is amazing...the staff are so friendly and helpful.  I was able to get my Mac Book Air repaired and even an iPod for my nephew.Their pricing is way cheaper than the Apple Store or any other major chain phone stores.  I highly recommend using their services. More...


Traci V.

17 November 2015

This place was great! With a whole house of Apple products, it's so convenient to just walk in and get our iPhone fixed. The second they looked at the phone they knew exactly what it was and fixed it for a great price. More...



17 November 2015

I was very impressed with the service here, I've done a lot of research on pricing to and they are the least expensive for my iPhone 5 and my iPad mini. I highly recommend this place, took them 45 minutes to fix my phone which to me is really fast. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I want to tell everyone I know just to make sure that this company stays in business, because It's Nice to have a store that sells all the accessories you need, and I'm sure I will drop my phone again. More...


Angela P.

14 November 2015

Great service and friendly staff! My phone was fixed quickly and I got tempered glass protection.


Dan P.

11 November 2015

Lifesaver. This place is great. Fixed my Mac and my iPhone. Incredible service...promised a ton and delivered more. I highly recommend.


Andrea P.

14 September 2015

Since the store opened a few years ago, I have been a loyal customer. I have purchased a number of things from this store and have never had any issues. One day I went in there looking for an ipad, an external hard drive, a cd drive and a few accessories and they really took their time to help me select each one. He asked a bunch of questions such as what I needed them for, etc. There is always plenty of help, too. I have also gone in to sell old equipment and I think the whole process took about 30 minutes. They are very fair with prices. I have also sent a few friends and family members to them and each has told me nothing but good things. Apple, I love you, but I can't ever see myself going to the Apple store after coming here for three years! More...


Sherri P.

25 April 2015

Called for a quote to buy my older Mac equipment and prices were very fair.  They were honest in that they would need to test out the equipment.  I took it in and in 30 minutes walked out with a check.  They were very knowledgable and not pushy in any way to get me to trade versus purchase mine only.  They also offered an even better price if I decided to a trade.  All in all the experience was probably the best I have had selling.  I don't think I will ever sell on Craigslist or eBay considering they are local, fair, and make the experience so painless. More...


Topher D.

19 June 2012

My iPhone fell into a cup of water and stopped working, so I decided to stop by.  There was nothing they could do to get it working 100%, BUT they did clean out the water on the interior of the iPhone free of charge. Which I believe led Apple into give me a new iPhone for free. (I didn't tell Apple I dropped it in the water and they could not determine that) Although I did not purchase anything, I would highly recommend their products and services. This small business focuses on honesty, transparency, and professionalism. A lot of third-party Apple vendors would have charged me just for having my phone looked at. The Mac Toy Store did not. More...

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