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Address: 1975 Allouez Ave, Green Bay, WI 54311, USA

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Carole C.

28 October 2017

I recently went back to Chris, Dan and the guys at Exhaust Pros after moving out of the area.We had been bringing our vehicles (at least 10 different makes/models) for about 10 years and have ALWAYS gotten the best diagnostics, service, and advice.  HONEST, and KNOWLEDGABLE. Never had a bad experience - prices for repairs competitive and Chris has always told me when a vehicle may not be worth the repairs.  He lets me decide, but he'd rather not have the business if I wouldn't be happy.  Great with telling our kids if their car is not safe and yet lets them know if something maybe can wait.  About 4 years ago, Dan came out in 40 below weather/wind chill and changed my tire.  I thought he was going to freeze to death.  He's amazing.  Definitely worth the drive from out of town.  If it's not an emergency, I recommend having a diagnostic and then scheduling your vehicle for when the parts come in. They are fast and thorough, but they are as busy as they are great. More...


Mary G.

12 April 2017

Had a 2pm appointment today to find out why there was a rattling noise at the rear of my 7-year-old Ford.  I figured I was due for a new muffler or something.At 2:13, I was on my way home, having paid NOTHING for them to ascertain that it was just a broken/rusted screw on the exhaust shield...which they replaced.Honestly, when I see a place with only 5-star reviews, I'm leery.  I figure they must all be written by relatives.  Well, I'm not a relative, but I am now a lifelong customer!Oh, and the best part for me was NOT being assaulted by 24/7 cable news or talk radio while I sat in the waiting room. They had game shows on - though they also have free wifi, which is how I was occupying myself during my brief 13 minute stint there. More...


John C.

30 August 2015

We visited Green Bay for the weekend and had a brake issue while we were there. Exhaust pro was the only one willing to do a simple repair instead of a full brake job. After the manager looked at it they called me and told me it would only be a small amount of money more to do a complete brake job. The price they quoted was half what I received from other shops in town who didn't have time to do a simple repair but had the time to do a major brake overhaul. Thank you exhaust pro for all of your help and thank you Marty for being a great manager.  We appreciate your kindness and helpfulness. More...


Petice T.

28 November 2014

Took my daughter's car in for what I thought was a bad muffler (low throaty rumble from the rear ). After determining the muffler and exhaust system were fine, the service tech isolated the issue as a bulge in a rear tire. Tires were rotated and checked, and rotated and checked again, each time isolating the noise to the questionable tire. After all of this time and effort, my bill was "no charge" and the estimate for recommended new tires was very competitive. Highly recommend these guys, good knowledge and customer service!!! More...


Heather M.

14 April 2014

Great shop! They have always been honest and fair with any vehicle I've brought in there. I called them from the sidewalk of Tires Plus after being treated like an idiot and they understood exactly what I needed and were able to do much better on price. They also explained that what Tires Plus said I NEEDED was only a need if they were unable to use the current set up. Great work at a fair price. Would recommend to anyone. More...


Adam H.

4 February 2013

Awesome shop. Chris is really nice, and they seem really honest. They were cheaper than other places I checked out, and they did great work too. I would highly recommend them. Even other customers in the waiting room rave over the quality work they do. More...



15 January 2013

After hitting something on the highway tow truck took my mother (alone) to Exhaust Pros and Chris went out of his way to make sure she was taken care of (we all live about 100 miles away). Chris dealt with her insurance company, provided an estimate and made sure we were alerted when insurance company was doing anything. We couldn't be more pleased with his honesty and excellent customer care. Nice place - great people. Even the waiting room was clean. Would recommend this place to anyone. More...


Trixy W.

4 October 2012

Honest, honest, honest!  All I can say is Exhaust Pro's saved me about $700!!!!   I got an estimate from my local Chrysler dealership (not in Green Bay) about a rattling that was related to my exhaust.  They said it would be $350 to replace the problem "the exhaust back."  However, they would recommend replacing my catalytic convertor with the exhaust all the way back because of the age of the vehicle while I had it in ($700.)  I was out of town and was tired of putting the rattling off.  I called Brian this morning at Exhaust Pro and asked for a quote over the phone using the same "diagnosis" I got from the dealer.  He said what I described didn't sound right.  I asked if I could bring it in and have them make any repairs the same day (as I'm not going to be in the area long.)  He gave me directions (to avoid construction).  I got there and I was looking at my car on the rack in about 15 minutes.  The man simply lifted the cat cover off and rattled it around.  He asked, "Is this the noise?"  I smiled and said, "Yes."  He said that was all it was, you can replace the cat, but didn't described that it wasn't life threatening due to the fact that I don't drive the car unless it's on occasion - like this trip was.  The total charge?  Nothing!  They didn't even charge me to get a new "diagnosis."  I love this place.  Well, now I know where my husband is going to bring our old pick-up that needs exhaust work done.  I will gladly make the 1.5 hour drive to know I will get honest treatment.  Thank you guys - this cost you saved me will help pay my tuition next semester. More...



16 August 2011

These guys did a LOT of diagnostic work trying to find the source of problem I had with my transmission. Everything checked out and they couldn't recreate the problem...so they didn't charge me anything! I know they put time into this. Just incredible to walk away without a bill. This was probably our fourth or fifth visit to Exhaust Pros and we will continue coming back. More...


Troy G.

14 December 2008

This is the only place I trust to work on mine and my families vehicles. They stand behind their work! They don't talk to you like your stupid about cars either. My wife had an oil change at Gandrud, and they told her alot was wrong with her car. Exhaust Pros checked out what they said was wrong and low and behold!, there was nothing that they said was wrong. I love this place. I wouldn't recommend any other place to get work done, at an affordable price too! :) More...

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