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Exeter Cleaners


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Victoria B.

12 January 2019

Use this place at your own risk!!!!  White dress came back with stains on it.  Gray pants are MIA.  Horrible service horrible quality.


Joshua C.

21 November 2015

We use Exeter cleaners mainly for alterations. They are the best in the area. Always friendly. Highly recommended.


Daniel L.

21 September 2015

I tried this place on two occasions because its within walking distance from our place. The first time everything went okay I guess but I remember thinking that it was a little overpriced. The second time I went was a disaster. My shirts were returned to me in the plastic wrap. Nearly all of them had stains on them after I specifically asked to have them removed. The casher/ owner did not tell me about the stains still being there when I picked the shirts up.  I had no idea until I unwrapped the shirts right before I had an important meeting. I took the very same shirts to another cleaner in town who was able to get all of the stains out without any problems or extra service. A cleaners that doesn't clean is about as useless as it gets. More...


James L.

3 September 2015

Moved to Epping 2yrs ago and used this cleaner since then. Nice people, prices fair and they do have clothes ready when promised. Not the place to go if you need something right away, usually takes some time to get it back. Have not had any alterations or sewing done so cannot comment on that aspect. More...


Stephen C.

11 July 2015

Never again I could of hemmed the pants instead of paying $ 16 and when I went back in to discuss with the owner she was rude.


Kurt P.

18 March 2015

I've used this place a few times to have some shirts cleaned and have had no problems. Turn around time can be a little long, but my shirts are always clean and it's not very pricey!


Jessica P.

2 January 2013

I used to like this place.  I recently had some suits (supposedly) cleaned.  In my book, "cleaned" means that my suits do not come back covered in lint, dust, etc.  Instead, it looks like they just pressed the dirty clothes and stuck them back on a hanger.  I'm really angry because I counted on having one of these suits for an upcoming interview.  Now I'll be up late before an early morning flight trying to Dryel and steam these suits so that they are *CLEAN* and presentable.  Will be disputing this with my credit card company as soon as I get back.  I absolutely refuse to pay for services that were not rendered. More...


Lou J.

15 September 2012

will never go back..ever! hemmed a very expensive cashmere dress and it cam out totally crooked and with a hem so thick i could not believe it..never cut at all, just folded over in a 5" thick hem and sewn! dry cleaning may be okay but alterations are horrid! and expensive..ruined my dress! More...