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I work with business professionals, executives/leaders, business owners and managers to deliver coaching and consultative Leadership work sessions. Coaching sessions would include consulting with clients to determine their needs, recommending consulting & training solutions, delivering single and multi-day work sessions and help business leaders overcome their obstacles to success.

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29 August 2019

Most people don't have the mind to do what I need done but, he proved to be one of the few. I implemented a strategy in my request that would only pull the highest grade of mind. The request was so vague that only people with confidence in their abilities would respond to the request. I don't need people that are afraid to fail. I want people that believe that they can succeed regardless of the task presented to them. More...



18 August 2019

Dr. Surya M Ganduri is one of the best coaches I know and the best coach I have worked with over the last 9 years. He is vastly knowledgeable about behaviors and their connection to business principles and relationships. While insightful, he is patient and coaches in a calm, mild-mannered, yet firm way to get his message across to his students. Not only does he coach, he is able to reference professionals who use like principles and are successful in conveying their messages to others. I did not hesitate to work with him and it has been a very motivating and life changing experience. I am very grateful to count him as my amazing coach. More...


Linda Forsythe

16 August 2019

I have been working with Dr. Ganduri for over 10 years and I highly recommend him for his coaching. Surya takes the time to KNOW your situation, and devotes applying his expertise and attention to detail to give exemplary service. Your project will be finished with outstanding results. I know....because Surya is my "go too" guy whenever I need something accomplished in the right way! More...

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First of all, everyone needs some coaching and training.

Of course, you have to find someone that you can trust… someone that really wants to see you succeed. I can tell you that is my main goal. Nothing makes me happier than getting emails or phone calls from those that I have helped. I love success stories. I truly value hard work, honesty, and lifting up those around me.
However, I will not work with just anybody.
I say this because I have tried to help too many people that didn’t want to listen or were just wasting my time. Some of the attributes of the people I want to work with are:
• Serious about improving their performance.
• Eager to learn and willing to listen.
• Have high goals, i.e. won’t settle for mediocrity
• Wants to be highly successful.
• Won’t quit.
• Patient. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your business!
• Hard worker who doesn’t expect others to do their work for them!
• Commitment to change behavior and attitude
As you can see, I will not exclude people in financial doldrums. Some of the most successful that I’ve worked with have been in debt but, motivated enough to get out of debt when I started working with them. They were, however, people who were willing to work hard, learn the ropes, and wouldn’t settle.
I’m here to help you,
and I can honestly say that I truly wish for your success. I want to teach people the methods that I use to create success in my life every single day. If you are ready for success, you have come to the right place!
Contact me if you’re interested in working with me directly and start improving your results.

Your success starts with you so make it happen!