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Dublin, Ohio, USA

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Dublin, Ohio, USA



I am a coach and also have a search firm.

I offer 'full-service' Life Coach services ranging from Executives, Career, and Health & Wellness
and guarantee results. My vision is to create possibilities beyond people's imaginations.

I have studied in three different coaching schools and mediation programs.


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Lance Grimes

28 May 2017

I recently took a meditation course with Melissa. She is a fantastic instructor and though I am in the infant stages of my meditation practice, I have already felt the benefits from the techniques I learned during the sessions. The material is all very easy to comprehend and you will leave the sessions with new energy and a extremely positive outlook for your future wellness. I would recommend this to anyone dealing with stress, or if you would just like to be more present and develop simple techniques for life improvement. More...


Stacey Garrick

16 April 2017

Melissa Mirenda brings energy and practicality to the practice of meditation. I highly recommend Melissa's meditation class to anyone considering a meditation practice.

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I make a huge difference in people's life as a coach and it's very fulfilling to see results manifest.

And part of my life purposed is teaching meditation to help people de-stress and realize their full potential by calming the nervous system.

I have always been an entrepreneur. I love the freedom, creativity and flexibility it offers!

I am reasonably priced and get committed results, guaranteed.