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Redlands, California, San Bernardino

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Redlands, California, San Bernardino



Excel Physical Therapy and Wellness provides whole person rehab care. Dr. James George, PT, DPT, OCS, D-IACH is a Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist. He is also a Classical Homeopathy Diploma holder. Homeopathy is a system of medicine which uses over-the counter remedies to address Chronic Mental, Emotional and Physical ailments which could not be helped by conventional medicine.

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art cabrera

25 October 2019

Went in with back pain and after the first visit I felt better This guy really knows what he's doing and not only that he really cares about helping you get better . I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for some pain relief More...


Walt Meagher

21 September 2019

Very professional always on time i am very pleased with everyone who works here.i would recommend anyone to come here


Jonathan Quinn

21 September 2019

Great holistic approach to treatment, investigates the cause of the problem for preventative measures


Yaron Fine

30 June 2019

I've been dealing with chronic knee and shoulder injuries. I recently had a flare-up but my usual go- to PT did not have available openings. I saw Dr. George's ad at my workplace, and decided to give him a chance. I walked in with very little expectations. He got me back to running and swimming within no time at all.Dr. Goerge helped me fiigure out the root cause of my injury, and used a hands on approach to help aliviate my pain. He built a personal set of stretches and strengthening excercises for me. He kept working with me one on one to make sure that I do all my stretches and exercises correctly, while making adjustments where needed. Always with a pleasant, calm and attentive attitude. I really like his holistic approach to problem solving. Combining hands-on and personal attention, and following up with stretches and exercises. More than anything the results speak for themselves. More...


Cristobal Rodriguez-Torres

26 April 2019

The rehab care & exercise program provided by Dr. James George has done wonders to reduce my hip and leg pain. Dr. George fully diagnosed my physical condition and helped me overcome most of my limitations. He is a knowledgeable health professional who has the ability to explain complex matters in a simple way. He is very patient while showing you the correct way to exercise and improve your posture. With his care I have been able to restart my jogging and gym fitness sessions. I highly recommend Dr. James George and his Excel Physical Therapy and Wellness to anyone with pain problems. More...


Diedre D.

24 February 2019

Dr George is extremely versed in his field. He has great knowledge of the body and knows what needs to be done to correct the issue and make his patients feel relief, naturally. No injections or harmful medications. Homeopathy at it's best!!! More...


S E.

21 August 2018

Thank you for helping with my son. He has been lactose intolerant from birth. We did not attribute his constant dysentery after having milk to him being lactose intolerant, till his pediatrician asked us to try milk with no lactic acid.. When we consulted with Dr. James, he spent 3 hours asking questions and a day to analyze then prescribed a medicine. My son was on it for 3 months and has been lactose tolerant since then. Thank you Dr. JamesHe also helped my son with his skin ailments. He would get a dry patch over his eye every summer, we took him to a dermatologist who recommended a cream but also said that this was an auto immune disease which cannot be healed, and to expect more to come. Dr. James provided us with a medicine that took care of the "auto immune disease", my son has not had the dry patch anywhere on his face nor body. Thank you Dr. James More...


Sasidar John

9 August 2018

It is a good clinic run by fully qualified and trained professionals. The method of approach to the problem, diagnosis and treatment are systematic, convincing and normally affordable. Patient gets good care and attention. More...

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Being able to provide whole person care to my clients - mental, emotional and physical care.

Be able to spend one-one-one time with my clients to help them achieve their goals.

20 years of clinical experience. Be able to provide whole person care - mental, emotional and physical care.