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Excel Personal Training offers expert advice regarding all components of Health and Fitness.

* Fitness testing
* Body Fat testing
* Pre/postnatal
* Weight management
* Strength and Condition
* Balance and co-ordination
* Core and Posture


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Kieran Weyers

10 July 2019

I really like this gym. The man that runs it Toby is a really lovely bloke and very helpful and encouraging - he's already helping me get my judo grades. I only recently have taken up judo and jiu-jitsu and (sometimes) karate and all of the instructors are very helpful and encouraging in different ways - Vernon, Orlando and Toby. The membership is £60 a month which is affordable considering you get full access to 90% of classes and access to the gym and weights. The classes on offer are judo, BJJ, wrestling, karate, thai boxing - and additional ones like krav maga. The only feedback I can give is that I'd love to see a Sunday judo class and possibly an amateur boxing class? Thanks More...


Simon Tutton

29 January 2019

A brilliant hidden gem of a facility with fully equipped gym and a huge martial arts offering. I've been training judo at Tokei for a few months now and have nothing but great things to report - well structured, high level classes led by very experienced instructors who put an emphasis on solid technique and fun learning within a safe training environment. Love it there!


Simon Rose

30 December 2018

The judo is pretty good, about 20 adults on the mat on a Tuesday and Saturday, less on a Thursday, usually a mix of Dan and kyu grades and a few novices, more older players than 18-25, on the chilled out end of judo clubs, very lots sensei etc... some very good players, ex Bulgarian national, 4-5 coaches, very welcoming, most go for coffee in Costa after on Sat. They do a little tour each year too. Last one to Bulgaria, before that Frankfurt More...


William Gray

30 November 2018

I've been using Tokei gym for about 3 months now. This isn't a chain gym and the low price reflects this. This is a gym where people who want to get fit and meet their goals go. I have to say the staff and management here are very friendly, they really make an effort to ensure all the kit is always working unlike the chains that just stick a sticker on it, and they are approachable when things do go wrong. There are classes to for lunch time and weekends, and I would say that if you are serious about your health then this is the place.I use a chain gym at the weekend when out of London and it's cold and impersonal, Tokei is the exact opposite.Photo was taken on a weekday lunchtime, so there's plenty of space for those lunchtime workouts. More...


TheCombat Media

1 October 2018

Positive attitude , no frills , good space , decent changing rooms ... but ! During my Muay Thai class the coach often was more busing working on the bag himself rather than checking what the students are doing ... excellent location just 5min walk from London Bridge station More...


Hyo Adams

9 August 2018

The type of training undergone by a student in tokei kyokushin is excellent. A session here is enough to dispel any misconceptions you may hold on the martial art. When people say all martial arts are equal and it depends on the practitioner I would add to that it also depends on the instruction. The instructor provides excellent training and everyone who attends will be a confident and great fighter in no time! More...


Mark Kingsland

9 August 2018

Great training, everyone is prepared to work hard. Good strong Kyokushin spirit and solid karate instruction, shows by their success in major tournaments Nationally and Internationally.


London Aikido

2 August 2018

Excellent Martial Art Centre with helpful staff. A great mixture of Aikido, Judo and Karate and much more.



2 August 2018

Awesome little gem old style gym amazingly cheap. Classes are inclusive (apart few private fighting clubs) so try some new stuff when bored with your usual weights routine. Self defence, judo or super tough circuit training. Recommended More...


Low Iishan

29 May 2018

Great, no frills gym that meets most needs. People are friendly and classes are great. The Sanda Kickercise class on Thursdays are a workout and really great fun. Instructors and regulars all very welcoming to beginners like myself.Won't find better value anywhere else. More...


Mike McConnell

29 May 2017

While it's not some super chrome finished techno blasting chain gym, those are actually quite positive things. When it's quiet you can get on with it and when it's busy there is a good atmosphere.


Han Tsoi

2 January 2017

Tuesday Judo session is an excellent place to push your judo and cardio.

Heartily recommended.


Leanne Ford

20 March 2014

Tokei is an awesome gym


David Allen

9 December 2013

A spit and sawdust type gym and fitness centre hidden away just off Tooley Street. The membership is cheap and the quality of the classes is excellent but don't expect any frills, this is a proper gym. The gym itself is not that big and the machines were old, There was a good selection of free weights when I was a member 1 year ago. The best thing is the classes, they alone are well worth the membership fee. The staff are all very nice and due to the small size of the gym there is a friendly vibe where everyone knows everyone. More...


Ellis Preston

18 October 2013

I've learned a lot of new stuff there!


Ken Liu

23 September 2013

You don't get glossy posters of fitness models peering out at you. There is no rack of magazines "inspiring" you. You don't get fluffy towels.

If all this makes you go "YES!" - head to Tokei, one of the best places for martial arts and fitness training in London.


Cake Walk

12 July 2013

Tokei has an excellent Judo class on Tuesdays. Good intensity, excellent cardio workout, and a solid class to develop your fighting Judo.

Couldn't recommended more.

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Your nutrition is often more important than the training, as the calories you put in will almost definitely effect the calories you get out.

Once a client understands the importance of technique when it comes to achieving his/her goals I creat a progressive program which they will have to follow.

I don't believe there are any secrets. Through correct programming motivation and dedication we can all achieve our goals. With 20 years of training experience the most useful thing I have learnt is that we are all different.

There is nothing more rewarding than helping another individual achieve his/her goals.

I come from a family of sporting parents (mother was a group instructor) so I have always loved this industry. Being naturally business minded ment self employment was a natural progression.

My experience as a trainer has been extremely diverse, I have trained with high performance atherletes, coached pre-school, worked in gyms, put on fitness seminars etc.
I aim to call on all these experiences when training my clients.


Group Instructor