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Evolve Nutritional Therapy

Portland, OR


Evolve Nutritional Therapy

Portland, OR


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Andrew Pascoe

14 March 2018

Alex is a great nutrition coach, extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive - I highly recommend his services!


Tim Mercer

3 January 2018

Alex is the best of the best! He knows his stuff, and provides fantastic service.


Wanda Blanton

5 December 2017

I hired Alex as my nutritionist for a stretch of 7 months, he was incredible! I learned so much about my nutrition and what it took to help heal my Adrenal Fatigue, he helped me to get my mind right and food. To focus on my whole self and we set goals I could accomplish, I decided to take a break and try it on my own, my nutrition was very close to the final plan he gave me, and then due to income shortage from a job loss I was unable to rehire him at this point. Which in the time away my stress levels got high my nutrition stayed good and my workouts got intense leading to another AF crash. The best part is, Alex is still there he is always in my corner checking on me and seeing how things are going! That’s why he is excellent! Always emailing me his newsletters and I just wanted to let everyone know how great he is! Thank you Alex today’s Newsletter was spot on “what you feed your mind is what you get”! More...


Inna Lungu

24 June 2017

Alex is very knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond to help you understand what you are doing. He has great teaching techniques to help you follow your plan. Always able to answer your questions. Im very grateful to be working with him and learn from the best! More...


Kelly Williamson Atay

4 August 2016

Alex knows his stuff! Genuine and interested in your story and likes to help you find your way through the maze of nutrition/exercise info. THUMBS UP for sure.


Andrea Bowden

11 April 2016

Alex is real-life Nutritional Therapy. He will give you smart, realistic answers that apply to your real life nutritional needs right now. He knows what he's talking about and can back it up with science. I particularly appreciate his ability to teach well! Not all smart people can coach. Alex can tell you exactly what you need to do in language you can understand. More...


Jeremy Stafford

21 December 2015

Alex helped me change my lifestyle and I lost 50lb.


Stephen C.

29 December 2014

I've been working with Evolve NT on an off for over a year now and have been able to achieve a healthy balance I couldn't find anywhere else. Evolve Nutritional Therapy is knowledgeable, thorough and goal-oriented. Digestive distress, weight loss and food allergies were my issues and I can say that thanks to working with Alex of Evolve, I have found a remedy to my problems.Thank you! More...


Victor P.

19 December 2014

Evolve is everything you want in a nutritional therapist.  Evolve takes a compassionate approach by meeting you where you are at and keeps an attitude of non judgment.  When I first started with him I was overweight and constantly out of energy.  After being with him for a few months I dropped a ton of weight, had child like energy, and my digestion was healthier than ever.  My sleep improved (which was not one of my initial complaints) as well.  Evolve is professional, affordable, and personable.  It changed my life and I could not have asked for more.  Thank you Alex!!! More...


Chad D.

18 December 2014

I came to Evolve Nutritional Therapy with the goals of losing fat and normalizing some digestive problems. Alex walked me through the entire process and did a great job explaining the science behind what habits he suggested and why most diets fail, but lifestyle changes don't. The brief more frequent consultations were great for keeping me accountable and allowing me to move at my own pace while feeling supported. Today I've lost 15 pound, my digestion is better than it has been in years. More...